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'Green Light to Suppress Votes': Federal Court Upholds Wisconsin GOP's Early Voting Restrictions Amid Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/30/green-light-suppress-votes-federal-court-upholds-wisconsin-gops-early-voting

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"Liberate Wisconsin From The GOP Nazis."


This ruling is all about suppressing mail-in voting, the only way the gop remains in power is using the rigged voting machines, they know it, and so does the new far right judiciary.
If you haven’t yet, look up Black Box voting, and Electronic Voting, the new generation of machines are hackable from remote locations, while supplying the voter with a phony receipt of how they voted.


Hand counted paper ballots counted once by republicans, once by democrats, and once by a non partisan group.
No election is certified until all three match their counts.
I don’t care if it takes six months to count them, as long as it is correct.

German Nazi control of the Weimar Republic judiciary is what solidified Hitler’s rule. Now USian Nazi control of the judiciary is doing likewise for Trump.

And just as – thanks to lawyers and politicians – there was no governmental process capable of stopping Hitler, neither is there any governmental process capable of stopping Trump – or even of restraining him.

Why then is no one in Moron Nation organizing a nationwide general strike?

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Section 2 of the 14th Amendment directly addresses issues such as what the court erroneously allowed in WI. Section 2 bars any state action which would serve to “deny, or abridge, in any way” the fundamental right to vote in state and federal elections expressly granted in the same amendment to minorities, and by implication, Native Americans. Subsequent amendments expressly added women’s suffrage and the eligibility of “persons over the age of eighteen years.” So, Section 2 now covers minorities, women, seniors, youths, including students and native Americans in its protections.

Section 2 replaced the 3/5 Compromise and the attendant Article 1 language on voting and apportionment of U.S. House seats and Electors to the Electoral College and imposes a drastic remedy against violators, like most Republican voter suppression states. The state is stripped of U.S. House seats and Electors in proportion to the numbers of voters harmed. Federal dollars based upon population would also be impacted.

The upshot of Section 2 is that nealry all of the full panoply of GOP voter suppression laws, policies and tactic are per se unconstitutional and subject to facial challenges despite past erroneous holding such as in both the Holder and Marion County cases by the SCOTUS asn neither took into consideration the impact of Section 2 of the 14th Am,endment upon the protections of voters’ rights from denial or abridgment “in any way.”

Pliantiffs need to refame their challenges to file petitions for dclaratory and injunctive relief framed as a facial challenge due to the denial or abridgment, in “any way” of the protected clases’ fundamental right to vote as expressly granted under Section 2 of the 14th Amendment. Since all eveiudence which may be put forward negates all of the bogus claims of the GOP, they will not carry their burden to show some “compelling state interest” so as to be alloweed to countinue to deny or abridge, in any way, voters’ constitutional rights.