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Greek Crisis Moving Fast as Emergency Measures Considered


The political right has no viable solution to anything and yet they ignore all of reality.
So, what’s your point? Is it that the political left isn’t as blockheaded as the political right? Well, ok then, point taken. I will agree with you that the political left isnt as blockheaded as the political right.


Good for Greece and Syriza for holding firm against the banksters!


Of course NATO is saying Greece should NOT reduce its War spending even though Greece military spending is amongst the highest in the world. You see that involves German tanks and other weapons which are not even suited for Greece but they make profits for the Merchants of Death, in league with the plutocrats of austerity!


“Wake up and smell the coffee.” Venezuelan coffee.


“… the biggest achievement of the Greek government through this move, was to mark a clear victory against the technocratic fascism and bring back the real Democracy in Europe. Now, the Greek people have to confront history. Without a revolution, but only through a simple democratic process, they have a big opportunity to trigger a total change in the course of Europe, away from the new Feudalism.”



So you are blaming the failing of the Capitalists and their banking system on Socialists?


Actually the Anarchist Greek Freedom Fighters were creating A happy post WW-2 society there in Greece-without money- When they started opening up the factories as worker owned is when the British and Americans attacked and re-installed the Fascist King…
They had run the Nazis out of Greece practically on their own, just as the Vietnamese helped in riddng Vietnam of the Japanese as our allies-- No good deed shall go unpunished-


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Greeks Urged to Choose 'Democracy Over Fear' With 'No' Vote on Austerity

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Greece, 1947-49: (William Blum)
Intervened in a civil war, taking the side of the neo-fascists against the Greek left which had fought the Nazis courageously. The neo-fascists won and instituted a highly brutal regime, for which the CIA created a new internal security agency, KYP. Before long, KYP was carrying out all the endearing practices of secret police everywhere, including systematic torture.

If anyone were to write an honest history of post-WWII period, the first chapter would be devoted to how the British and American forces liberating Europe, one of the first things they did was to destroy the resistance, and to undermine the labor movement, and to try to beat back the efforts to create radical democratic programs. It varied in different countries but happened everywhere. Like in Italy, it started happening in 1943, since they moved in. By the time, the British and American forces reached Northern Italy, it had been pretty well liberated by the resistance, they had driven out the Germans mostly, and they had established their own institutions: worker-managed industrial systems, cooperatives, and so on. The British and Americans were totally appalled, they had to dismantle the whole thing and restore the rights of owners, meaning restore the traditional fascist system. An in fact, in the case of Italy, it’s particularly interesting. It continued at least into the 1970s. Italy was the main center of CIA subversion, well into the 1970s, but it happened everywhere else, too. In Greece, there was a war to destroy the resistance; they killed about a 150,000 people, and ended up restoring something like the traditional fascist structure.
Not long after the United States strongly supported the first restoration of actual fascism in Europe, and continued to support it, it was overthrown by the Greeks.
Read from William Blum’s “Killing hope; u.s. military and cia interventions since world war ii”
3. Greece 1947 to early 1950’s (Pages 33 through 37)

I would agree that Churchill and the Royal (German) Family were the underlying culprits, that does not negate U.S. (yank) participation- Yes, had FDR lived longer none of this may not have happened, but after his death the US was very much involved with the British in this Greek tragedy-And No “Lies” were spread by me…
I would go so far as to state that the U.S., Britain and Germany owe the Greeks War Reparations-