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Greece, The Troika and Maggie Thatcher


Greece, The Troika and Maggie Thatcher

David Morris

In its policies toward Greece, the "Troika" — a new shorthand for the combined will of the European Commission, European Central Bank, and International Monetary Fund — has actively and enthusiastically embraced Maggie Thatcher’s social and political philosophy, memorably captured in her chilling assertion, “There is no such thing as society.”


Thank you David Morris and CD for this brief backgrounder and damning profile of demands of the OECD.
Its value reminds me of the DOJ report on Ferguson the groundwork for which had been done by citizens. Just signed up for emails news from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance.


Mammon has no conscience, no self-awareness, no shame. Only appetite. Blind, rapacious, and ultimately self-consuming appetite. Who needs the fictional difference engines of “The Terminator” or of “I Robot” when we have the soulless husks of extremist capitalists living freely among us?


has tsipras capitulated only to the troyka? or also to the greek ‘upper’ classes? and/or to fascism, troyka, and oligarchs at home? yes, i’d say fascism won in greece and socialism lost!!!
but fascism also won in all of e. europe and socialism [justice, honesty, openness] lost.


i like sci fi b/c it can lay bare the demonic nature of governments in palatable form. not to mention the special FX. :O)


The word is Troika.


Whilst the Greek government has sold out, I hope the people in Greece won’t. They, and we, are effectively in the same boat which is being plundered by pirates.


The OECD’s Thatcheresque policies and corporate globalization are the exact opposite of where economies need to go in order to have any hope of a sustainable future for humans on the planet. I did not realize that Greece had so many policies and regulations favoring local production, distribution and services. It is a crime against humanity that Greece is being forced to repeal them and it is high time the criminals (e.g., the Troika) are held accountable.


These are disturbing details.

It’s neither here nor there but that Thatcher quote is actually from Ayn Rand from her her book called “The Virtue of Selfishness". That beast is ever present these days.


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Germany, the Troika, and the EU: Who Really Rules Europe

Check out this video title on YouTube. It will chill you to the marrow. Fascism is very much alive and well in Europe as it is in the US. The more I learn about the EU the more disconcerted I become about the future. It really does not look good for our current time.