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Green Cards for Sale? Visa Program Dubbed 'Immigration Reform for the 1%'


Green Cards for Sale? Visa Program Dubbed 'Immigration Reform for the 1%'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Actions are taking place in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle on Tuesday decrying a controversial U.S. immigration program that unions and immigration advocates have dubbed "immigration reform for the 1%."


Good for them. Just look into the S. Dakota governor’s race in 2014. What a scam the sitting governor pulled off. And, it was a 3 way race. The Dems didn’t back the progressive candidate with much $$$. Shocking, I know.


Small correction "a union representing more than 270,000 hotel, casino, and airport
workers in North America, charges that with millions of illegal immigrants
currently "

Those immigrants probably are making minimum wage and would end up on government welfare. My guess the thinking is if someone has $500k to dump on greencard they won’t end up a burden to taxpayers. Anyway, there’s about 1 million green card being issued every year about 15% to Mexican nationals. Not sure where the beef is. Anyone qualified can apply.


The EB-5 Visa is as much a scam as Bill Gates’s H1B visa’s that have made it so that the US doesn’t have nearly the number of engineers and other technical professional jobs that it use to. Mr. Gates has used the H1B visa to bring in foreign professional workers to undercut amerikan engineers. He pays the foreign workers half of what he would have to pay amerikan professionals plus there are no benefits. You don’t think this is a money saver for Microsoft! If an H1B worker starts demanding a raise or medical benefits, Microsoft just reports them to the government as in violation of their visa terms and the worker gets deported, neat trick huh! Every year Mr. Gates is knocking on the door of the US Congress wanting them to increase the number of H1B visas, all at the cost of amerikan citizens, amerikan citizens saddled with tremendous debts left over from for profit colleges and universities!