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'Green Stimulus' Demanded to Battle Convergent Crises of Coronavirus, Economic Injustice, and Climate Emergency

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/23/green-stimulus-demanded-battle-convergent-crises-coronavirus-economic-injustice-and

Instead of bailing out industry that contributes to environmental degradation and the explosion of health concerns for all species of living things, let us fund the widespread usage of all forms of sustainable energy.

Regardless to what 45 and his Republican enablers of all things polluting says, people die when pollutants are not regulated.


A small silver lining to COVID-19 has been that burning of fossil fuels has significantly been reduced. They are burning a lot less coal in China right now.


Sorry Kids… This is NOT the time to play this card.
Look what Mitch McTurtle did today!

The Big issues on the table are that:
The least among us get support
The communities we live in get support
The Corps don’t get a shitload of free $ again that is uncontrolled…

Let’s not get stupid and try to put every agenda out there as part of this, and give the GOP
points to shoot at. Not the time, not the place!

Let’s all try to stay alive, keep an economy basically functional…
Then we can work on XY, and Z……

I’ve got a job, can work from home, have insurance…
I don’t want, or need a check, or un-em, etc…
I just want that THOSE who Don’t have my advantages are GOOD!
And, that the Corps., don’t get a windfall from this, only the workers/people!

I think that’s more than reasonable!

It looks like you forgot to include anything for hospitals or for health care workers.


" The Green Stimulus plan proposes requiring that “any bailouts or bridge loans to large corporations, like airlines and cruise lines, be contingent on economic, social, and ecological conditions: 10-year plan to substantially cut majority of carbon pollution with targets every two years; use funds to maintain payroll; government gaining long-term preferred shares or other equity in bailed out firms; provide $15 minimum wage within one year; no share buy-backs or dividends; set asides seats on corporate boards for labor representatives; maintain collective bargaining agreements.”"

We need to make more progress than that: big reduction in CEO pay and a higher-than-minimum living wage, and industry-specific demands like airlines paying into a fund for an international high speed rail network, all auto-related corporations switch quickly to only EV production, and more.