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Greenland Ice Sheet Shatters Records with Early Melt


Greenland Ice Sheet Shatters Records with Early Melt

Nika Knight, staff writer

Greenland's ice sheet has started melting so early that scientists initially thought their models had broken when they saw the record-breaking measurements.

Melt in Greenland, over this wide an area, this early in the season, is not supposed to happen.
—Climate scientist Mike MacFarrin


You all have a pretty good idea of how much the polar ice cap will be gone by summer's end too. Remember how all this was only supposed to start happening at midcentury? They were still saying that only ten years ago. Now think about what you will see ten years from now!!!

Good luck kiddies.


uuummm, think low lying nuke plants next to water...think going thermal...think 430+ nuke pukes globally...think Japan in your back-yard...think septic tanks, cesspools...think floating radioactive human waste...Indian Point? or Florida or where ever...how do you like your toast???


You and me won't see it either ... Our generation did the deeds that robbed the future that we won't see. Sorry kiddies!