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Green Group Urges Nationalization of Oil and Gas Industry Amid Coronavirus Outbreak and Economic Upheaval

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/23/green-group-urges-nationalization-oil-and-gas-industry-amid-coronavirus-outbreak-and

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I just don’t have a good feeling about giving money away to rich people, whatever the reason. Better to tax the tar out of oil and let them defend all of the climate lawsuits that they so deserve.


Nationalization/public ownership-control is an obviously sane and rational approach to utilities, healthcare, military, transportation, education, major industries, natural resources, et. al. It’s called socialism. Duh.

The problem is that to actually execute nationalization and/or state-local control of all or any of the above requires political movements and parties powerful enough to pull this off. In some cases, that means IMPOSE socialism.

Certainly the capitalist-to-its-bones Dim Party aint gonna do it.


YES!!! Nationalize all the earth-kill industries, and the airline industry.
Ban the floating poop morbid obesity cruise ship industry.
Now is the time to radically change American capitalism and make it ethical and kind instead of evil and brutal.


Great idea! But Trump just shot down ANY talk of nationalizing any aspect of this pandemic response. He’s an asshole. And by the way, I just came back from Fox News where I was fighting the good fight and I feel like I’ve just waded through infectious filth on their message boards over there. What a bunch of malevolent racist, twisted creatures! Hateful, venal, ignorant bastards all!


I’d like to say: no bail-outs, no nationalization, let them be subject to unsubsidized market forces and either sink or swim, and start suing the heck out of them over climate change. But, their Congressional stock holders and stock holders who donate to political campaigns will never allow that to happen. So, all of this is merely wishful thinking.


Might as well URGE Bezos to empty his bank accounts.


We should all keep in mind, as well, that 80% of our OIL is used by the MIC
for WAR – and other mischief making around the world based in Empire and
other fascist ideas.

(And, 80% of our WATER is also used by BUSINESS/CORPORATIONS)

Our NATURAL RESOURCES are all part of the COMMONWEALTH we share.


A “buyout” or nationalization makes more sense than a bailout. Then we could downsize as needed to turn around the climate crisis and initiate a Green New Deal.


Well, we could simply “UN-INVENT” the fakery of the dollar bill –

an artificial entity by which means the 1% have accrued power unto themselves
at the expense of the majority of us.

And in a suicidal march to destroy the planet and all humanity for their profit by exploitation.


In my rare moments of magical thinking, I wish for a time machine and superpowers that would allow me to travel backwards in time to prevent the conception of Trump, his GOP gang and cronies, and the MAGA cult members. Kind of like the first Butterfly Effect movie, but with different goals and results.
Like Hitler’s cult, the MAGA-heads are a plague worse than a deadly virus.

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agreed. The dollar is nothing more than “funny money” since asshole Nixon did away with the “gold standard”, which kept economies honest.


Our own Elites – Our Founders – created a government based in Elite/Patriarchy -
not a democracy but a fascist order of government based in Oligarchy.

Both Hitler and Trump were raised into position by Elites here and around the world.

And right now they are working to recruit new GOP members who are even further to
the right to replace those they consider “too squishy” to carry out the wish lists of their
corporate owners. See: Dark Money/PBS Video and at your library.

In the discussions of Corona-virus it seemed clear that some earlier strains of it have
been experienced in US. However, it was also made abundantly clear by Gov. Cuomo
that US has had large numbers of deaths every year from various flus each year.

Certainly this is NATURE once again telling us to clean up the filth – the wars – the
pollution – the destruction of Nature – and get busy right now.

Don’t know if anyone else noticed this but – I guess it was the last debate – BIDEN
made an amazing comment where he made clear that when he and Obama arrived at
the White House they were immediately or quite quickly moved on to the Pentagon
where it was made clear to them that GLOBAL WARMING is the greatest threat to us –
and of course the planet.

And this originates in the PENTAGON’S WARNING TO W BUSH – in 2004 where the
Pentagon makes clear to W that GLOBAL WARMING is the greatest threat to the US –
NOT “terrorism.” And they recite all of the threats Global Warming will bring to the planet –
floods/droughts, cyclones/tornadoes, lightning strikes and they mentioned EARTHQUAKES
because the melting of the glaciers changes the pressures on the tectonic plates. Later
mention of Earthquakes was deleted, quietly.

They didn’t mention illness, diseases but our medical scientists have been doing that
and warning of the increasing risks.

This is also a reminder that it would probably be prudent to run the coming election based
on paper ballots – and doing it by mail. Otherwise, we will have an election where many
of us might be unable to participate.


Nationalization sounds like a good idea, but with our current corrupt politicians, I have a feeling that we won’t like the unintended consequences.

I can see them promising lower taxes by increasing oil production, since the oil fields will become income for the government.

And I’m not anywhere near as creative as our owners.

While you are cruising around in time, howzabout “un-electing” ALL corporate-owned damnocrats, put us back on the gold standard, take the DNC finger off the scale in 2016, stop bank mergers, etc. Well, David, you get the gist…


Good idea, but unfortunately the Dollar is not supported anymore by gold but by oil and that is why it is now called: THE PETRODOLLAR and will never be allowed to be nationalized.

Great post GW.

Paper ballots all the way.


Tennessee Valley Authority is federally owned. There is a precedent for socializing large scale power production.


Superb sensible idea but over the GOPs dead body. We have to rid the country of the GIP mindset first.


I have a lot of work to do. But I’m afraid it would end up backfiring, as in the first Butterfly Effect movie.