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Green Party's Jill Stein: Sanders Can Lead My Party's Ticket


Green Party's Jill Stein: Sanders Can Lead My Party's Ticket

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Presumptive Green Party candidate for U.S. President Jill Stein has reiterated her offer for Bernie Sanders to head that party's ticket instead, where—unlike in the Democratic party—she says he'd be able to continue to "build a political movement."

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If Bernie doesn't join her --- I'm voting for JILL STEIN. I've had enough.


So Bernie is now faced squarely with the classical political challenge - choose principle or choose power through compromise. And what a massive compromise that will be to throw his supporters under the Clinton bus. Personally I don't know that Trump would be any worse than Clinton... so what's to lose?


That would be infinitely better than Sanders throwing his support for the corrupted warmongering sociopath queen.


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Well said, Dr. Stein: The Democratic Party is absolutely counterrevolutionary.


Sanders or Stein at the top of the ticket, I will vote Green.


So is it true that in half the states you have to write in the Green Party candidate's name? If so, they need a lot of work to do to become a legitimate "player". Come on GP, get to work in the 25 states you are not on the ballot in.


Sanders has nothing to lose by running on the Green Party ticket since he is already set up by the Dimcritter Party to take the fall if Trump beats Clinton.


Ralph Nader: "We don't need a third party. We need a second party." (might be paraphrased)


Yes, also waiting here Bernie. It isn't too late. You built a movement that had nothing to do with "beating Trump" and that phrase is like dust in the mouth of a person dying of thirst. Your campaign was against everything that is embodied in the D presumptive nominee. You know it and we know it, and it is too effing late to turn back now. Your campaign slogan "A future to believe in" will lie shattered in a thousand pieces, as it will only confirm the inevitability of the status quo.

In normal times (is there such a sojourn?) maybe the practical wisdom of the long hard task of movement building makes sense. But these are far from normal times, and despite the powerful forces arrayed against you, at this moment the cold dark lie of US political malfeasance stands in stark contrast to the bright light of reality. The establishment is scared to death and are imploding as they try to keep the façade of lies propped up.

From Ken Burns epic Civil War the words of Mary Chestnut, a woman of the Confederacy, have been haunting me of late: "Woe to those that began this war, if they were not in deadly earnest."


The RCP average has Stein at 3.5% That's pretty low. Even compared with Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party who is at 6.7%. Clearly Bernie will not take Stein up on her offer. No way he would want go down in history as the man responsible for Donald Trump becoming president. He has seen how Ralph Nader's reputation was seriously harmed by his presidential campaign in 2000. Trump could turn out to be many times worse than Bush, which takes some doing. Bernie also still has a career in the Senate to think about. If he ran on the Green Party ticket his name would be mud among Democrats when he returned to the Senate. He would be totally ignored. If he tried to run for the Senate again the Democrats would run a well-funded opponent against him. It looks pretty obvious that Bernie will endorse Hillary Clinton and with Elizabeth Warren form a one-two progressive punch against Donald Trump. If the Democrats win control of the Senate, Bernie would then probably get a choice committee chairmanship and try to get his progressive ideas into law.


What ticket is likely get the most votes, a Bernie/Jill Green ticket, a Bernie/Jill Independent ticket, or a Bernie/Johnson Independent one?

What if Hillary chooses Bernie as VP and adopts his entire platform with guarantees?

Will we vote third party if it means a likely Trump win and a permanent Scalia-like SCOTUS?

Inquiring minds would like to know.


I wrote to his campaign to let them know that if he does truly want to stop Trump then accepting this offer is the only way to do so. It's pretty clear Americans aren't going to allow Clinton into the White House.


I think you meant when.


An opportunity of a lifetime Bernie! Why submit to the DNC corporate whores and Red Queen when they will never do anything to further the "Political Revolution" - quite the contrary! Don't you believe Americans from all parties and demographics will flock to a banner of hope and justice and honor??

The Dem corporate elite shat on you and us and our issues, and are STILL doing so! The deceit of Clinton and her cabal shows clearly - she can't bring herself to speak a clear truthful word without deception and smarmy calculation........

Jill Stein is a person of integrity and honor - she is the woman we should have as the first in the WH!


Stein has my vote, with or without Bernie.




That was easier than I thought. I guess I have new friend. Jill has surprised me. She gets 10 pts


Bernie would win the WH if he became lead on JIll Stein's ticket. Bernies supporters would all vote for them. HE is the only honest and trustworthy candidate. NEVER HILLARY! We need him!