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“Green New Deal” in US “Must Be Mirrored by a Global Green Deal”


“Green New Deal” in US “Must Be Mirrored by a Global Green Deal”

Andy Rowell

In mid-November, some 200 young climate activists from the Sunrise movement joined Representative-elect, the New York Democrat, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in a sit in at the office of the House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi, demanding what is known as a Green New Deal. Over fifty kids were arrested in the protest.


Until the politicians who promote this Green New Deal are willing to make the MSM cover and report on the demands of this progressive legislation, by standing up to the Duopolys Establishment politicians who are in the pockets of the Oil Barrons and be ready to be arrested and jailed so that their constituents can see their dedication to this cause, it will remain to be be simply, lip-service.


Just in case the New Green Deal doesn’t make it into law I would suggest a Plan B. There appear to be some obstacles for the New Green Deal. One is that nobody knows the cost and how it would be paid for. Another is that the Republicans control the Senate and we know most of the Republican senators are climate change deniers. Another is that we have a president who claims climate change is hoax created by the Chinese. If the select committee reports back in March 2020 that means sixteen months go by with nothing accomplished. Lost in the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez craze which appears to be consuming many progressives is the OFF Fossil Fuel Act introduced awhile ago by Tulsi Gabbard which isn’t as sweeping but is ready to go and would be a tremendous step by the federal government which has left acting on climate change to the states and local communities, many of which are trying to take action.


It’s really a laffer to see yet another U.S. progressive talking about a Green New Deal that mirrors ours.

To wit:

The U.S., with about 6% of the global population, consumes 25% of the Earths resources and produces about the same proportion of waste – and has been doing so since end of WW2 at least;

The U.S. Pentagon is the largest polluter in the history of humanity by itself and invented the nuclear arms race and nuclear power.

Imperial global capitalism is based in the U.S.

The only way that the U.S. take can take the lead in anything global that has to do with the fate of the biosphere is to stop doing pretty much everything we do as an imperial nation.

The rest of humanity, especially in the global South, are well aware of what needs to be done. This article wreaks with an attitude of white supremacy and imperial hubris.


Maybe we don’t need to organize, but need to disorganize:

"Roberto Michels, working for the German SPD at the beginning of the twentieth century (a socialist party which he described as the “most democratic on earth”), concluded his study with a very pessimist observation: partisan representation will lead to the emergence of a category of political professionals, which will very soon be committed to defending its own point of view and its own material interests against the interests of those who they represent. This tendency is so strong in every political organisation that Michels called it the “iron law of oligarchy”:

“Whoever says organisation says tendency towards oligarchy. In every organisation, be it a party, a labour union etc, the aristocratic inclination manifests itself very strongly.

While the mechanism of organisation gives it a solid structure it also provokes serious changes in the organised masses. It turns the respective positions between the leaders and the mass completely upside down. Organisation leads to the division of all parties or all professional unions into a leading minority and a led majority.”


Contrary to American delusions the world does not sit around waiting on America to “lead the way”.
There have been thousands of attempts to curb fossil fuels or otherwise slow down climate destruction, most of which have been sabotaged by America.
Anytime a country even tries to move away from capitalism, which is the driving force of climate disruption, America immediately tries to overthrow their government and invades if they fail.
The same happens if they try to move their natural resources or their economy out of America’s reach.
The only “green deal” that can stop us from destroying the planet is one in which America’s oligarchy and their corporate military industrial complex no longer exists.


Saul Alinsky said that the first step in organizing is to disorganize the situation. However, I disagree with that point here because imperial capitalism has already pretty much sent the whole biosphere into chaos and it is now a sacred human responsibility to recreate our part of in a manner that honors the biosphere and each other.


Not that this legislation isn’t important, it is, but one of the first things I would like AOC to work on when she’s seated is getting a handle on the arrests of people at the capital while peacefully protesting. 50 kids arrested, this shit has got to stop.


December 19, 2018 … Europe ; EU bans single-use plastic products like cutlery and food containers, in what is one of the most quickly finalised proposals in recent EU memory.

EU negotiators signed off on measures that include bans on single-use plastic plates, cutlery, expanded polystyrene food containers, beverage cups, balloon sticks, straws and cotton bud sticks.

The provisional agreement also means that manufacturers will have to pay for waste management and clean-up of single-use items, most notably cigarette butts.

Filters contain small traces of plastic and are the most littered item in the world, with trillions discarded annually. Producers will now be subject to so-called extended producer responsibility schemes (EPRs) and will have to pay for collection points in “common litter hotspots”. Original story at Euractive


I was interested to see how Andy Rowell would elaborate his title point, but it does not seem to happen here.

The point is correct, of course, but it comes across a bit odd, since the US is lagging far behind the rest of the world in these aspects, and is actively engaged in preventing the rest of the world from responding to the crisis as well.

There does need to be a response elsewhere as well, clearly, but it strikes me that were we to be able to largely neutralize that bolus of destructive forces that is collectively “the West,” most other things might begin to fall in line, step by step. Even at that, Europe responds considerably better than does the US. And where we have egregious energy use and pollution, say by Chinese manufacturing, the client that drives it is generally mostly in the US and Europe.


AOC tweeted:


My objection to yet another committee. Millions of laypersons like me understand what must be done and how soon, and the numbers (best approximations) are not hard to find.


Quite so. Few people grasp the magnitude of the project (bigger than the mobilization for WW II, the Manhattan Project, the Marshall Plan, and the Apollo Project by a factor of 5-10), and the dislocations in all corners of society just from the ripple effects eliminating fossil fuels.