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Green Groups Say Trump EPA Backing Monsanto's Claim Glyphosate Not a Health Threat 'Completely Ignores Science'

Green Groups Say Trump EPA Backing Monsanto's Claim Glyphosate Not a Health Threat 'Completely Ignores Science'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Environmentalists swiftly slammed the Trump administration Tuesday for reaffirming the federal government's position that the world's most widely used herbicide poses no threat to public health—despite other global experts tying it to cancer.

Well THAT is what Republicans do. Being a Republican means that you are willing to sacrifice your children and grand children to corporate greed and right wing power. It’s nothing personal - it’s just business.


Another example of the corrupt nature of this administration. Who cares if people get cancer and die? Collateral damage.


Profit Now, worry later. what the hell. America, what a country.


We’re such silly rabbits; nothing, often not even fellow humans - is more important than corporate profits.


Phred-third sentence is a zinger.

Write a letter to your local Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Hardware Store that sells this poison.

In the letter make it clear to the store’s management that you believe the strong smell and odor that permeates the aisles before and after the displays of this poison, is harmful to the health of your family including your children.

State in no uncertain terms that you intend to never return to buy anything from their store until the poison is removed and there is no threat to you and your family’s health.

They could put stronger directions for use to keep humans mostly free from toxicity. There are dozens of toxic chemicals, sprays, and kitchen products that need to be kept safe from the innocent and the stupid…
People who chose to use things like muriatic acid, Round up, rat poison need to be careful.

This not unlike the safety of guns issue. They don’t hurt anyone if they are utilized properly.

I use Round Up right next to my flower gardens and my Sumac mini grove. The stuff stays where you put it.

I trust that you understand it’s dangers G.


I know that these references are old but I wrote to King Arthur’s Flour Co in Vt just a few months ago and asked if the flour they sold was sprayed with ROUNDUP before harvest. Si, claro because the FDA says that the percentages used is safe. Yup and the drinking water in Flint MI is good for you also!!! because the FDA and EPA said so !
Anything that is not NON-GMO ORGANIC might as well contain arsenic, lead, mercury, in addition to glyphosate so we can all die quicker and will not be demanding M4All.


The EPA is going to get it’s a$$ sued; and, will lose. - Bayer has now lost at least three glyphosate/cancer related lawsuits: two in the U.S. and one in Europe, to the tune of millions of dollars; and, there are a few thousand more lawsuits to go.

Always be vigilant ,then .For people of both high and low conciousness walk among us.

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Why is Glyphosate showing up in the urine of various people and animals?

They spray because glyphosate is such a good drying agent. I think they save money on not having to use so much natural gas to dry the various crops. Do not these people need to be wiped off the face of the earth.

We tend to pay close attention to these things since we’re bee keepers and organic growers. Here from Organic Consumers who also pay close attention and aren’t tied to Monsanto.

“We see the formulations are much more toxic. The formulations were killing the cells. The glyphosate really didn’t do it.” — Mike DeVito, acting chief, National Toxicology Program Laboratory

Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller may be even worse for human health than we thought.

As reported this week in the Guardian, new tests show that when Roundup’s key active ingredient, glyphosate, is combined with other chemicals to create the final product, the herbicide is more toxic to human cells than glyphosate alone.

As if glyphosate alone weren’t toxic enough.

U.S. Right to Know’s Carey Gillam reported on the first-ever testing, conducted by the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP), of glyphosate-based formulations. Previous testing focused exclusively on glyphosate in isolation.

NTP’s acting chief of the National Toxicology Program Laboratory, Mike DeVito, told the Guardian the agency’s work is ongoing but its early findings are clear on one key point. “We see the formulations are much more toxic. The formulations were killing the cells. The glyphosate really didn’t do it,” DeVito said.

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When life becomes prime value and not heaven …humans will move from being the toddlers of the universe.

Look how long it took to put warning labels on Cigarettes. And that’s when the country was working…

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The EPA, an oxymoron.
Maybe Trump will swig down a glassful of glyphosate like Obama did with a glass of water from Flint. Then we can watch as pustules pop out all over his body and he turns green and flops back in rigor mortise. Imagery is everything.

Especially after that law suit for the janitor that died. All dangerous products should have ample warnings on them.

In the veggie garden the weeds get mulched. Compost if it’s available. Always some to hoe or pull out.