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Green New Dealers Call for Turning 'Rage into Action' After Trump Refuses to Even Say Word 'Climate' in SOTU

Green New Dealers Call for Turning 'Rage into Action' After Trump Refuses to Even Say Word 'Climate' in SOTU

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"How can a president of the United States give a State of the Union speech and not mention—not one word about—climate change when the leading scientists of the world tell us that climate change is real, that climate change is caused by human activity, and that climate change is already causing devastating harm in the United States and in much of the world?"

Phony people moan about climate while overlooking the twenty-one million completely innocent people they as citizens of the united states are responsible for murdering in cold blood since the end of ww2.

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Only twenty-one million? Seems low.

Update: I didn’t catch the qualifier, “since the end of ww2.” Still seems low, but in the right order of magnitude.


Pessemism warning! Imagining we can avert environmental collapse at this point is delusional. If and when we act, it will not be for prevention, it will be in reaction to falling environmental dominos, one after another, until there is no longer a social, political, or economic ability to react and those dominos just keep cascading. At this point, we have to imagine what we cannot imagine.


Grandpa Donald skewers his progeny and turns them round and round over the fire. The first generation suffer the burns of corruption; the second the burns of climate (and hopefully the indignity of visiting their parents in the clink).

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Climate change is to Trump and his Trash what AIDS used to be to Reagan and his Trash. Reagan ignored AIDS until one of his friends contracted it (Rock Hudson.)
With climate change the situation is worse because the Trump Blue Collar Trash don’t live in areas affected by global warming, and even if they do, their knavish-cowardly-ignorant-subservient attitude towards Trump, whom they worship as a prophet, guarantees they will idolize Trump even if they themselves suffer the consequences of climate change.

Most people won’t realize they’re in trouble until they are already falling off the cliff. And most people keep electing morons to congress so nothing will be done until we are all screaming as we fall.


How can anyone who has a functioning brain still think that trump would include anything about addressing climate change in his sotu? This was predictable.

Watched the whole ugly show last night. It demonstrated how truly f—ed we are as a species. The fact that dems cheered for some things the narcopath said was illustrative of this ecocidal duopoly.

I missed the part about Stacey Abrams highlighting (???) “the need to take swift action to address the climate crisis”. I barely heard one sentence in her “response” to the sotu related to the biggest issue humanity has ever faced.

It was a tepid “response” to what was like the u.s. version of the Nuremberg rallies.


Revolt or die was the only choice for over a decade.
Now the only choice left is how you want to die.
You can go down fighting for what is right, or keep serving the status quo and die as a traitor to humanity and an enemy of life everywhere.
Personally i am going for a combination of the two.

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Just as the Reagan administration’s strategy to deny poverty exists in the US by not ever mentioning poverty, Trump and the GOP continue to pretend climate change doesn’t exist, not only by ignoring it, but also by prohibiting staff from using words that explicitly or implicitly reference climate change.

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Elizabeth West’s contribution to Common Dreams — Living Like it Matters: Silver Linings in the Very Dark Cloud of Climate Catastrophe---- is excellent.

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Quite possibly. But we have to act as if there is hope, otherwise we guarantee a more destructive outcome.

Because the coming climate catastrophes are called a “Chinese hoax” by the biggest hoax of all!

The hope I retain squares up nicely with Morris Berman’s take on things in his books, “Dark Ages America” and “The Twilight of American Culture” (both books aging beautifully in the context of current events). For some people imagining the worst–the chronically underestimated worst–hope resides in a fantasy called “new monasticism,” which, boiled down, is the hope that enough people are able to preserve enough knowledge against the coming collapse that whatever people remain post-collapse will have a limping start toward restoring little things like, oh, you know, communication, medicine, sanitation, food cultivation, civic order, etc.

While I called it a fantasy a moment ago, it’s not so far-fetched. After all, the entire notion of a “post-fact” culture has arisen since Berman urged us to comprehensively preserve knowledge. Call me Casandra, but when fully-armed, post-fact cultures unleash nuclearized, post-fact militaries across broad swathes of the world during a global economic collapse precipitated by the sixth extinction event, I think it will be good if some folks devote themselves to hiding and preserving books; lots and lots of books (especially if our laptops are only good for cracking nuts). So, it’s not so much that I dispute the need for New Monastics, I just find it difficult to imagine organizing it. Broadly speaking, who will protect the collections in public libraries once the funding is gone, the value is disputed, and, worst of all, post-truthers (or evangelical never-truthers) decide all that brainy stuff is best destroyed?

Indeed, we saw the first broad example of emergency new monasticism when American government scientists felt compelled to dump massive loads of data (esp. climate data) to offshore, non-governmental storage sites before the Trump administration could delete it. So I cheer: “Go New Monastics!”

Sorry, I’m digressing. To your point: you’re right, people cannot function without hope, and certainly cannot face collapse without it. I have been in a few natural disasters, and I’ve seen people come together. I don’t have to hope they’ll do it again; I know they will. I just get twisted up when I’m offered what I can sniff out as false hope, like Steven Pinker’s “Enlightenment Now.”

So, please, Memory Hole, insist on hope, and encourage me or rebuke me or cajole me when I’m too hopeless. It helps if you invoke my dear, departed mother: “Just go outside! NOW! And take the dog!”

I posted this on another thread recently, but what the heck.

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For all the Green Day fans here…

You are correct. Stacey Abrams said the one word “climate” with no explanation. It was way down in her speech and listed with a bunch of other unrelated subjects. I specifically listened for something on climate from the Democrat’s response due to Trump failing to say anything. The oil-gas money owns our government, Party does not matter.

It is not just Trump and the Republicans; the Democrats are also guility. I am sick of having Trump blamed for every problem and immoral progression of our country. Trump is just a pimple on a long festering boil which is the USA.

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Reverb or reverb like guitar play is the hook for this song. like it .

There aren’t very many here that are going to get teary-eyed over slamming Trump. If it wasn’t so real it would still seem vogue.