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Greenpeace Campaigners Stop BP Rig Bound for North Sea, Stalling Fossil Fuel Giant's Plan to Extract 30 Million Barrels of Oil

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/09/greenpeace-campaigners-stop-bp-rig-bound-north-sea-stalling-fossil-fuel-giants-plan


The age of oil is over and if not, it will be the age where we are over!


Incredibly stupid, feckless, limited, greedy, un-imaginative and on and on of these fossil-fuel companies. If they were really energy companies, as they bill themselves, they would be putting all their money into renewable sources instead of more oil pumping. Instead these are lazy bums who are holding on to the business they hired into until it runs into the ground, literally.
I guess the good part of that is that so far they haven’t caught on and tried to buy up wind, control it and overcharge us like crazy. And that is with the rest of us already putting up part of their money in fossil subsidies.
On the other hand, you can look at wind alone, which is booming and increasing, without subsidies, because it is cheaper than oil even with subsidies.
Right now, the state of Kansas just posted that wind energy is 36.4% of Kansas’ electric energy. More than a third of the state’s energy. More than any other state. No subsidies. Still making money. When I travel from Hays to Kansas City and back there is a 20-mile thick band of wind turbines on I-70 about an hour east of Hays. Down north of Cimmaron and east of Dodge are a couple more sets of wind farms (or forests, they way they look to me. And I don’t know where else but there is a lot of wind. I see big turbine blades on carriers all the time on I-70 heading to installations.
If you have money to put into energy, stay away from fossil, put it in renewables. The wind is always blowing and with enough turbines spread across the land, the energy is both plentiful and steady.


“One giant leap for mankind”.
Thankyou Greenpeace.


The Brits have one up on all of us in this Country. They know how to protest. They take Action against the Enemy. We don’t !!!


"Leave It In The Ground Were It Belongs."


We are over.

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So, are we going to use this electricity from wind, to power casinos, sports complexes… gyms… " I see big turbine blades on carriers all the time on I-70 heading to installations."… and no co2 being produced there…Hey, did you know that it takes about 53 cement trucks to lay the foundation for just ONE windmill?.. did you know that producing cement is THE MOST co2 intensive activity that humans do?.. … it is our EXPECTATIONS that are the problem…along with using fossil fuels… if we are going to CHANGE ANYTHING… let us also change our expectations… gee… that might take some serious laws to keep the *sses of the rich on the ground instead of flying around for the hell of it…

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So, I hate fossil fuels… I wish we had never began with them in the first place… we need to leave them in the ground… absolutely. However, if people think that doing that, is NOT going to change how we live, they are mistaken. Actually, I do not think we have an ice cube’s chance in hell to survive this “situation”… but, let’s say we slog through it… where will we get the material for tires for all the electric cars?.. for fixing roads for those electric cars… tires for air planes, trucks… buses… MMMMmmmm?.. yeah, leave that shit in the ground… but do NOT keep the illusion life will be the same… PLEASE… let it not be the same…

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Just to keep people updated on what the majority are reading in the main stream media. Bloomberg published an article this week end concerning oil industry estimates of pricing through 2020. They are predicting that oil will continue to hover between 50 and $65 a barrel in that period (far below their profitability margin) primarily because supply is far outpacing demand, even in the developing world.
The part of Bloomberg’s story that was very telling is that, of all the reasons mentioned for demand of fossil fuels being stagnant, the ever expanding market share of renewables is conspicuously missing. Renewables worldwide have been taking 1-2% of the energy market for the last few years, with further growth predicted (by most estimates renewables now make up 12-15% of the world energy market)
The pint is this. The fastest growing sector in the energy business is renewables. You’ll just never hear that from the main stream media,

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I must be too vague or something when I write…I was saying exactly what you are saying…

You didn’t read my comment, did you?? What r we going to use renewables…for ??? The same frivolous eco omy we have nkw?.. and. haven’t you ever heard of " The Sixth Mass Extinctikn?" …What do u think that is from??

So, your solution is a mass extinction, followed by the surviving humans living in what amounts to a second Bronze Age?

Yes, but at the end of nearly every day, the brits tend to vote conservatives into office that continue to implement the same policies that they are protesting.
The British people like to protest, but they refuse to change. Let me know when the House of lords is smoldering and the royal family and land owning class are locked in stocks. That will be the change the British people need.


We all ought to be driving less, taking the train more, but the big solution, driverless car tech increases “induced demand” problems made worse with “driverless” technology. IF the tech were technically feasible at all, (hint: it isn’t), it wouldn’t couldn’t do much real good. My own best bet is on Rooftop solar matched to Household EVs complementing regional utility grids. Every bus on the road is decades obsolete. What’s good for GM not so good for America. Yellow school bus painted dark blue makes a fine bus for ex-cons witnesses suspects and real criminals. If it’s good enough for prisoners, must be good enough for school kids? GM & Ford OWE the American People big time. Bezos and Musk are pretentious nerds having fun playing contractor, while indoctrinating adherents to whatever cause makes the least sense, ie, self-driving nonsense.