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'Green New Dud, Not a Green New Deal': Climate Groups Denounce Draft Bill From House Democrats

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/28/green-new-dud-not-green-new-deal-climate-groups-denounce-draft-bill-house-democrats

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Dear Political parties:
YOU RED republicans and YOU BLUE democrats—please realize:
The only color that We thePeople need is GREEN ---- as in the GREEN NEW DEAL!


It would be awesome if media and climate groups would acknowledge the existence of an entire party devoted to taking climate disaster seriously, an entire party that came up with a real Green New Deal, not the one watered down by Democrats, then predictably watered down again by the bought off legislative process. An entire party that does not take corporate money.

What party could that be? I dunno… I think it’s some sort of color…

So far this election cycle is looking exactly like every one in my adult life, which is to wail about how the Democrats have betrayed us while ignoring other options, then try and convince us to vote for them anyway because no one has heard of the other option. Then wail when they betray us, lather, rinse, repeat.

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An update on the Thwaites Glacier Project stardust:

Antarctica melting: Climate change and the journey to the ‘doomsday glacier’



Hi manysummits:
My error, we also need ICE WHITE to stick around too, along with the GREEN! : )

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Fiddling a funeral dirge


No one ever mentions the military in these woefully inadequate schemes based on pipe-dreams and wishful thinking. The military is the US’s single biggest emitter of GHG’s, the aggregate of the biggest users of oil in a single organization. Carbon capture is wishful thinking. Trading schemes may have be viable after WW II, not now. The Green New Deal ought to be the absolute minimum as a staring point with the military included in the overall plans. Without that the other points will be moot. I fear it’s far to late to avoid the coming collapse.


IMHO, the real problem and fear of the weak-kneed Dems is that they are scared to death about the price of a truly essential, aggressive, and progressive Green New Deal.

The solution can be found in just two simple words ‘Wealth Reform’ — similar to the successful ‘Land Reform’ which had to be used in many countries where the ‘asset class’ of Land (or Wealth) got so massively out of balance that all the extracted, exploited, looted, stolen, hoarded, monopolized, and ‘taken-out-of-productive-use’ Land or Capital/Wealth desperately needed to be re-balanced to accomplish an essential task for us to move forward on.

The salvation of our only earth is the essential task — and the hoarded wealth, which will be freed-up with ‘Wealth Reform’ is simply necessary to achieve the absolutely essential Green New Deal.

Once, weak and feeble Dems like Rep. Pallone et. al. are assured that a massive ‘Wealth Reform’ program can easily supply all the billions of dollars that will be made available, then the job of simply proceeding on the Green New Deal will not seem like any kind of insurmountable problem.

Bernie knows that doing the Green New Deal is going to be massively expensive — but he also knows that the looted, expropriated, stolen, and hoarded illegal Wealth accumulated by dumping ‘Negative Externality Costs’ on our country, environment, and world will simply need to be ‘Clawed-back’ from the thieves who stole it — and that the billions (even trillions) can be recovered to accomplish the task of repairing our world!

Now, see how easy that was to solve the problem of costs!!


Typical corporate dem game plan.

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Don’t look at me. I swore off the duopoly the morning after (sic) Kerry folded prematurely, have voted Green ever since, and see little point in doing otherwise until a genuinely “progressive” candidate clearly has a chance to win.


Everybody here should feel lucky to have lived a life in a world with a stable climate. Future generations will not enjoy 85 degree summer days like we have, it might be 120 or 130 all summer long with heat waves even higher.
Maybe some as yet unknown technology might save people in the future but right now the future looks bleak and dreadful. I have no confidence that anything meaningful will be done to mitigate GHG at all.

We needed a world wide effort to solve the problems with the three nuclear meltdowns in Japan and what do we get, zero. Things are worse there now than in 2011 !

If we cannot get together to work on an obvious and clear cut problem we will not do much for global warming.


I do, and I know plenty of others who do as well. Part of my assignment for this week is to track down precisely what different sources are calling a GND. My hunch is that I will see everything from a complete overhaul of the economy and society in general (mine if no one else claims it), to fertilizing your roses.


“Tragedy of the Commons” is a term which keeps rolling around in my mind these days. We tend always to blame someone else - and there are lots of ‘elses’ to choose from. But let’s take the new coronavirus. Turns out five million may have left before the lockdown.

  • Right !

‘So we think we will be inconvenienced - why not make sure all of China is inconvenienced also - heh - why not the whole world’ !!

I’ve just sprung for Maddow’s new book “Blowout”. Can’t wait, having just finished reading her “Drift”. You know, she made me laugh out loud there a few times, and that’s not so easy to do these days “of miracles and wonders”.

Can’t wait to see what my own industry, oil & gas, has been up to all my life. Sort of like those people in Wuhan am I ??

5 million people left Wuhan before China quarantined the city to contain the coronavirus outbreak


Hello to yourself stardust !

An eccentric scientist name of John Mercer long time ago thought the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS), of which the Twaites Glacier is the ‘big dog’ on site, was the most likely to melt down first, based on the past, based on the fact that WAIS is our last remaining maritime ice sheet.

Don’t you just love the way we use words ? “Our ice sheet” - sort of like the flea owning ‘my elephant’.

Anyway - I kind of think ol John was right. Pretty harsh place to work, on top of that glacier, according to that intrepid on site reporter. Did he get an eyeful heh - you can kind of read that between the lines.

Good luck with that economagic ! Let us know what you find if you can ? I expect you will see the word ‘hope’ writ large everywhere you look.

From my viewpoint, this is yet another reason why I don’t support most “democrats”. What is it that they REFUSE to understand about the climate emergency?


The millions that left likely were part of the annual spring holiday migration. The biggest migration in the world, where students return home and working folks all over China leave the big city to go to grandma’s house. This migration is only half over and you will see similar travel figures in all places. Around the end of February everyone will go back to work and school.
China is scrambling to put procedures in place to try to prevent huge problems from the end of the vacation. The army was set up at my apartment complex entrance when I return from jogging this afternoon and took my temperature. I was jogging slowly, guess I wasn’t too hot! They gave me four handouts which I gave to my landlord. I was called by the Public Security Board and told to wear a mask outside, and most people are also doing that on the street now, on the outskirts of this small Sichuan town.

Wow, Many, you made a link!


I find it startlingly bizarre from my remote view. Wall Street goes up or down depending on whether the coronavirus is “that serious” today. Meanwhile another couple dozen fatalities, each day. The worst thing I heard was that Chinese authorities have found transmission can occur before symptoms appear.

We had a flight scheduled to land at SFO yesterday. Instead it went to Ontario, CA. I’m not hearing much about helping USAmericans who would like to return home. Presumably there are more than that one airplane could accommodate.

Wuhan folks got a lift from military because otherwise they are forbidden to leave. Any other place, people can get their own ticket for now.
American citizens in a foreign country should always keep enough money to buy a ticket out.

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Some of my former students are taking expensive hitech courses. They say their class has been told to stay inside! I just chatted with them and introduced the phrase “feel like climbing the walls”.

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