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Green Party Town Hall to Make Case Against 'Same Old Political Duopoly'


Green Party Town Hall to Make Case Against 'Same Old Political Duopoly'

Common Dreams staff

The Green Party will host its long-awaited town hall on Wednesday, giving outsider nominee Jill Stein a chance to make her case to voters.


CNN seems to be trying to hype this by making Stein seem like a controversial figure who believes in anti-science conspiracy theories. Anything for ratings.



I saw that article. I hope she doesn't let them sidetrack her with that kind of stuff tonight.


Yes, in the grand scheme of things, the vaccine stuff is a minor issue. Watch CNN try to spend a big chunk of time on this. I hope not.


i will be watching, and hope many others do too.


Chris Cuomo was a total Inquisitorial Dick to Bernie, while he Lavishly Kissed Hillary's Ass.

Maybe he'll think the Game is Really Now Over, and actually treat Jill with Respect, since the Immediate threat to Hillary may not seem as great
His Father was another one who seemed to be on a Fast Track to the White House when His Brakes got Slammed On, Hard and Suddenly.

All of a sudden said it was more important to him to Balance NY's Budget than to Run for President.

His Progeny are as Progressive as Hillary.


Vaccines are a big issue.
We're being Mandated to Inject Foreign Substances into our Children without Proven, Duplicatable Science behind those Mandates.
We have a National Epidemic of Autism. An explosion of cases in the past thirty years.
Where children in the '50's got one or two vaccinations, children today receive dozens.
Dr. Gary Null, warning of the dangers and ramifications of Vaccines, on Pacifica Radio has challenged Any Representative of the Medical Establishment to put their Data against his in Public Debate and has yet to have a taker.
For his pains, he is under constant attack by the ME, disparaging his credentials, yet not daring to Face Him.
He has hosted many Medical Professionals and Scientists who corroborate his findings.
When an Oppositional Viewpoint is immediately labeled a Conspiracy Theory, that to me is a Red Flag and I would hope that Jill feels the same way.


A better strategy may have been for Jill to run as a Democrat, a genuine Green Progressive Democrat. This for the same reason Bernie decided to run as a Democrat instead of as an Independent. Bernie could have named her his running mate. If not, all the Bernie supporters would have gone to her when he dropped out. As a Democrat, she would have broken the glass ceiling plus she has a better presence than Hillary, whom is universally disliked. She could have birthed the Green Progressive Party from the ashes of the old Democratic Party.


If miracles could happen, Jill Stein would our next & 1st female POTUS & Baraka would be our next VPOTUS &1st Black VPOTUS. I wish everyone would know the alternatives to the Duopoly & that 3rd Party Candidates & Independents would be included in the debates.


I'm sure they will ask Dr. Stein pertinent questions like:
What is your favorite color?
Do you believe in god?
Do you prefer snow skieing to snow boarding?
Was Ronald Regan a good president?
What is your favorite vacation spot?
What is you favorite car?
etc., etc, etc.


Let's hope she can get all that across and that she gets questions that enable her to hit 'em out of the park, and that her best answers work as perfect sound bytes.

Now would be a good time to start pestering the MSM news department to let them know that a lot of people really want to hear what she has to say.


Keep it up CD. :slight_smile:


With his latest moves Trump has grabbed the establishment (oligarchy) by the throat and he intends to strangle it.
Going forward Trump will unintentionally do much of the Left's work for it.
How fortuitous.
Still, Trump is a psychopath who is too crazy to be the president.

Now for the obligatory: Go Stein!


And what has Stein done since 2012: run for public office of any kind - NO; practice as a physician - NO; manage her and her husband's "foundation" - perhaps. And I wonder how someone with absolutely no experience on any level as an elected official would not be overwhelmed by the enormous responsibilities of the presidency...not unlike Jimmy Carter who only served one term as governor of Georgia and he barely kept his head (albeit a very intelligent one) above water (his staff were also veritable neophytes, which compounded the chaos). This is not to say that her ideas are not laudable but her ability to handle the duties of the office of the presidency are suspect. And she did announce her "candidacy" last October but did she fund raise, get her name out there, or put together a campaign team? She did ride on the coat-tails of Senator Sanders. She did flip-flop on several issues depending on her audience; she did visit Russia and dine with Putin while disparaging the US in his and his officials' presence...thus currying his favor. Please do not give the argument that she is honest, a breath of fresh air, etc. Let's get real, folks.


I'll rephrase - it is an important issue, not a minor one. But in the grand scheme there are lots of important issues and I would say many that are more important to more people than vaccines.

Personally, if CNN does bring it up, I hope they don't spend much time on it.


That must have been quite thrilling for you to suggest that Stein believes in "anti-science conspiracy theories".

Apparently, some good people on this forum, don't quite understand what I believe your particular angle on this is, and that's understandable, since your writing is really quite brilliant. It shines like a beacon to the huddled masses. It truly does. I think good old sarcasm is allowed.


You are, in my humble Chicken opinion (to the degree that Chickens have the capacity to be humble), in this instance pretending to be an advocate of Stein, while you actually are pushing the "anti-conspiracy theories" smear.

I mean, I could be wrong on this Lrx, but given your lengthy record of arguments on this forum, I would be quite surprised to see you actually defending Stein.


If you like Trump then you don't like Stein.
If you like Hillary then you don't like Stein.

If you don't like either Hillary or Trump, then you will vote for Stein to make a statement to the two bankrupt political parties. The R's and D's.


Gary Null is a radio talk show host - not a legitimate doctor. He makes claims like HIV doesn't cause AIDS - a belief that is going to get people killed.
I believe in science - not in quacks like Null.


It is not that I do not like Stein but she has done virtually nothing to earn votes short of spouting progressive ideas (with no real plan or strategy as to how to get them implemented) and parroting Bernie Sanders, a truly capable, viable candidate. Change is coming but it will not evolve with Stein, IMO. Ours is a system of "identity politics" which burst forth in all its false bravado and charades when Reagan ran for president, which is a very sad commentary on our elections...on all levels. The American public spends way too much time in front of the boob tube watching "reality TV" and not enough time thoroughly vetting/studying candidates for any public office. Many vote against their own best interests.


"but her ability to handle the duties of the office of the presidency are suspect" compared to who? Bush? Clinton? Obomber?

"she did visit Russia and dine with Putin while disparaging the US in his and his officials' presence" link please? thanks.