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Greek ‘No’ Vote Spurs Wider Resistance


Greek ‘No’ Vote Spurs Wider Resistance

Andrés Cala

Despite an unprecedented fear campaign, brave Greeks plunged the European Union into a moment of reckoning with a deafening “no” to “bullying,” “terrorism,” and “humiliation” – or more precisely, 61 percent voted against and 39 percent for creditors’ terms that would have condemned not just Greeks, but millions of other Europeans to another decade of austerity and hardship.


The pensioner who had a contract takes the hit while the bankers who dumped their risks onto the pensioner while pocketing profits receive their returning hero, Eric Holder. No one ever said life was fair.


Yes, the neoliberal technocrats have finally met some real push back. Our family is going to Greece next year with its tourist dollars to help the Greek economy. I imagine that like minded people might do the same. I pray that people in Portugal, Spain and Ireland will push back too. And we in America? Something new is bubbling up here too.

Here in America people are waking up to the Sanders campaign, our answer to the austerity and economic cruelty that we have been experiencing here. Bernie is explaining to people just what has been happening and where we could be if he is elected. We could be getting a lot of benefits from our tax dollars instead of watching it go down the rathole of war and more war.


Forgetting that the ‘chessboard’ had morphed and having attempted castling, which failed, they resorted to the infamous

Cheshire Cat maneuver.


Great article!

This is the time for some billionaire hedge fund type to assist Greece. And here’s why: It’s an investment in good karma.

In the same way that Ebenezer Scrooge was spiritually compelled to make amends before his final hour rang like a bell, these Wall St. hustlers who make more than entire nations for just compiling numbers on computer screens SHOULD assist the Greek people.

Had it not been for the contrivances of Wall ST. and its compatriots in London and at other major banking centers/stock exchanges, all of that money that went against gravity to the top of the globe’s fiduciary “food chain” now needs to return to The People. (The Piketty Study chronicles this pro 1% phenomenon.)

This is gong to happen one way or another.

All of the pain being forced onto the people of Greece suggests its own Ancient Greek Drama. The old cautionary tales passed down for generations have their modern counterpart now underway. And as tends to be typical of these plays, justice usually wins out over avarice, deception, and brutality. That is, after certain lessons are learned.

I think it’s fascinating that Greece is once against asserting the meaning of Democracy in standing up to Europe’s Central Bankers. They are one of the entities that has too much of humanity “by the balls.” It’s a modern form of feudalism that grants to big banks and major industrialists the rights of kings and nobles while consigning to working persons, all of the “rights” and “privileges” of serfs.


said essentially the same thing at the Guardian. Billionaires and maybe crowdfunding? Is Soros helping out? c’mon, powerful philanthropists, get in the game, eh?


This type of success of grassroots populism is the reason why the US press so carefully chooses what the American public is exposed to. Should a similiar push-back occur in the US…hoo boy.


“Germany has already refused to restructure the debt or support a new rescue”: Good riddance Germany, hello Russia and China.


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Congratulations, Hellas! You did it!

  • Perhaps the Cradle of Democracy will be a catalyst for a new world of caring, of fairness, of empathy, of honor.
  • At least you’ve given the world an example and a chance!