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Green Group Threatens Suit Over 'Unconscionable Handout to Polluters' as EPA Attacks Water Rules for Coal Ash

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/01/green-group-threatens-suit-over-unconscionable-handout-polluters-epa-attacks-water

When every single politician puts his or her hand on a bible and swears to uphold the United States Constitution at the beginning of their public service, those politicians must be made aware that if “any” of their actions from that point go against their sworn duties, they must be summarily dismissed from their office and never allowed to ever hold a public office again.


Let’s start with trump and most of the republican party. Constitution trashers all.

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Hi Gandolf, but there are many democrats who have become demoRATS. Both parties have tp be examined and those who have sold their souls and their nation out need to be outted and the public made aware. Both parties have some horrible representatives. In order to make a real congress , both sides need to be accountable.


I hope we can still see the difference between left and right. Persecuting the wrong people won’t slo ve anything. Never did.


The EPA - what a pathetic institution it has become -

Here is where we’re headed:

India air pollution at ‘unbearable levels’, Delhi minister says


Corbett sez:
“… the EPA—which is now under the direction of former coal industry lobbyist Andrew Wheeler …” (Emphasis added)

There’s no such thing as a “former” coal industry lobbyist. Wheeler is simply taking one for the team, having agreed to temporarily diminished public treasury compensation until such time as he is returned to the loving embrace of the “private sector.”
Each of these EPA (sic) moves is designed to add another decimal to his eventual rehiring bonus.


The problem is the Bible or the hypocrites interpretation of it.
Humans given Dominion over the Earth ,which they interpret as Domination and justify our on going destruction of our home.
This war on nature must end or it will end us all ,the law of cause and effect will see to that …

This has been the guiding principle for millennia.
We must challenge the myths and stories that our dominating culture use to evolve under the guise of so called progress .


Indeed. We have a lot of work to do.

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Wow, Delhi has some pretty disgusting air quality. I have to say it takes some very poor planning to pollute an entire planet to the level of uninhabitable.

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This rule reverses a rule established by a Democratic president’s administreation and its reversal would not be supported by a single Democrat in or out of office save for maybe West Virginia’s awful Joe Manchin. So can you please explain how Democrats are the same as Republicans again?

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The Environmental Pollution Agency under the trump regime is now a criminal agency, putting the health and safety of Americans at serious risk - that reality must now be seen as an assault on people, including the diseases and deaths that will result!

How is this sop to polluting entities not a crime? How are those responsible not being charged and prosecuted - Oh, I forgot the trump regime controls the “Justice” Department and its figurehead scum who seems to believe he works for trump and his regime, rather than the American people and our republic! That corruption should also be seen as a crim ea nd violation of the Oath of Office they all swear-to - clearly their madness and servitude to greed and profits above all else hold sway over their depraved little lives and zero integrity! May they all reap what they sow - in spades!!


Trump never sees an environmental law to protect the people that he does not want to remove. Sadly his base cheers these actions on.


Unfortunately, the one with the power to decide whether or not an action is supported by the Constitution will be the Nazi in charge of the Supreme Court as Chief “Justice.” We’ve already seen how that works.

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Excellent book I just read on air pollution:

Particles in the Air The Deadliest Pollutant is One You Breathe Every Day Authors: Brugge, Doug

PM 2.5 many are familiar with, but ultra-fines, around 0.01 to 0.3 microns - less well known, and not at all the same as either the PM 2.5 or PM 10. Written for the lay-person - short and concise and extremely informative.

I remember Al Gore in a clip when he was addressing the Indian government officials - the body language told all - Gore doesn’t think much of these creatures, but of course remains passive.

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Thanks manysummits

Looks like an excellent resource for those wishing to breath non-polluted air and what can be done
when that is not possible.

Hi Gandolf: I see the difference between some Gopers and some Dems—but it’s the corporate self- outs of both parties that need to be de-powered!
Maybe people should go back and read all that FDR did , and even LBJ got Medicare started. Actually, if you look at those Watergate tapes----it is amazing to see how far both parties have fallen. If corporations insist on being “people,” then maybe all the CEOs need to be drafted to make up for lost time in working and contributing to their own country. : )

Hi Yunzer:
The CORPORATE democrats are very similar to the corporate Gopers and both work for the corporations and not for the PEOPLE. Those who serve as those" extra
electors," should drop the pretense and admit they represent the corporate “people,” In fact both parties in the higher levels seem very much alike. I suppose those “lifers” in those positions are the problem.
Maybe serving only 8 years with 2 terms of 4 years each for both the House and the Senate, and maybe that would bring the Congress back to representing the PEOPLE, and not the rich and the corporations. The difference is easy to see, those who work for the corporations have big budgets to work with. While the elected ones work for that BIG MONEY , they ignore We the People. Remember what Ben Franklin said of America, " …its a republic. if you can keep it."


I’m re-reading The Shock of the Anthropocene: The Earth, History and Us by Christophe Bonneuil, Jean-Baptiste Fressoz, David Fernbach (Translator).

I first read it when it came out in 2016, but now, three years later, it’s like I wasn’t ready for it then, it’s that good !

It is telling me in no uncertain terms why my suspicion that The Green New Deal was inadequate is true. Maybe more on this on an appropriate thread ?

It has some very good reviews. Looks like a very good perspective and something everyone can learn from in terms of finding solutions for the issues that confront us. I think we are all starting to be better listeners on this issue.

I agree, The Green New Deal only works when people can generalize this information and implement in their daily lives. I also think it is not enough, but a new staring point.

Sure, there is more to be said on this.