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Greek Bank Warns of 'Uncontrollable Crisis' while Leaders Hold Steadfast


Greek Bank Warns of 'Uncontrollable Crisis' while Leaders Hold Steadfast

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Greek Central Bank (BOG) on Wednesday warned that if the country's Syriza-led government and international creditors fail to reach a bailout deal, Greece would default and ultimately be forced to exit the European Union.


Ahhh, Greed! Ain’t it wonderful?

  • Millions can suffer and starve, as long as I can convert my billions into trillions.
  • Remember, it is less than a hundred people, world-wide, actually calling the shots here. And, they want it all!


Climate change meet overpopulation. Overpopulation meet resource limitations.

Now, ignore all that and go back to blaming something else.


Oh give it a rest.

THe population increases at three additional people per second, while you type on your computer made by corporate billionaires.

Resources are finite. The climate is changing.

Welcome to reality. There’s more on the way.


That’s really their best option and i think soon enough more of the EU nations may finally see the light of day and follow Greece’s example.


If three per second are born, I wonder how many die per second?

  • Some time back, sociologists and anthropologists were studying the reasons for large families, especially in distressed regions.
  • The simple answer was social security. In places where there was high infant mortality, a fairly short lifespan, and incredible labor needed to eat and survive, a large family was insurance that you may have somebody to take care of you when you could no longer work. If you bred up five or six sons and several daughters, there was a chance that two or three might survive to take care of you.
  • It was found that, in areas where things became a little less of a struggle to survive, or with people who had a business or skill that would bring them security, fewer children were born.
  • When it was still possible to educate on family planning, and make contraceptives available, apparently the birthrate dropped. (So the government took away any funding from any organization that taught the above or even mentioned it.)
  • Instead, we have endless war to solve the problem. How many die per second? We manipulate the markets for profit so the poor cannot afford to eat. How many die per second? We have cures for diseases that only the wealthy can afford because they are patented and are to return maximum profit. How many die per second?
  • How many die per second from exposure or thirst?
  • Please, put that into your calculus as well.


Does that mean stop trying?


I went through the odious process of registering to comment here specifically to reply to this thread.
Regarding Russia bailing out Greece, I think that’s unlikely at this point. As we all know, Russia has its own hands full with the US/EU assault on its very territory. Given that Putin has chosen to try to drive a wedge between the US and the EU on trade as a way to relieve pressure on Russia, hacking off the EU by essentially being responsible for bankrolling a member exit is probably an unwise move for Russia. And you can’t accuse Putin of being unwise.

Greece is in perilous waters, precisely because there are so few options to secure funding to rebuild their nation as a sovereign and independent Greece.

China, on the other hand…


To listen to the non-stop bullshit that comes from central banks and this evil ‘Troika’, one would have the distinct impression that an asteroid the size of, well, Greece, is on its way toward Greece, and the only way to stop it from wiping Greece off the map is to bend over and take another heavy-duty ass-fucking from the ‘Troika’. It is all so incredibly, insultingly bogus, and the game is played because the scum at the European Central bank, IMF and the European Union are too goddamn greedy and committed to their evil system to have one jot of compassion for the Greek people. Or any people on Earth. IT’S ONLY A BANK LOAN! IT IS NOT A FUCKING ASTEROIID. CANCEL IT, AND CUT THE BULLSHIT. But of course this won’t happen, because then it would be clear to the whole world what a bogus rigged system it is that we are all supposed to be slaves to, as if we didn’t already know it. FUCK OFF, B.O.G. & HOLD FIRM, SYRIZA, AND LET THESE SCUM IN THE ‘TROIKA’ STEW.


Iceland said no. Iceland won.


We are over populated… with consumers If we take a look at who is actually pushing the environment to collapse according to their consumption levels, it becomes clear by the numbers that the real planet destroyers are not the teeming masses of the Third World, but industrial civilization’s energy gluttons driving their SUV’s, checking their stock portfolios on the internet, and wagging their finger at the huddled masses who have been corralled into megacities because globalization wiped out their indigenous means of subsistence.

The lure of “magic bullet” solutions is built into the way our brains work. Few in the entitled world are willing to incorporate the obvious truth about our predicament, into their solutions because it keeps coming around to stopping mass production of consumer crap, stopping burning fossil carbon, stopping industrial agriculture, and making our living in the sweat of our brow.


Three ADDITIONAL people per second. The takes into account deaths.

Ignoring this won’t make it go away, and blaming a million other causes doesn’t make it less true.

Please do a little research before you comment. There are many sites showing this statistic.




Go onto Google maps. Pick any ten cities in the world at random. They all have the same things. Cars, shops, highways, office buildings, and all the trappings of consumer society.

Pick ten more. Pick fifty more. They are all the same.

So this obsession with “the West” being the source of all evil is archaic. Further, you are using a computer which is the very symbol of consumer society.

The population increases at three additional people per second. We live on a planet. There are finite resources. Breeding and shopping and then pointing a finger at those “greedy other people” simply does not work anymore.


Yes of course, because these people have an obsession with blaming the US for everything. Or blaming those evil corporation, all the while typing away on a computer.

Simple math is too difficult. Exponentials is beyond comprehension.

It’s easier to use up all the resources then cry foul.


Seriously? Really? You actually think this is true.

You actually think the planet can sustain 8 billion people and counting and that everyone on the planet will get everything they need, because resources are available if only rich people would be more generous.



Actually what you are saying is true, and it is one of the largest issues.

But it is not the topic of this thread. This thread is about Greece, about national debts and possible Greek independence from the EU. This thread is not about overpopulation. You should post this on an ecological thread, of which there are several running on CD at this moment.


And it is highly likely likely that none of those three people are in a country where people live in a an unsustainable bourgeois manner like the you probably are in a rich country with a stable or even declining population.

A whole lot of poeple who are smarter and more educated than you are study world population for various UN agencies. None of them see population as global issue, as it is expected to stabilize then decline slowly at a sustainable level well before the end of the century. I wish we could say the same thing about CO2 levels coming from the childless rich bourgeois.

You old hero pop-scientist Erlich who seems to refuse to die, has been totally discredited.

But as Braithwaite wrote, we are waaay off topic.


Spain went Bankrupt in 1607. The Crown had slashed taxes on the wealthy as silver and gold flooded in from the Americas. This ABUNDANCE of silver and gold (read resources) saw various factions fighting for their share of it that being the Nobility, the Church and the Military.

Spain intitially relied on this new found treasure to wage wars against Islam and on the Continent and try to hold on to regions like the Netherlands. As the Chruch and wealthy Noble class got thier fingers into that gold and Silver Spain had to rely on loans from foreign bankers at interest to finance those wars.

The bankers insisted Spain enforce Austerity so as to pay off the debts but this did little good as forced austerity did not translate into getting that wealth from the Church, The Nobility or the Military (They are ever immune to such) and the masses of poor had little in the first place.

This had nothing to do with “overpopulation” or “climate change” or for that matter “lack of resources” The factors that lead to that bankruptcy are about the same as happens in Greece today. The bankers and the rich are plundering the nation.


It is now time for Greece to meet with Russia and China. BRICS is waiting as is the Shanghai trading regime.


Hi, yes it does take hard work, it isn’t easy, nothing really worthwhile ever is. The problem as i see it isn’t the consumption of necessities, it’s wants that are the problem. Over-consumption of needless plastic crap, retail therapy - the attempt to fill an existential hole with more crap - not providing the simple ‘bear necessities’ is the problem.

My answer to the energy part of your question is again using less, the only truly green energy alternative is conservation. Unused energy is free, ride a bike, turn down the thermostat and wear a sweater and long underwear. It’ll save you dough as well as help the planet and improve the air you’re breathing.

Food wise, i live on a small 1/3 of an acre in the rain forest and i grow so much extra food i give it away to the neighbors regularly - right now everyone living around me is eating my renegade peas. In the city there are urban gardens a person can use. Hell, Havana grows about 1/4 of its produce in vacant lots. If you live in city, go around the part of it where there’s still houses on lots, knock of a few doors, offer to reclaim their backyard and share 50/50 the real wealth you ‘produce’ with the sweat of your brow and a few seeds. You’ll be amazed at what happens to you, to them, to the land and soil.

As Chris Hedges wrote recently: “…any act of civil disobedience ignites the soul of the rebel and exposes the dead hand of authority. It is only this refusal to cooperate that will save us.”

Living simply, wanting and having less may not ‘sell’ but it is a revolutionary act in our materialistic world and the key to real wealth and happiness.