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Greedy Boeing's Avoidable Design and Software Time Bombs


Greedy Boeing's Avoidable Design and Software Time Bombs

Ralph Nader

As internal and external pressures mount to hold Boeing responsible for its criminal negligence, the giant company is exerting its immense influence to limit both its past and future accountability. Boeing whistleblowers and outside aviation safety experts are coming forward to reveal the serial, criminal negligence of Boeing’s handling of its dangerous Boeing 737 Max airplanes, grounded in the aftermath of two deadly crashes that took 346 lives. Boeing, is used to having its way in Washington, D.C.



Ah Ralph. I"m still glad you’re in there fighting



"Boycott Boeing. Refuse To Fly On Their Planes."

Make Them Pay. Save The Planet. Don’t Pollute.



The problem is that Airbus, Canadair, Embraer or ANY other commercial aircraft mfgr would have done the same thing under the same circumstances. Proper REGULATION in other countries makes sure that other mfgrs don’t cut corners. ANY regulation in this country today is a fucking joke, from aircraft to kitchen appliances. There’s a reason that the US was the LAST country to ground the 737 MAX.



So far Boeing is planning on “fixing” this with a software update and an hours worth of training for Pilots.
Holy Psycho-Puppies from Hell are you kidding me?

I don’ fly much, and I’ve never paid any attention to what plane I’d be on - But going forward… I will pay attention and I will change flights if one of these “Max” jobs show up.



Beautifully said. I’ve experienced this. We call it “design by committee.”

Ralph Nader is too focused on the public good to mention it, but we should extend our sympathies for the loss of his grandniece in the Ethiopian crash.

Now we’re watching a steady drip-drip-drip of other countries’ aviation authorities deciding not to take our word for it anymore; that’s a big deal. Whether or not anyone goes to jail, I think the flying public will pass its verdict decisively, despite MIC praise for whatever damn patch they come up with now.

Boeing will stick to their guns, continue insisting these 737’s are virtually safe, while everyone who has ordered one demands a refund. If Boeing management were competent, they would write off the whole line right now as a mistake, and start over. But they’re stupid enough to destroy Boeing over this.

Shadenfreude alert!



Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity or neglect.

— Captain A. G. Lamplugh, British Aviation Insurance Group, London. c. early 1930’s.



Regarding Ralph’s comment about “Boeing’s avoidance of Effective Manuals”, As with most products you buy nowadays, you don’t get a manual.
Someone should tell the pilots of those planes that if they want to learn what to do when something goes wrong, they can download the manual off the internet.

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So we have the blood of innocents coming out of the mouths of our congress people and Boeing executives. this is not new as Boeing is also very big on the military side. It is really angering that none of the congress people contacted cared to answer Ralph Nader’s inquiries. I’m sure they were quick to answer invites from Boeing’s lobbyists. We need to end lobbying as it now exists. Congress people should be in fear of the wrath of the people if they refuse to co-operate in the honest inquiries of someone like Ralph Nader who represents the interests of the people - not vested financial interests. This is the end result of corruption - unnecessary deaths. Eventually it will have a business impact as well as the airlines of other nations will stop buying US products which have questionable reliability due to corruption of business leaders and their co-conspirators in congress and the executive branch and its regulatory arm. Of course, congress will try to make up for the loss of consumer product sales with buying more military products. I can also imagine that the senior executives at Boeing are finance people (who care more about profit) not engineers, mechanics or people that care about airplanes and their safety



Life in the air is only sustainable as long as all systems are working aboard the flying machine.



Yea, its all on the internet.

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Tens of millions of people voted for capitalist party candidates over Ralph Nader?



Yea, what about that MAGA thing? Not looking so good.



A true national treasure who isn’t given the time of day by congress. They really are bastards.



Mr. Nader was the only truly intelligent person ever to run for president. The fact that he was rejected by the Left should tell you all you need to know about that group of voters.



Customers of this product, 737 Max, won’t put up with that. They insist on a proper flight simulator, that has the correct aerodynamics and onboard flight program, and a training package to go with.

As someone who has worked on Boeing flight simulators, I wonder about the conversations at Boeing right now. I am certain that before Boeing sold a single 737 Max that it was tested on a flight simulator, and by their own pilots on test flights. Seeing only two crashes in greater than six months… I bet many people are asking “How did this get by us?”

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Dick Gregory ran for president, as did Dennis Kucinich, two intelligent candidates, as well as RN.

RN is brilliant. He has worked tirelessly for 50 years for the common good.Too bad he isn’t young enough to put on a strong candidacy.

Compare his intelligence with that of Bonespurs T-rump.



I respect Nader, Hawking and Musk, but differentiate between Artificial Intelligence and Artificial General Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence can be owned by a minority, but AGI belongs to all. A lying, evil minority can’t commander it. AGI will be based on collective knowledge. Like Wikipedia, it would distill the truth.

Omniscient and all powerful, AGI has no biological drive to kill and no need to chase money, the root of all evil.

AGI can meet everyone’s needs and run the world best. War, crime, disease and natural causes could be unnecessary. AGI would provide food, shelter, transportation, clothing and even sex. (Sex robots are now available.) There will be no reason for fighting over these things when they are freely available to all.

AGI could be God, and Earth heaven.

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My big question: Will any of these corporate murderers see the inside of a prison cell? Will the folks of the FAA that signed off and ran interference for Boeing experience the same? If I go off and murder one person I’ll serve life. A CEO that murders hundreds…nada.



I’m sure Ralph does not want attention drawn to his personal tragedy in all of this, which is why it was not mentioned in his article, but his grandniece was one of the passenger fatalities on the Ethiopian Air crash. My sympathies to him and his family. This also got no play in the corporate media. The only place I have seen it mentioned was on Amy Goodman’s interview with Ralph last week on Democracy NOW!