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Green Groups to Obama: Take Oceans Out of Offshore Drilling 'Crosshairs'



True dat! Especially on environmental, habitat protection and animal welfare/protection Obama has been an ignoramus, blind to The Wild and its place in the world! Contrast that environmental blindness/ignorance with his catering to and collusion with big-money interests, as his offshore drilling threat clearly shows!


Yes, he does make conscious choices but there are different ways to say he is in collusion with and complicit to big-money interests and none are truly "apologist attitudes". Saying blind and ignorant imply forethought if not saying Obama is actually working for greed and despoliation, both speak truth, such distinctions are divisive and unnecessary, IMO. We sometimes use certain words and at times other words to describe the same betrayal and servitude to the oligarchy and 1% - please don't deprecate our choices on which words we choose to employ at which times, you can easily read our previous words to see our meaning, we are still conscious of the truth regardless which words we choose..........


President Obama has always been a friend of Big Business and Wall St. We've known that from day one. I guess he feels that he still owes something to the oil and gas industry...which is insane. How does allowing offshore drilling (which has caused some of the biggest environmental disasters ever) fit into a coherent energy plan for decreasing consumption of fossil fuels and combating climate change? Why reward an industry that for decades lied to the people living on this planet? They should be in prison, not drilling for oil!


But he always give good progressive speeches.