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Greenpeace Calls BS After Trump Cites 'Paid Lobbyist' Masquerading as Co-Founder to Peddle Climate Denial

Greenpeace Calls BS After Trump Cites 'Paid Lobbyist' Masquerading as Co-Founder to Peddle Climate Denial

Jake Johnson, staff writer

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to boost "Greenpeace co-founder" Patrick Moore's claim on "Fox & Friends" that the climate crisis is "not only fake news, it's fake science."

The Green New Deal seems to have struck a nerve somewhere. Let’s keep up the pressure and watch the oilygarchs squirm.


Hello Jake Johnson and Everyone,
Not Mark Twain quotes that really apply to these ASSWIPE Patrick Moore and the OR ANGINA excrement. (1) A lie travels around the globe while the truth is putting on its shoes.
(2) A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can get its boots on

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FOX lied?!?

It’s not irony when a fake environmentalist appears on Fox fake news to spout fake ideas hailed by fake president Donald Trump as true. It’s propaganda. And, as Rupert Murdoch knows, lies are the most dangerous rot on democracy.


“Climate Change is a hoax”…where’s my next check please.

Moore is a very well paid hack without a shred of morals. The first time I heard him speak was when I lived in Washington state.The corrupt Chelan PUD paid him $40,000 of the ratepayers money to sell nuclear and geo-thermal as green clean energy. What he didn’t disclose to the auditorium full of ratepayers was he was on the board of directors of multiple company’s which would profit greatly if the PUD invested in these energy sources. He said that climate change was a hoax (sound familiar) & that warming temperatures were actually good for the environment. He proclaimed there was no safer energy source than nuclear power. When I asked about Chernobyl, Three mile Island, he lied though his teeth and said no one died and the mass hysteria was all media hype. At that PUD event he also bragged about being the founder of GreenPeace. Shortly after this event the Fukushima disaster happened. Moore disappeared into his liars dark hole, only to reappear a decade latter as another disgusting lobbyist Trump will try to put in a powerful position. I can see it now Patrick Moore as head of clean energy

He never disappeared. He’s been shilling for agro-chemical companies.

He probably was a plant by some security agency.

He’s still caught in the maya ( illusion) . What I mean is he is in denial about the Oneness of all life and what is happening all around that is threatening to destroy all life on our precious planet .

He and they cannot see the connection between their individual decisions and choices and the world at large .

We must get those that deny and believe differently to truly understand Cause and Effect .Show then the negative effects of their actions and behaviours.

The idea of Disunity is false a great illusion woven into the fabric of our collective culture ,humans are not seperate from each other and our choices matter . It’s primitive cultural thinking that we must transcend .We must wake each other up !!! Evolve society ,this can happen quickly…can we do this in time ?

This guy believes 100% of what he says is right (according to his view.)

That’s the problem the beliefs of the few in positions of so called authority creating the narrative .
The science on this has been known for decades and decades .Life needs balance to thrive. Just like if your body’s temperature changes too rapidly you get unwell ending in possible death.

Well the planet is a living system so we best doing what works to get the balance back.

Keep the ancient sunlight in the ground start living of current sunlight the SUN.

If only the book by Thom Hartmann : The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight was on the reading list of every American High School student what a different world it might be at this time .

But hey ho let’s make this planet sparkle as the jewel it was created to be …

Let’s call this guy out, and debate his ass off !!!

If we don’t Mars could be the future.

What Patrick Moore does today is reprehensible. Nothing can justify
denial of global heating. Lobbying for business is morally suspect in
general; it is not inherently dishonest, but it is a slippery slope
which tempts and pressures people to become increasingly dishonest.

However, when we criticize Moore for his present activities, we must
not misrepresent his past.

According to Wikipedia, Moore was involved in the development of
Greenpeace, not from the first day, but starting in 1971 before it
adopted the name “Greenpeace”. Whether that qualifies as a “founder”
depends on how strictly we interpret that word.

Calling that organization “Greenpeace Canada” is anachronistic. It
was indeed in Canada, but it did not put “Canada” into its name until
later, after other Greenpeace organizations were started in other

None of these facts make any difference as regards Moore’s denialism
and his business lobbying, but we are obliged to acknowledge them.

There are no lows they won’t go. https://www.ecowatch.com/fox-and-friends-climate-denial-2631414278.html