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Greenland's Rapid Ice Melt Persists Even in Winter, Study Finds


Greenland's Rapid Ice Melt Persists Even in Winter, Study Finds

Julia Conley, staff writer

In the latest troubling study regarding how the climate crisis is affecting the world's iciest regions, a new report by the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) found that the second-largest ice sheet in the world is currently melting even in winter.


Just when we got the law changed in Florida to let formerly incarcerated felons in Florida vote, it is is going to be underwater.

Petroleum Engineers rejoice!
You have achieved the goal of destroying your enemies, and yourself along with.


Coastal areas of the world are clearly in harms way. Nobody can accurately predict how fast sea level will rise but scientists believe that sea level rise along the northeast Atlantic coast will be greater than average sea level rise. Adaption preparations are underway. One of the most controversial is a plan to protect NY harbor. This could have severe consequences along the Hudson River and has become a major issue for environmentalists concerned about the Hudson.


The Greenland ice sheet is one to two miles thick, and it weighs a ton! Even Bob Oppenheimer would say that this is really heavy water. When it melts, all of that weight will be redistributed from Greenland to the continental shelves and coastal areas of the continents, and the redistribution of so much weight will alter tectonic plate dynamics. The western edge of the Pacific plate will be pushed down, so the Rockies in that subduction zone won’t be pushed up, and the weight of the Rockies will have a greater affect on the North American plate’s western side. Higher sea levels on the eastern side of the North American plate will push the plate down on that side. Downward pressure on both sides of the plate will aggravate the New Madrid seismic zone in the middle, around Missouri, and increased earthquake activity around Missouri will tickle the Yellowstone Supervolcano Hotspot.

I said “supervolcano”. Need I say more?



Not to worry, Mr. Peabody — the increased weight of animals (including humans and their vehicles) migrating inland from flooded coastal areas will offset the weight of water along the edges of the oceans to maintain the balance of the Chronosynklastic Infindibulum.   And how could you forget to mention that the vastly increased weight of the English Channel due to the increased depth of the water will undoubtedly CRUSH The Chunnel and bring about BREXIT whether the Brits, Irish, Scots and Welsh want it or not??


Here’s what I’ve gleaned:

Rapid worldwide temperature rises, in response to small forcing events, are as common as dirt in the geologic record. And that’s saying something, because many geologic records are half leaf humus and half sand. I’m sorry I wrote that.

These sudden upward temperature explosions, large and small, dovetail with the current Arctic meltdown that we’re seeing. One teraton of released Arctic greenhouse gases leads to about 1000 ppm of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which propels the planet to about a 10 degree Celsius rise, which leads to a mass extinction and a severely chronic world food shortage.

One Mexican study found a 30 foot rise in the ocean level at some time within a 50 year period. Note that 50 years is an outside estimate. If the ocean in fact rose 30 feet in 10 years or in 10 months it would still fit into that 50 year maximum time scale.

Finally, everything I know says that scientists will always err on the side of not alarming the people who pay their salaries.

So, it’s not enough to manage to aim for 1.5 degrees Celsius. We must also aim to put the pin back into this particular grenade.


HI Mr. Peabody, oh that New Madrid quake is a scary one. It shook for years and even changed the Yahoo river off of the Mississippi. Fortunately there wasn’t a large population in that area, but if it awakened today------whoa! It seems like a lot of volcanoes are waking up. too, and I too am wondering when Yellowstone’s will awaken.
The fact that Oklahoma is having earthquakes, and it never used to makes me think more is going on besides just the oil being removed. Maybe the Earth is tired of all these nations fighting and will just separate the continents even further. Or maybe it will move us all back together again into one giant continent.


Hi Mr. Peabody, Sorry I should have written the Yazoo river, I said Yahoo----I keep mixing that up with Mr, Netanyahu. : )


So with two miles high of ice, why is Greenland called Greenland? Gopherit


Maybe the name Iceland was already taken.


O.M.G.!!   LRX is actually almost correct for a change.  According to the legend of my Tuzigoot ancestors who migrated from Iceland to Newfoundland and thence to NoHitsNoRunsNo, Ariz. to escape religious persecution,* they deliberately mis-named their homeland Iceland and the (relatively) nearby but much less fertile Greenland in order to mislead potential illegal immigrants (aka Invading Hordes) so they would sail to the wrong island / semi-continent and leave them (my ancestors in Iceland) alone . . .

 * We Tuzigoot** worship the true Gods Odin and Thor, and their cousin Kokopelli, which caused significant strife among the Algonquin and Potawatamie in what’s now New England, and among the Pizza ManDan***
(and Penne ManDan) in the upper midwest during our long migration from Newfoundland to central Arizona
a few miles southwest of present-day Sedona.  For further information see http://ngdiscussion.net/phorum/read.php?1,135221,135328.

** A rough modern translation of the Old Norse for ‘Tuzzi Gütten’, i.e. “Believers in the True Gods”.

*** An inventive and energetic tribe, they have survived – and thrived – in modern times due to their expertise at fast-food franchising.


The Vikings found “Greenland” to be a very inhospitable place whilst “Iceland”was surprisingly hospitable and semi temperate. They named the land masses as such to confuse explorers. Many souls perished over the years to the elements.


Iceland’s ubiquitous hot springs are its most hospitable amenity.

Perhaps Scandanavian humor contributed to the place names ?


Yes mount etna is active now also.


Like Woody said in the movie 2012?


Someone should tell Trump there’s a great new golf course in Greenland and drop him off there.


A few years ago I was making a PowerPoint for my ESL class on the topic of geography. I searched: Greenland picture on bing.com. What I saw were large stretches of ice covered with black soot. Many pictures of this. Go figure. I saved them, used them, and then, suddenly, the pictures were all gone. What did this? Coal power plants could do it. Sure would melt the ice fast.


NASA - "Black and White, Soot on Ice "


The Greenland soot pics are back up. And NASA can even talk about it because it isn’t about global warming, it’s about soot. And we aren’t gonna talk about the coal plants in North America. NASA says that most coal plants are in India. So there, ya see, it isn’t global warming and it isn’t US.