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Green New Deal Me In

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/10/green-new-deal-me

Maybe that’s the way to start presenting this to the people. Like a familiar movie plot. “An asteroid is on a path to destroy the planet,” and we have to do something and do it fast or else.


‘Fait acompli’ would seem to be - and have been - the by-word for the 20th century selling/marketing / advertising debacle we now find ourselves in.Televangelism being the ring of hell freezing over life on earth. Make no mistake - every advert you encounter is ‘evangilization’ for the deity of predatory materialism and the freak show of televangilism is its mirror image.
Both assert that you cannot live without sacrificing human uncertainty inherent in the growth process; both demand that your fear-based adherence be assuaged ONLY by deeper adherence. Its schizoid big time. Yuppers, a ‘have been’ mindset if ever there was one. Guaranteed to leave you slack jawed, numb, idiotic, incompetent…etc … working perfectly to the grave.

On the other hand, the challenge of reorganizing to maximize efficiency, creativity, unity, adaptability, humor, energy and overview out of centuries of tunnel vision is what we need NOW!
We are hard-wired to be creative beings especially when we set our priorities to WORK TOGETHER for the future well being of the planet!

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“FDR was once lionized for those ideals.”

Yes, by the 99 percent. But he was excoriated by the One Percent (CAPS to match their big heads).

I am by no means a “Marxist.” Like Adam Smith (whom I’m not so fond of either), he got some things right and a lot of things wrong. But the one big thing he got right was that the socio-economic class we call the One Percent have always since the Agricultural Revolution waged economic war upon the other class (or classes), and the more so since the Industrial Revolution empowered them in several different ways.

“Our mission, should we decide to accept it,” is to bowl them over by showing and DOING the truth, with our bodies when necessary, which it likely soon will be.

Hi economic:

Maybe if people would read up on what happened to the Irish when England decided to sell the “excess” food. Lots of dead, starved Irish people. : (

A: There is an old saying (the origin of which should be obvious), “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.”

B: It’s not just Greeks.

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Hi economic:

LOL but it’s the Greeks with that big old Trojan Horse gift story that is still a part of ancient world history : )

Yes. A major one.

Quit wasting time on what you just explained is nothing a set of vague talking points and start lobbying for passage of something real.

The Off Fossil Fuels Act is something real. Real legislation. Real measures. Real measurements. Real work.

Stop wasting everyone time on something that is just a diversion tactic.

Today we should welcome Greeks bearing the gift of vision for organic sustainable agriculture with great gladness.

The corporate model of agriculture that corrupts government and regulatory agencies, is one of poison, depleted nutritional value and pollution of soil and air - unsustainable greed dictates the future and that is something we all must fight against!.

"Local varieties make a farmer independent and self-sufficient. Agriculture today has exactly the opposite tendency. Companies want to control what you sow because that is where their profit comes from."

This should be a must-read piece for anyone concerned with the fate of the Earth.

"“Every seed adapts to the microclimate of its region … In the end, I found that the most productive grains here were the local varieties we inherited from our parents,”
Thanks to adaptation, local varieties do not need chemical fertiliser, pesticide or herbicide to thrive, so landrace cultivation is by definition organic - and economical. ".- Yiorgos Antonopoulos.

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Wow, that’s a good one. Another example of why and how the future–if there is one–will be rural. Right now I’m betting that there will be a future, but for a significantly smaller global population resulting from myriad aspects of our age. Collapse doesn’t occur all at once, and if we pay attention to these people who are leading in a sustainable direction we may be able to engineer a “soft landing” after all.

Gotta run now, but I may have another resource for you later.

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Perhaps the intention was “Hokey?”

Hi Economagic,
*It should be, "Beware of Geeks bearing gifts!" Most of the Geeks come from Wall Street, another Wall that should be torn down and plowed under.

Hmmm, I think most of the geeks are in Silicon Valley, although Wall Street did recruit a good many from the “Superconducting Super Collider” project in Waxahachie, TX, that was canceled by Congress in 1993. One could see them as even more dangerous.

Yes, for sure, and one more reminder that there is a worldwide network of networks of people and organizations immersed in developing creative solutions to every aspect of the problem at the very local level. I finally subscribed YES! Magazine for just that reason. Here (better late than never) are two more instances:

The movie Tomorrow is the diametric opposite of the many movies showing in great detail all of the horrible stuff we are doing to ourselves and to our planet. It focuses on individuals and groups that are doing specific things below the radar to repair the damage and steer away from that path in the future. Of course regenerative agriculture in various forms is well represented. The director also wrote a book by the same name based on the movie.

And here is a link to a vast website on indigenous cultures, especially in North America but also globally, and why we should learn from them. It includes information of many kinds, and toward the end a couple of initiatives for networking, indigenous-based wikis of a sort. The creator writes in a unique style that is both expansive and highly condensed at the same time so requires some backtracking to see what he is saying. I met him online several years ago and recently reconnected. I have not asked his permission to share it with others, as I am pretty certain that spreading such knowledge is his aim. I especially like his obsession with the etymological roots of words we take for granted.