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Green Groups Warn Deal to Lower Aviation Pollution is 'Weak Shell Game'


Green Groups Warn Deal to Lower Aviation Pollution is 'Weak Shell Game'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A deal to lower airline-related greenhouse gas emissions has been struck in a historic 191-nation treaty, but green groups say it falls short of what's needed.


The alternative is in front of us, I’ve been working on it for 21 years hyperblimp.com


No one seems to want to think this thought:

We need to stop flying with fossil fuel.

Life will not end. The Earth will not end. Civilization will not end. Cheap easy flying will end.

Why is it so freaking impossible to think this thought?

Why is everyone’s response “But…”?


Nice work.


Looking for the best place for carbon offset for taking a flight. Not an even trade off by any means, but I would like to do something as a consequence of flying and do so in the most meaningful way possible.


“The system will use the industry’s 2020 emissions as a reference point and offset roughly 80 percent of that until 2035.”

What a bloody joke! And nuclear-armed industrialised “developing” India and Russia won’t participate anyway.There is already a USA of middle-class Indian consumers in India with a comfortable lifestyle and wanting fancy geegaws to show how good they are and who couldn’t give a rat’s backside about their poor. That’s developed nation status.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the second most polluting industry to coal-fired power, is international travel. So, how about it? Buy local. Travel by … ? (DEMAND IT IF IT DOESN’T EXIST! lol) Walk. Drive electric bikes, cars etc. Electrified rail. Wake up wall street.


I like to bring this up whenever there is an opening: think of the climate and ocean environmental benefits of converting a large portion of ocean goods transport to wind/sail. No carbon credits or traded offsets needed - immediate benefits.


A GREAT idea. But the Green Revolution hasn’t begun yet. Unfortunately, it will take a couple more Katrinas and a Matthew or three - and worse, to force the banksters to the negotiating table. But they are probably too cowardly to own up.


It’s up to all of us to stop or fly as little as possible. Every time you buy a flight, you are voting for out of control global warming…If we stop using airlines, they will have less flights and that will help.