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Greek Minister: Poison of Troika Austerity Fueling Rise of Nazi Party


Greek Minister: Poison of Troika Austerity Fueling Rise of Nazi Party

Revealing the distance that still remains between the Greek and German governments when it comes to renegotiating terms of the bailout program, a meeting between the nation's financial ministers in Berlin on Thursday was punctuated by the acknowledgement that the two could not, in fact, even "agree to disagree" and a warning from the new Syriza government that without a loosening of austerity, fascist forces will almost surely rise.


Excellent retaliation in the propaganda war. Drop the Euro. The Eurozone and the European Union have proven to be nothing more than a mechanism for trickle-up economics and imperialism. Fuck it. Get out of that shit.


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The MSM coverage of Greece these days is amazing. It runs the gamut from Syriza is capitulating to if Syriza doesn’t “moderate” its “demands” it will be a catastrophe, to this is Russia’s latest thrust against the west, to widespread (ie justified) fear that communism has again reared its ugly head and is on the march. I believe nothing about Syriza except what comes directly from them.


Germany better realize soon that it cannot hope to get back money from a nation on the brinks of collapse it is like demanding a huge mortgage payment from an unemployed person with no prospect for employment on the horizon.


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Why don’t Greeks decide these things by serial online referendums and leave the politicians and the bankers out of it?


Witnessing the rise (and hopefully fall) of the Fourth Reich in EU. We hope to see the fall of the entrenched Fourth Reich in US as well. Gross imbalance and abuse of power seems to have a built in self destruction mechanism. Power and riches beyond any acquried before were not enough, chaos is being unleashed to suck the marrow from a dying world.


Tsipras and Varoufakis have both been quite clear in addressing the austerity regime as a pan-European problem, most certainly not a problem isolated to Greece, and by doing so are rallying allies throughout the EU and beyond as those of us in the US, for instance, take notice.

This isn’t just about Greece, and Syriza knows it. They challenge the New World Order.

And though they’ve rejected the offer (for the time being) Syriza has been guaranteed the lifting of Russia’s counter-sanctions were Greece to leave the EU.

The BRICS alliance - based on mutual cooperation - is looking for new members.


We, and the EU, have seen the disaster of austerity for the people in Britain, Canada, and the US, as well as Greece. The rich get richer; the poor get poorer.

I’m glad the Greeks are talking positively to the EU. But that position could change very quickly, if the Europeans are not flexible, and drive the Greeks into a corner.


I agree, they should threaten to drop the Euro and cancel on their debt and they should set a dealine to do it and follow through. They can go back to drachma (the value of which will be punished by the international cabal of capitalists) or they choose another currency which cannot be downgraded easily (rubles, yuan, dollars . . .) or maybe, along with Spain, they can develop an alternative currency.


You mean the Eurozone is a failure, not the EU. Many countries in the EU are not in the Eurozone and so still have their own currency and control their own economies or at least as much as anywhere else does in this present age of financial globalisation. The UK, for example, does not use the Euro so it has little influence in Eurozone negotiations.


History repeats itself. The austerity and privatization demanded of Greece and other nations is indeed reminiscent of the reparations and repayment of war debts demanded of Germany after WW1. We all know what that resulted in.


Many European people have a lot to lose by denying common sense cooperation with others, in this specific case Greece. It is drawing closer .


For those who have wondered what it might take for the US to get out of its economic funk, Greece provides the answer:

Twenty-five percent unemployment or greater (especially among the youth of the country).
Angry mobs demonstrating outside the national assembly chanting “whore house, whore house”.
Large numbers of suicides from those who have been financially ruined.
A pampered one percent of the wealthy who are indifferent to the suffering of those in their midst (so long as there are fuel for their yachts, sufficient truffles, pate’, and champagne to soothe their hunger and thirst, and servants to do the work with which they do not want to dirty their hands).
A vibrant communist and/or fascist threat to control the government in the eventuality that the current government fails.
Alas! The US has a long way top go before their political establishment is overthrown.

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Fascism is what has Greece by the fiscal nuts, Nazism is what is growing. Typical ancient Capitalist disinfo.


The Fascists /1% will finance the Golden Dawn / Neo-Nazis and when the time is right they’ll let them loose to torture and murder anyone that gets in their way. Same thing might happen here.


Does anyone have the guts to tell the big banks where to get off? The banks have committed fraud–but they are TOO BIG TO FAIL. So does anyone have the guts to tell the big banks where to get off?