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'Greed Is Not Good'


'Greed Is Not Good'

Bernie Sanders

Speaking a few subway stops away from the epicenter of the global financial crisis, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders promised to remake the financial system to serve America’s working families. Below are his prepared remarks. Watch the live stream here.


There are numerous good ideas that should be carried out. However, at the moment I think in general Americans are more concerned about being tough on ISIS than on Wall Street. Bernie may have a lot of great ideas at the wrong time with regard to the primaries.


It appears you've been brainwashed by the MSM. Americans, of all stripes, are worried about their student loans, mortgage payment, growing poverty, police violence, opiates, and health insurance, to name just a few. You are more likely to be shot by a toddler than a terrorist. You would be surprised how many Americans understand.


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Gee a concern troll, what a shock.

Which one is actually more damaging to the USA?


Thank you. Was composing a reply and failed to achieve the civility of yours, though the particulars were the same. Isn't the thought of radical Muslim terrorists keeping folks awake at night, but what you said.


I agree people are very concerned about all those things. I just think at the moment there is heightened concern about ISIS and lone wolf attacks by American citizens. A New Year's celebration was cancelled in Rochester NY because of a threat that involved a restaurant. To get into the Times Square New Year's celebration people had to go through screening by the NYC police, To get on a plane you have to go through TSA screening. The threat is not created by the mainstream media. The threat is created because ISIS can reach people in the US through social media and encrypted websites and some Islamic people seem to be buying into this idea of a caliphate. Apparently it is a pretty powerful idea. I think people have concluded that the best way to stop this is to make it so the dream of a caliphate seems hopeless or better yet to sell the idea that living is a society like the US is much better. Americans are really looking for answers to end this threat and are not finding many.


Yeah !!! and double plus yeah too!!! Can lefties vote?

Can progressives ever actually back a progressive candidate? Help a progressive get elected or must they always sit back and wait for the chance to say ... oh the game was rigged... I knew it... that's why there was no point in voting!

Can progressives ever win one? Can progressives help elect one of their own? We often ask oh what if a good candidate was ever elected to office wouldn't things change for the better. But then we never get a choice for a good candidate.

This time is different! Can we allow ourselves to win one finally?


Troll? Good grief. I can only surmise you are one. If you have a brain, explain yourself.


"While President Obama deserves credit for improving this economy after the Wall Street crash, ..."

Seriously? By bailing out the banks and leaving the little folks to roast? Duh, Sanders, make up your mind ... can't promote ending "too big to fail" and support a guy who did anything but ...

Giveaway ...


Burn those bastards out of there Bernie!


I wouldn't have minded if it were 5 minuets longer.


If Sen. Sanders actually thinks that Americans want "an economy that works for all," he should ask them this: "What should we do right now about our jobless poor, and many of the unemployable?"

In real life, not everyone can work (health, etc.) and there simply aren't jobs for all. We already tried decades of calling for job creation as our sole response to our poverty crisis. You can't buy a loaf of bread with promises of eventual jobs.

Sen. Sanders won't touch this issue. Liberals won't touch this issue.


Those are extremely complex issues, but as far as I can determine, failing to bail out the banks at that point, when the US actually was on the brink of a second Great Depression, was necessary to prevent the complete collapse of the economy. I don't have an opinion either way, since much about the financial sector is beyond my understanding.

What has been the progressive response to the economic mess we're in? They continue to ignore the consequences -- our poverty crisis. Well, in all fairness, we can say that their answer to our poverty crisis is a strategy known as "trickle down economics" -- increase the incomes and security of the middle class, and something will eventually trickle down to the poor.


I went to lunch last week with two young ladies who work for the tech firm I am contracting for. One of the first things one of them said was that she is afraid to travel because of ISIS - travel within the US, mind you. The brainwashing is working.


As you know, there are several forms of socialism. Sen. Sanders, as I understand it, now supports a kind of "socialism" that benefits the better off alone, those who are able to work and already have jobs. He has erased the poor; a socialist would shine a light on our poverty crisis as proof of the severe short-comings of our corporate state. Sen. Sanders actually use to take a broader socialist view, based on building a strong economy from the bottom up. Similar to the system we had from FDR until Reagan -- which actually did take the US to its height of wealth and productivity. This doesn't sell to the post-Reagan generation.

What is actually socialist about Sen. Sanders' agenda? And what would he do differently from Obama?


"Greed" is what powers our "America's working families" war on the poor. Who doesn't know that not everyone can work (health, etc.) and that there simply aren't jobs for all? And yet, people insist that "there is no excuse" for being jobless, and they demanded, "Not a crumb for the poor!" That is greed.

Our primary former welfare program, AFDC, used a mere 6% of the budget at its highest (way back in the 1970s), and working/middle classers said that this was the one expense that they couldn't tolerate. That's greed.


And if 100% of adults in the USA would hear and read this one speech, Sanders would leap to the top of every poll.

Only a few billion dollars worth of corporate media distortion and silencing, and political establishment distortion and dirty tricks, can stop Sanders from being elected.

Of course, neither of those ugly resources are in short supply...


i think it was Ivan Boesky who actually said it. And served as the inspiration for the Gordon Gekko character in the film.


Yes, you beat me to the punch, it was Boesky, and his movie incarnation Gordon Gekko. Bernie's speech today was one of his best, if not his best, I hope it is played over and over again across this land. As I said on another thread, Bernie's support is proportional to the number of people who hear his message, a message not heard in this country since FDR. Very powerful.