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Greece Will Not be 'Blackmailed' into More Austerity, Tsipras Declares


Greece Will Not be 'Blackmailed' into More Austerity, Tsipras Declares

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Speaking before a session of the new Syriza parliament in Athens on Tuesday, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras declared that Greek negotiators will not succumb to "blackmail" from European lenders and will adhere to their promise to end austerity policies in the state.


Go Greece! Tell the Banksters to phuck off or else it’s the guillotine for them!


Co-sign! Nice to see you, TJ :blush:


Greece’s struggle with the EU and the IMF is similar in a way to East Ukraine and if Greece persevere re’s by standing firm against all western financial MAFIA they will win.


I would love to hear the thoughts of members here after viewing the following…

You may be interested in a ten-minute interview given Tuesday morning from Brussels to Greek television. The questions are in Greek but the answers are fairly self-contained.

There was also a short comment in the Greek paper Ekatherimini:


And a brief turn on NPR


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