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Greece's Varoufakis to Launch Pan-European Progressive Movement


Greece's Varoufakis to Launch Pan-European Progressive Movement

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Hoping to show Europeans they have an alternative to the prevailing system of "authoritarianism" and austerity, former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has announced a new cross-continent movement with a "simple, common agenda:" To democratize Europe.

The movement, known as the Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (or DiEM 25), will be launched on February 9 at Berlin's Volksbühne theater.


If only America could join with the progressive movement sweeping the world (by electing Bernie) this planet might just stand a chance after all. Bernie's campaign helped spark hope in progressives everywhere. Now it comes full circle and hopefully they will help inspire us come this election.

The world's people want democracy not austerity and corporate trade deals.

Go Bernie... you've inspired a change in the world already... we need you get it done at home. Go Bernie.


Corbyn, Varoufakis, Sanders (hopefully). Progressive movements are slowly starting to influence politics at the national level, but not yet the international level. Hopefully that will change in Europe soon with this new movement. When he was still serving in the Greek government, the EU was easily able to push him out by making Greece's bailout money contingent on his resignation. So I am wary about getting too excited about this too soon, but I hope he succeeds enough to break up the EU and return it to the local governance that Europeans were once lucky enough to have. I was a huge fan of Varoufakis during the Greek debt negotiations, so I will be watching his campaign closely.


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Thanks for the perspective on the Eu. I just notice that there are other progressives besides Bernie and that is a sign that there is an upwelling of democracy against oligarchy and the corporate coup going around the world.

That is how to works. The corporations do their dirty work in secret and under the table but when you see progressive politicians gaining office it tells you just how much of a groundswell of support from people was able to put them there. The corporate elites didn't put them there that's for sure. It's a good sign.

To my mind it is actually a great sign and very encouraging. People want real change, austerity after the bank bailouts fiasco went one step too far.


I think it is a great sign too. However, there will be opposition. An international progressive movement would require multiple progressive leaders working together. If that happens, it would probably be all over for the capitalist establishment, and they are very afraid of that. Hugo Chavez tried to create a global movement, and he suddenly developed cancer. It is worth noting that he kept his cancer secret and American media were the first ones to report on it, before Chavez said a word publicly. I am convinced that the CIA was behind his death. Palonium 210, the same stuff that Israel most likely killed Arafat with. The US was terrified of Chavez and his ideology. If Varoufakis or another progressive starts a viable international progressive movement, the US will almost certainly bring about that person's mysterious and untimely death. The US knows how weak it is. So does the EU. And they all know that capitalism is hanging from a thread right now, on its death bed. And they are panicky about it. They have already resorted to extreme violence in order to protect their hegemony and their power, but they continue to slide backwards and get more scared and desperate. So it will be interesting to watch from this point forward.


I can't say that you are wrong because obviously you may very well be right but I think that things are in a different place now than they were. A lot has happened and poking a sleeping lion is not a good idea if you know what I mean.

People are unhappy and yet nothing has fallen into chaos as yet. Assassinations might just tip the scales and backfire terribly. Seriously terribly. There is blood in the wind and no one needs to start shedding it domestically in any country. There is enough blood...too much already.

The corporations want to work under the radar (keeping the details of the trade agreements secret is so vile that you wonder about the rise of actual fascism again) for the most part. They don't want civil unrest... they want civil compliance and apathy.

So I am not as worried about such dramatic events like assassinations mainly because they would likely trigger massive civil unrest and so let's all keep our fingers crossed about avoiding those kind of extremes.

Meanwhile yeah the people awaken around the world. People want representation and a voice in their governments again! Vox populi! People don't want to simply accept what is dumped in their lap any more.

Austerity? Why isn't removing tax cuts for the rich ever considered a necessary part of austerity measures? It is always (at least here in America) cut backs for the little guys and tax cuts for the big guys. How does that work? 17 trillion in bail out monies seems to stick in people's memories maybe nowadays? Two trillion + in tax cuts for the wealthy but foreclosures for lower middle class homeowners? Gee maybe people haven't forgotten that?

Yeah it looks like people are sick of it all and that's a good sign. Progressive leaders showing up is a very good sign! A very good sign for sure!


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Honestly, I think you should take a very close look at Bernie's foreign policy and his loyal support to funding the military industrial complex. He isn't the progressive you think and my fear is that he is Obama 2.0. That said, he has already done a service by bringing certain issues and words to the forefront of the American vernacular. Still, we need to start giving Jill Stein a little love from the Green Party.


Let's hope this movement can become pan-global, at least see its way to the North and South America and then we can begin the discussion of a new global economic system and national economic system changes to complement it. Capitalism must go!!! I'm not saying I believe Communism, State Socialism or even Democratic Socialism work, because they don't. But the time is now for a pan-global discussion on what comes next and what we want to see. This discussion needs to be had by average citizens and not by governments or proxies of the wealthy and corporate state. I would certainly get involved in that discussion. Anyone with me???


Thanks! Absolutely, we need a discussion of
how to go forward in this country and around the world- to rid humanity of Corporate Rule. Corporations are not people, and Corporate Rule is not Democracy.
"Democrat" Obama has pushed TPP, TTIP, TISA, CISA, ad nauseum, to advance Global Corporate Rule. Of course, people who warned against supporting Obama in 2008 were excoriated as purists, unrealistic, and even racist. But we "radicals" (from the Greek word radix, meaning ROOT, as in "Go to the root of the problem.") have been vindicated by Obama's record as he continued Bush's wars, started new wars- equally criminal, attacked dissenters like Occupy, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Leonard Peltier, Mumia abu-Jamal, and many others, promoted "Chained CPI" to CUT people on Social Security, attacked democracy with the NSA and NDAA, and gave "Absolute Immunity for Everything" to Bush, Cheney et al for their war crimes and attacks on the Constitution, (Common Dreams, 8-26-13) and though short-lived, gave Shell Oil permission to drill in the Arctic!

Glad to see you are internationalist. I encourage people to check out the websites of groups that have been seriously studying, and working for a socialist revolution for many decades. The groups have their differences, and we all make mistakes, but hopefully we will minimize mistakes by learning the lessons of the past. That's why we should study history, and compare the different answers from the groups on the REAL left. (I consider the "Democratic" party to be RIGHT WING, since it favors the status quo- the capitalist system, with all that entails: imperial wars for resources and cheap labor, austerity, repression, and now even risking nuclear war and ecocide, since the dynamic of capitalism is to keep competing- to the END.)
The "thinking" that told us to support Obama
is still with us, telling that there is "hope" with Bernie, but more and more people want a new party. It will take work to build the Green Party, and we will have to be on guard to thwart agents who would misdirect
the party, either in the direction of hot-headed "ultraleftism", (Lenin explained that in his
"Left Wing" Communism- An Infantile Disorder.) or in the direction of "Social Democracy", of which Sanders is an example, a "socialist" steering people back into a corporate, capitalist party! And even pledging to support Hillary, should she take the nomination. Sanders speaks in favor of Single Payer, and against Wall St.and WalMart, then pledges his support to Hillary! Red flags should go up in the face of such contradictions. (The pun < flags> should have been intended.)
As for Greece and austerity, I recommend the coverage of wsws.org, though I'm not a member, and I recommend that people check out just about any socialist group they can find (though I'm not a Stalinist, and don't care for the "Communist" Party, with their excuses for huge crimes in the past, and their continued side-ways support to the "Democratic" party.)
Time was, I helped build Labor Party Advocates, but the Labor Party, is now almost non-existent, thanks to the marriage of sell-out labor leaders to the Democratic Party, (which has "forgotten" about the promised Employee Free Choice Act to make union organizing more feasible.)
And Mark Dudzic, the HEAD of the Labor Party, says "This is not the time for the Labor Party." (!) (When will it be?!) We have a world running out of time!
Some years ago, I was told that liberals surf the waves of change. Too late to reply, later I thought "But it is the RADICALS who MAKE the waves!"
It will take work to build a new, non-corporate party like the Greens, but we HAVE built many movements in the past- now we need to build a party that will represent the movements and the vast majority of humanity.


I can't agree with your analysis. If, indeed the Israeli's killed Arafat, the CIA, Chavez, and the US-Who-knows-who, Wellstone - where were those massive civil unrest outbreaks? Assassinations no longer require an obvious hit man and a grassy knoll. Covert assassinations can occur undetected and/or with misdirection as to perpetrators. Add to that a complicit MSM and I fail to see how those who would do such dirty work could believe there's any danger to them from such actions.


And a word of caution to Varoufakis - don't fly in any helicopters or small planes.


Yes exactly. That is the point. These are covert assassination. They are intended to look like natural deaths. Indeed there were uprisings after Arafat died, but nobody could prove what caused the sudden and acute health problem that he mysteriously died of about a month later. And nobody could ever prove what caused Hugo Chavez to develop cancer either. If a global progressive movement were to develop and start to succeed, some very unfortunately circumstances would be likely to occur in the lives of the people leading that movement.


How do you mean? Varoufakis is pro the Union as this article shows. 'Breaking up' the EU is not on his agenda and is anti the pan-European movment he speaks of.


If you want to direct a comment to someone you have to click their name. I only came upon your question by accident as you see it wasn't addressed to me. Quoting someone may display their name but it doesn't alert the notification list.

Most certainly all assassinations do not result in civil unrest. I was talking about the specific people mentioned in the conversation I was having with AS. Were these progressive leaders to be assassinated it might very well result in a huge backlash. As I explained in my response. Present day situation only.


Baloney. Simply put. Bernie is not a radical left ideologue. Is that the problem? The choices are obvious here in America and we must pick one. Telling people to simply throw away their vote uselessly serves the right wing. Bernie or any candidate isn't elected based on only one criteria and any fool who thinks that someone must be perfect in all things is not talking about someone who can actually get elected.

So tell us (we who are here in the real world) who do you think is the best candidate among those who are running and have a chance of winning. My neighbor is a nice guy and I like his political positions so I'd vote for him but I don't think he has any real chance of winning. So it would be a throwaway vote even if I did pretend that it carried some symbolic meaning or established some personal statement of principle.

That is reality. You vote for the candidate who is closest to what you believe a president should be like.


This article does not say that Varoufakis is pro-EU.


As a progressive who wants real change, after many discussions with many people, I do wonder how real change will occur. Not ignoring nor disparaging authentic progressive politics, one can still see the vast and powerful interwovenness of the autocracy that rules the planet. Yes we can see democracy needs to be democratic. But we also see that the economic system with 'free markets', and, the financial sector trading and control over money creation need to be made accountable and transparent. How we can create a system that significantly reduces inequality, that guarantees an income above the poverty level, and a system of healthcare that provides equally and sufficiently for all - these are all a long way off in so many countries. Guaranteeing meaningful, socially constructive, properly remunerated work is a major challenge.
Watching Greece, it is clear that the global power brokers will viciously attack and undermine any attempt to make the power elite serve a functioning democracy. The way forward looks painful indeed, and I remain unconvinced that Americans and Canadians are willing to step out of their materialistic, narcissistic, pseudo-democracies and actually take responsibility for creating a new system that serves all. Whether its Bernie or Trudeau in Canada, neither have the party support nor the power to make the necessary things happen. Clearly solutions must be international with enough of the powerful countries uniting to create a truly functional system. This is nowhere in sight. But the apparent impossibility of this quest does not deter me from working to make a better world with much less suffering. Suggestions about the big picture are welcome.


So, in other words, we bite our tongues and vote for the lesser of the evils... as we do every single time. And evil wins. Listen, Bernie, just like Obama has some great populist rhetoric but we really need to look at his record and understand how the system works. Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin serving the same master - The Corporate State; The upper one percent; the shadowy oligarchs behind them. I refer to the combination of Democrats and Republicans (and independent Libertarians) as The Party of The Masters. Or the American Empire.
The foreign policy of the American Empire - that being raping other lands of their resources with its bloodlust, engineered crises and wars, and proxy governments and mercenary groups - is what most needs to be addressed and checked. Bernie's answer is to let Saudi Arabia lead the multilateral coalition in the "war on terror," particularly against Daesh. Saudi Arabia! Do we really need to hash this out. You have to look for the "tell" with political candidates now. Hell, I even look for them with Jill Stein.
The point being, it does not matter who wins the presidency when you are voting the lesser of evils. The Master wins. Bernie cut his deal by running as a Democrat and his record of supporting the military industrial complex cannot be overlooked. Yes, I do believe that supporting Jill Stein, who can't win, is the more effective vote. It's the protest vote and it sends a message if her numbers keep growing. And how are you going to feel if and when, after the primaries are over, Bernie is standing by Hillary Clinton giving her his full endorsement, as he as already stated he will do? You really think she will somehow be any better than the GOP candidate? Really???