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'Greed Has No Limit for GOP': McConnell Estate Tax Repeal Would Hand Tens of Billions to Walton and Koch Families

'Greed Has No Limit for GOP': McConnell Estate Tax Repeal Would Hand Tens of Billions to Walton and Koch Families

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just over a year after the GOP rammed through its $1.5 trillion tax plan—which has predictably rewarded the ultra-rich while doing virtually nothing for workers—Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and his Republican colleagues were condemned for pushing yet another "


The cretins simply refuse to learn from history. They refuse to evolve so they make revolution inevitable. Everyone has their breaking point.


Oh why don’t you take your Libertarian garbage somewhere else. You’re all about legitimacy! Large corporations including banks, telecommunications companies, “health insurance” companies, pharmaceutical drug kingpin companies, energy companies, car manufacturers, big corporate agriculture, bio tech, chemical companies…ALL of these large corporations get corporate welfare to some degree or another in the form of direct subsidies for research and development and other forms of it. Heck, sometimes they get palettes of cash airlifted to them by the US military! Banks need some “quantitative easing” to help rid them of all of those pesky balances on their manufactured economic crisis spreadsheets? Well no problem…billions upon billions, heck how about trillions!!!

They get services that the vast majority of US citizens never receive including an entire State Dept mostly dedicated to advancing the power of US corporations in global markets, a US military mostly dedicated to protecting the power of US corporations in global markets, and the list goes on and on and on.

These large corporations get to be directly represented by powerful Senators and Representatives through their lobbyists, and CEOs regularly have face to face contact in a variety of venues that are filled with powerful people out to protect their interests.

We have essentially corporate governance.

Would you stop your clucking whining on the behalf of the super wealthy that already have inordinate privilege, money, and power?

Right wingers will not be happy until the vast majority of people in this country are in jail or dying on the streets with AI keeping track of their every move, while the super wealthy take over barricaded urban centers watching the desperate masses on a variety of dystopian channels feeding live footage of the masses getting what they deserve according to the right wing jerks that have such visions of what most people on this planet deserve.

They are the self-appointed anointed ones.

Hyperbole? Yeah, but there is one helluva a lot of truth to it.

Are you super wealthy yourself? No? Then why be such a sellout to people that couldn’t give less than a damn about you?


LOL! By definition, it is money someone else earned (maybe, we don’t know how they got the wealth) that is then passed off onto someone else. So, the person receiving it didn’t earn it. The person that, maybe, earned it would by that point be dead. Anyone home in Rothbard land?


So, you want to just go back and forth with slogans? Is that how you communicate with others? You just throw out empty comments, like I am supposed to give a fuck that you think taxation is theft?

“Keep your own hard-earned money is not greed.”

You framed it as someone keeping their own hard earned money. The person that (maybe) earned it would be dead. If the Kochs give their worthless kids billions, even if the estate tax were 95%, they’d still be filthy rich and they did dick to earn it themselves. You don’t have tons between the ears. The person that got the money didn’t themselves earn anything, and it isn’t certain in today’s society that their parents (maybe) earned it. You know how oligarchies are created?

You are just in favor of establishing an oligarchy, and you call it “freedom” or whatever. You bring no value to any conversations here either. Great that you are here to pollute the conversation. Just once I want a libertarian who is a serious thinker, just once. But, then again, if they were a serious thinker, they wouldn’t believe in such a ridiculous, reality-less philosophy in the first place.

You someone that wants daddy’s money? Paris Hilton and Wyatt Koch thank you.


It rather telling that as long as The Republicans openly support the 2nd amendent, Israel and “White America” they can still get votes enough from working class poor so as to get elected.

Is there that many of them that really think they will one day have a 30 million dollar fortune or is " I am white and Christian and on the same side of the Kochs and Waltons so I win and the libtards lose!" enough for them?


And we will watch as the democrats sit helplessly by and do nothing to stop this bill just like they did nothing to stop the tax bill.

Think that just because they are the minority party that there isn’t something they can do? Then how were the republicans able to stop every progressive legislation that the democrats said they wanted to pass? How were the republicans able to stop Obama for 8 years from passing his legislation?

Both parties want the tax and estate bills to pass. Don’t believe otherwise.


Pretty sick overview in my opinion. Your comment reeks of a lack of social compassion and a somehow tainted morality.
Sure you can live in the house on the hill, but it’s because the townspeople allow it to be so. You can reward them with your grace, or you can live as the tight bastard on the hill.


Thank you for dispelling the notion that all things are equal, and we are all cast of the same gob of clay.


Really , there few things stupider then one of those North American type Libertarians. They rail against Government out one side of their mouths yet out of the other claim “Property Rights” are sacrosanct.

The “Right to property” can only come about via a Government making laws to recognize such rights and then hiring a group of armed thugs to support and enforce those rights. This the opposite of freedom.

Thomas Paine recognized a long time ago that the concept of private property in fact IMPACTED on the freedom of others to use that property for their own benefit. In essence it was theft of the commons. He suggested taxation as a FEE paid for exclusive usage of what was once the commons.

As I went walkin’, I saw a sign there
And on the sign it said : ‘No tresspassing’
But on the other side it didn’t say nothin’
That side was made for you and me.

Woody Guthrie


Nice comment. Aside from Estate Tax one of the issues that make Marginal Tax rates seem more unfair is that it isn’t explained when the higher rated kick ion so everyone thinks all the money is taxed at the higher rate. This link helped my understanding a lot.


Billionaires might be good in a stir-fry along with turtle soup.


Okay. Eliminate ALL taxes and establish a Wealth Cap. By preventing concentration of wealth, centralization of power is prevented and democracy flourishes.

Guillotines, people. Guillotines.


exactly … what will it take for americans to storm the barricades

for the life of me i cant understand the complete lack of class consciousness among the US citizens

this is class warfare 101 starting in 1981, almost 40 fucking years… WTF !!!




According to a survey conducted by The Hill and market research firm HarrisX earlier this month, 59 percent of the U.S. public supports raising the top marginal tax rate to 70 percent.

according to congress “Who care what the common worker/slave wants.!”


Yes, do tell that to the First Nations.

Again, do tell that to the First Nations.


I’m probably alone as one of the progressives here who doesn’t see a problem eliminating the inheritance tax as long as other mechanisms are in place. Transfer of money or assets via a gift or inheritance is not the same thing as income and as long as tax is paid somewhere along the way (and a healthy amount of it), then I don’t need double taxation in this particular situation.

Kyle Kulinski had an observation recently that I had assumed was true for a long time. This goes mostly for the few people who own a big business but you could extend it to more people in various ways. If you have a very steep progressive income tax or in the limit a maximum wage, then the only logical thing to do with your money is to leave it in the business (i.e. don’t pay yourself too big a salary). This is good for the economy as the business can make investments as opposed to paying exorbitant salaries often to people who are sub-performers anyway. The fact that someone wants to designate a person to take over a business for them through transferred ownership just means that a different person gets taxed on income as they try to pull it out of the business - the actual transfer doesn’t have to be taxed.

I want a lot of taxes - corporate profit, income, varying VAT depending on the impact of the item, a healthy carbon tax (with much of it refunded flat across the population), a healthy real estate tax (probably no other wealth tax though) but I’m not wedded to an estate tax, and I’m not so sure I like the concept of a payroll tax either (why tax someone based on how many workers they hire? - that seems counterproductive to low unemployment).

I am a vegan so no thanks!

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