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Greece: The Courage of Hopelessness


Greece: The Courage of Hopelessness

Slavoj Žižek

The Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben said in an interview that "thought is the courage of hopelessness" - an insight which is especially pertinent for our historical moment when even the most pessimist diagnostics as a rule finishes with an uplifting hint at some version of the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.


“Greece is not being asked to swallow many bitter pills in exchange for a realistic plan of economic revival, they are asked to suffer so that others in the European Union can go on dreaming their dream undisturbed.”

Editorial brilliance. Just cut to the core.


It is hard to decide what to say after this article. Everything seems to be pointing to pragmatism. The people of Hellas voted OXI! They are told that their way will lead to economic disaster and more poverty, more hunger, less freedom.

  • The proffered answer is to agree to the IMF/EU/etc’s demands, which will lead to economic disaster, more poverty and hunger, less freedom, but more money in the bank for the banksters.
  • The fact that Argentina and Iceland told the IMF to FO and, after some tough times are now doing well is never mentioned. Their experience is swept under the rug.
  • Frankly, I think the “non-existent,” but all powerful, Troika got the crap scared out of them. The success of Hellas could have caused a collapse of their house of cards as other poor, victimized, nations also told them to put it where the sun don’t shine.
  • Their answer is to lay a new austerity program on Hellas which will leave them destroyed, Hellas, itself, given away lock, stock and barrel to the banksters wealthy pals.
  • With the Cradle of Democracy utterly destroyed by the fascist banksters, there will be little left to inspire We the People of the World to still have hope.
  • In short, the Fascists and the Nazis win again.
  • I hope Hellas can stand fast, can seek wisdom from those who have resisted IMF robbery and have succeeded in rebuilding their society in freedom.
  • It is hard to really tell what is going on as, for as soon as the perfidy of the Government became obvious, everything about Hellas disappeared from CD and they are on to greener pastures.
  • Up Hellas! Off the Banksters!


Die, capitalism, die.


From the article:

“Sounds familiar? Yes, to anyone who knows how Chinese power functions today, after Deng Xiaoping set in action a unique dual system: the state apparatus and legal system are redoubled by the Party institutions which are literally illegal - or, as He Weifang, a law professor from Beijing, put it succinctly: “As an organisation, the Party sits outside, and above the law.”

It ALSO sounds familiar to the premise of Shadow Elites as chronicled by author and researcher, Janine Wedel.

These shadowy entities–those that fund the ostensible political puppets–run the show and maneuver the moves. Treaties like the TPP enshrine into law, the “rights” of these more than trade bodies to determine what stands as law and policy on a scale that would extend beyond any nation’s succinct and established legal framework.

Ms. Wedel explains that the same small groups sit on the boards of the key corporations that essentially set policy. And that when formerly government run functions become privatized, no longer is a chain of accountability in place that answers to the public.

The new mercenary army brought to U.S. by the likes of Eric Prince shows how this works. Suddenly employees are not regarded as soldiers and therefore not held to established “law of war” standards.

All of these anomalies effectively set up “law and order” FREE zones. To Libertarians, THAT is paradise; to the rest of us, it’s living downwind of nuclear power plants, and in the line of RR accidents carrying dangerous toxic cargo, or down river from coal slurry plants, etc.


… Now you’re talking, Mr. Zizek

“It should shamelessly flirt with Russia and China, playing with the idea of giving an island to Russia as its Mediterranean military base, just to scare the shit out of Nato strategists. To paraphrase Dostoyevsky, now that the EU God has failed, everything is permitted.”

One powerful thing about Mr. Zizek’s analysis is how unlike the C.D. Troll Chorus, it doesn’t turn every indecency of modern life into a complaint against voter-sheeple. The article shows that when rebellion (Egypt, Greece) take place, those rebelling must still stand up to the twin (long-established) portals of military (Mars rules) and Financial (Mammon/bank rule) power. Those twin pillars are the enemy of human liberty… or any claim to a just society.


As an addition, read today’s Club Orlov. He is quite funny.


I felt the same way too. Perhaps courage is writing long articles when you’ve nothing much to say.


“Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose”
Janis Joplin


Actually word is that China will take an island…sad but true…so let us see what happens…


Greece is a grasshopper, she partied all summer long and now the winter has come.


Saw him live in the Lion Share San Rafael Ca. when I was just out of high school. He was sitting on a stool singing as no one even paid him a mind.


Oops, wrong place - deleted by author


Give me a break. The Greeks want free stuff. They want to consume more than they produce. This is simple to understand.

The Greeks could have left the currency and created their own. If they were a virtuous hardworking thrifty people they would do fine. Look a Iceland.

The fact is this isn’t the first time that the Greeks have help to wreck a common currency. Back in the 19th century they were part of the Latin currency and they help to ruin that. Although that time is was Italy that was mostly at fault.


You’re an uninformed idiot. You don’t know what work is until you work beside a Greek farmer or small business owner. “Simple to understand”—maybe for you in the world of crayons.


Rubbish. Have lived in Greece over decades. You have no idea how hard Greeks work. The people are not responsible for this mess—the psychopathic Troika is.


“In such a predicament, we have to admit that there was flaw in our goal itself, that this goal was not specific enough - say, that standard political democracy can also serve as the very form of un-freedom: political freedom can easily provide the legal frame for economic slavery, with the underprivileged “freely” selling themselves into servitude.”

That is what the American political philosopher Sheldon Wolin called, “inverted totalitarianism.”
This is the system that we live under.

At this precise conjuncture, radical emancipatory politics faces its greatest challenge: how to push things further after the first enthusiastic stage is over, how to make the next step without succumbing to the catastrophe of the “totalitarian” temptation – in short, how to move further from Mandela without becoming Mugabe.

Yep… The Greek people were ready to follow Syriza off that cliff too… If they had even a semi-workable plan in place to transition away from the EU they would have been able to pull it off… I’ve read that “Tsipras lost faith in the Greek people and caved to the Troika” but the reality is Syriza lost faith in it’s own ability to successfully lead their people through this. Hopefully they can figure away out of this before all that revolutionary energy is lost…

If they were a virtuous hardworking thrifty people...

Meh… neoliberal meme driven horse-s#$t… The “Lazy Greek” myth has been debunked long ago. Even Forbes disagrees with you… Why don’t you take all your thrift-earned savings and buy a clue…

Contrary To What Most People Think, Greeks Work The Longest Hours In Europe


Having hopelessness as an antidote to hope is like crawling through life as an antidote to running through life. How about we just learn to walk rather than crawl or run?