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Green Groups Celebrate as Court Orders EPA to Reinstate Obama-Era Methane Rule


Green Groups Celebrate as Court Orders EPA to Reinstate Obama-Era Methane Rule

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A federal court issued another blow to the Trump administration's aggressive deregulatory agenda when it ruled on Monday that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) must immediately reinstate an Obama-era pollution rule that sets methane emission standards for the oil and natural gas industry.


But . . .  but . . .  There will be no money in the budget to pay the enforcers anyway – it’s all going to tax cuts for Big Oil CEOs – so what’s the fuss??


As we can see from the history of Capitalism-- which is a system designed to move the
wealth and natural resources of nations from the many to the few – it is also suicidal for
the planet, Nature and Humanity.

And Trump is vastly speeding up that end.


Here’s a bit of insider news: everybody who is anybody is suing the government this year.

The U.S. Attorney General’s office is only 70% staffed with lawyers and they’re overwhelmed with various civil rights suits that they have to defend in court. Not that most of the career civil servants in the government particularly want to defend against civil rights suits that they’re going to lose, but it’s their job.

The EPA is equally getting sued silly, and they’re going to lose most of the suits.

After the lawsuits lose, the career civil servants play tug of war with the Trump-appointed administrators. The administrators lean on the second tier people to not do anything, and the second tier people reply that their boss is the judge.


I defy anyone to read the 120 pp 2016 rule and figure out what it actually says. I wouldn’t depend on the Sierra Club to interpret it as they have been funded by energy interests, vocally supported HRC, have numerous conflicts of interests on their board and practice the art of “sue and settle.” They sue environmental violators in collusion with the government, then settle for cheap fines that they take a cut from. The are in the “Big Green” Coalition with NRDC and others that support “green capitalism,” environmental programs for profit that benefit them and their benefactors.


It has long been the aim of Elites/corporations to disarm any means of Justice still existing within
government and to ensure that when the government lawyers appear, they are heavily outnumbered
by the corporate lawyers, and that they are more vulnerable to corruption.