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Greenhouse Gas Deal a Good Step, But Not Nearly Enough: Scientists


Greenhouse Gas Deal a Good Step, But Not Nearly Enough: Scientists

Nika Knight, staff writer

An international agreement to limit hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) is a significant step forward in the effort to slow global warming, several leading climate scientists say, but it will fall far short of politicians' lofty promises.


It's a step though. It didn't have to happen at all.


The US and some other countries wanted a stronger agreement on cutting back on HFCs but some developing countries including India objected so the agreement is not as strong as could have been. But it is clearly a positive step and as Obama played a big role in getting this agreement if further adds to legacy of fighting climate change. The HFCs replaced the CFCs which were creating the ozone hole but some HFCs are powerful greenhouse gases the substitution made the global warming problem worse. With more people around the world using air conditioners and refrigerators HFCs have played an increasing role in global warming. However, these chemical as of now account for only a small percentage of global warming. Carbon dioxide accounts for over 70% and reducing carbon dioxide emissions remains a major challenge.


The world's oligarchy is finally coming to the conclusion, very late in the game, but we expect that from the Capitalists, that they are destroying the world one chemical at a time.
It's difficult for Capitalists to give up their profits.
Even if that loss of profits benefits humankind as a whole.
The Capitalists like the power that money affords them. And the big houses, the expensive cars and boats, the rich food and the overall opulent and wasteful lifestyles they've grown accustomed to.
It's time for a change.


Within the environmental activist community, there is never one word about the single most destructive activity destroying the planet. Until there is a concerted effort to tackle that, all this anti fracking and chemical changing is just pissng in the wind.


This article is missing the real story here.
Yes, the agreement didn't go as far as politicians and many others of us had hoped it might. On the other hand, I'd say there are many many positive beginnings and 'buildings on' which may spring from this worldwide agreement to modify the Montreal Protocol so as to phase out HFCs from air conditioning and refrigeration. Can you remember the last time the World community came together to make environmental changes backed by specific commitments and deadlines?
Never-mind the agreement (which has consumed at least seven years of intense effort) was necessary because of really flawed refrigerant choices made some thirty years ago when HFCs were chosen to replace CFCs in order stop the drastic decline of the Earths' ozone layer.
It didn't have to be this way, but it is. And that's the situation all round the World community finds itself in as we all began to wake up to the realization we are all collectively responsible for the deep rut we have gotten ourselves into. And, the only route out (save possibly aliens imposing their will on us) is for us to start collectively solving all these problems(starting with environmental ones) through co operation.
So, Yes, the October 2016 amendment to the Montreal Protocol which meeting took place in Kigali, Rwanda is, I believe, a big deal .
I do find it amusing the thought that after thirty years of contentious debate on HFCs now there is speculation from some quarters that their GWPs may need to be adjusted downward. I guess it was too bad the India representatives had to settle for the argument that HFOs may create their own problems when decomposing in the environment instead of the much less cluttered idea that HFCs might be less of a greenhouse threat than had been calculated in order to refuse the phase out dates the other Countries agreed to. Last year it was the Gulf States who refused to participate because of their concerns HFOs might not work as well as HFCs in their very Hot environments.
On the bright side India, the Gulf States, Iran, Pakistan and others who opted out for later dates may be the ones who will leak frog over HFOs and develop the natural refrigerants' market. Now that a worldwide agreement to replace HFCs is in place that market is much more likely to get going.


The oligarchs may have come to that conclusion, but there is no evidence they have changed. Sociopaths are like that.


So you're OK with fracking polluting ground water and causing destructive earthquakes?

Every little bit helps, but if we stop fracking that is a significant step towards our goal.


We won't get the agreement we need to stop global warming until the US stops their multi-trillion dollar immoral, illegal, imperialist, genocidal, ecocidal wars of terror to control fossil fuels in the Middle East, and end US fracking, off shore drilling and oil pipeline construction.

How can the US lead in reducing global warming when they lead in increasing global warming?


And what is the proper disposition of sociopaths?


I would prefer to see the sociopaths' disposition as comatose.