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Greenlighting 'Censorship Machine,' EU Adopts Controversial Copyright Rules

Greenlighting 'Censorship Machine,' EU Adopts Controversial Copyright Rules

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

European Union member states were accused of threatening freedom of speech and online expression—and ignoring the will of millions of people—after they adopted controversial new copyright rules.

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Well, now it makes a whole lot more sense for Brexit to go forward. The EU was never a good idea in thie first place. The only winner was Germany. Time for EUexit by ALL of the members.


Some apparently still believe that the EU is a guarantor of “Freedom and Liberty” for the peoples that are members of that union. In reality it nothing more then a Corporate tool founded to entrench the power of the Corporate State. Its parliament has as the single largest voting block a group called the EPP which is an alliance of right wing Corporate parties from the Countries of Europe this group significantly larger than all others and comprised of some of the wealthiest peoples in Europe.

Just as an example as to how much they respect Democracy they recently voted by an overwhelming margin to to recognize Guadio as the legitimate President of Venezuela , calling for new elections. They cited all of those protests in that Country as one of their reasons for this even as protests as large go on in France. The difference? Macron represents the Corporations and Maduro the people.

Finland and Sweden would be advised to get themselves out of that Union so they can better protect the rights of their Citizens.


I think ALL countries in the EU should exit. And not just because of these new copyright laws. The individual states will no longer be able to protect themselves from any/and all poisons either with another new EU ruling. Check this out:



Finland might be on their way to achieving that.


Thanks for the link. One reason why Corporations desired a “super-state” in Europe is when power Centralized it easier to corrupt those in power. It why there 70000 industry Lobbyists in Brussels.


Just an addition as I thought this relative when discussing “filtering”. As this article points out much of what is posted on the internet will have to be “filtered” by content providers.

We all should know by now that the Notre Dame Cathedral in France is on fire. The filtering algorithm used by Youtube automatically tagged this as “a 9/11 conspiracy theory”. One of the reasons Governments claim they need to regulate the Internet for is because of “fake news” and the people being unable to discern the difference between fact and fiction. The algorithms they are counting on to do this do not seem any better at doing so.

i have a comment here similar to the comment i made in the facial recognition thread:

If anyone thinks that the predatory colonizing “investor-owned, limited-liability” “corporate person” will ever NOT seek to colonize, own, license, patent, control, market, sell, and extract profit from ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, they do not understand the intentional structural function of the corporation. Also the way this predatory colonizing structural function, meshes so well with the diseased, hubristic, narcissistic, sociopathic human ego that has emerged from the European liberal enlightenment. (Of course, and not merely co-incidentally, the investor-owned, limited-liability corporation itself emerged from liberalism as well.)

So of course all content on the internet – including all information that should plainly belong to the natural persons and the actual creators who produce such information, including creative works but also all data and metadata related to participation in the internet – will be colonized by the “providers,” and only available to specific classes at certain monetary prices and enforcing other “terms of service.”

The question is, how do we resist – not any and every specific advance in colonization / privatization / theft – but the basic structural paradigm itself, the looting and colonization and theft that are built into “the economy” and “the corporation” as they have emerged and evolved under liberalism, capitalism, and neoliberalism.

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