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Greece Stands Humiliated at the Hands of Neoliberal Fanatics


Greece Stands Humiliated at the Hands of Neoliberal Fanatics

Nick Dearden

No-one will be able to blame Alexis Tsipras for the destruction of the eurozone. Far from the militant leftist portrayed in the media, Tspiras has shown himself to be excessively cautious, making concession after concession in his desire to protect the Greek people from further impoverishment.


The founders of the US took pains to point out how the majority should not be allowed to abridge the rights of a minority (let’s forget slavery and women’s rights for the moment–working in the abstract here). The troika’s handling of Greece is an example of what the founders envisioned as the “how not to” example.


The financial vampires of Europe are bent on draining the Greek body politic of everything and anything that pertains to social democracy. The point is not to revive the Greek economy (in particular the Greek banking system); it is rather to send the message to the Greek people (and to people everywhere) that they must be prepared to eat shit in order to live. Neoliberal capitalism (the despotic reign of Big Money) is all about destroying expectations and delegitimizing claims that society owes us anything, in the way of rights, entitlements and privileges. We must expect slavery and learn to accept that Life promises us nothing except hard work, taxes and death. Every tyrannical system promotes this message and capitalism is no different.

The Greeks are discovering facts that are well-known in the global South. The creditor is a slave master. International debt is an evil. Democracy is a word in a dictionary, not a reality in the world. And the people who rule the roost are vicious predators and parasites who don’t care a fig for human welfare. An Indian or an African could say to a Greek: “Welcome to the Third World!” In time, we will all be in the Third World, as the capitalists have no limits to their lust for power.

“The people are suffering, but the economy is doing well.” This is the absurd mantra that they are after in Greece.

Obviously, the only moral course (short of abolishing capitalism) is to restructure the debt. When repayment of debt means that you have to starve your children and kill off your senior citizens, we have clearly reached an intolerable situation. The bankers should be recognized for the thieves, pirates and parasites that they truly are.


This sounds like a Talking Point turning a complex matter of massive financial pressures on Greek’s leadership into THEM being dishonest. Bull-shit!

Read Ellen Brown’s article and take in the magnitude of what’s happening before being so quick to assassinate the leaders’ characters! Your empathy deficit along with your loyalty to the 1% bankster class are showing!

From the Ellen Brown (incisive, accurate, and excellent article):

"The Eurocrats could end the economic crisis by writing off odious unrepayable debt either through quantitative easing or by changing bank accounting rules. But ending the crisis is evidently not what they are up to. As Michael Hudson puts it, “finance has become the modern-day mode of warfare. Its objectives are the same: acquisition of land, raw materials and monopolies.” He writes:

“Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and other debtor countries have been under the same mode of attack that was waged by the IMF and its austerity doctrine that bankrupted Latin America from the 1970s onward.”


The German fist–using finance measures to enact through a pen, what war does through weaponry–is coming down hard on Greece not just to provide an example to the Greek people. Spain’s Podemas, Portugal, Italy, and perhaps even Puerto Rico are observing the dynamics. All of these nations (and related economies) have gotten the short end of the neo-liberal stick. And the people in those lands are hurting, too.

And it’s not as if these policy measures have not begun to sneak into the U.S. What with the status of Detroit, New Orleans after Katrina, and the corporate co-optation of so much of the commons starting with health care and moving into education and taking aim at the post office and more.

The media’s need to demonize the Greek people (and/or their leadership) is part of the program. Otherwise, if other nations catch on, there just may be too much of a groundswell, too many fires for The Controlling 1% to put out at once. After all, they’d rather not bring in the militias and show themselves for the monsters that they are. At least not yet.

Arby appears to be doing their job for them.


“Once inside [the eurozone] you are at the mercy of those who can pull your financing and crash your banking system unless you toe the line.”

Remember when the US govt. told us they had to bail out the banks, that the alternative was marshall law? We’re still living and dying (!) with our bailout of financial interests and now they are doing the same or worse to Greece. As if we all believed their threats or even cared. It rarely works to bow to bullies.



“In international law, odious debt, also known as illegitimate debt, is a legal theory that holds that the national debt incurred by a regime for purposes that do not serve the best interests of the nation, should not be enforceable. Such debts are, thus, considered by this doctrine to be personal debts of the regime that incurred them and not debts of the state. In some respects, the concept is analogous to the invalidity of contracts signed under coercion.1 (…)”


Colonialism : 2015 version. The monster has not changed, only camouflaged itself better.


Anyone who’d like a fictional, but very accurate, portrayal of psychopathic blame-their-victim behavior that Schäuble et al. are displaying toward the Greek people should get a copy of the first three seasons of Once Upon A Time (a truly excellent series, for them wot don’t know).

There are several psychopaths portrayed, and one who appears to be a psychopath but isn’t. The one canonical, 100% case is Peter Pan (season 3). If you don’t get a case of the cauld grues just from watching the character’s lies and uncaringly exploitative behavior, I’ll be very surprised.


Excellent points. My only issue is the meaning of “abolishing capitalism.” Capitalism is an economic system - that is implemented or managed or contained and shaped by the political system. The problem is not capitalism per se - the problem is our political system which purpose has been corrupted to represent the interests of the capitalists rather than those of the people.
Thereby, what we need is to transform the political system, and that should take care of the rest. I believe that’s what Bernie’s message is.


The phrase you’re looking for IPrayForRevolution is “Sexist terms of male aggression”.


Great post until the last line.


Actually, female cats will take on opponents ten times their size in defence of their children or others whom they love. Hardly “gutless”.

And if you really meant the female vulva, I’ll refer you to ctrl_z’s post.


Not so camouflaged anymore;Their monstrous nature is on full view for anyone with eyes to see.


“You are right in what you’re saying, but we’re going to crush you anyway”.

The oligarchy is playing a dangerous game. :rage:

“People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage.” John Galbraith


Its going to be hard to transform our political system into a democracy if oligarchy politicians instead of all the people are doing the transforming.

In Greece’s case, the people have spoken by referendum. That should be the end of that.

Democracies don’t deny the will of the people. Only dictatorships do.


If macho means cowardly abusers and greedheads, yeah. My most macho conservative friends dodged the draft during the Vietnam War. They also happen to be the most jingoistic.