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Greenpeace Releases Far-Reaching 'Just Recovery Agenda' to Tackle Interlocking Crises of Inequality, Racial Injustice, Covid-19, and Climate Chaos

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/17/greenpeace-releases-far-reaching-just-recovery-agenda-tackle-interlocking-crises


It talks the talk but can Biden walk the walk


What America does is make money making War. Not much left for anything else… War is US. Death worship is US. The US can be counted on to continue to be ruthless in this pursuit, even if it is suicidal and omnicidal. Last person alive on Earth: please say “Ooops” as you turn out the last light.


A beautiful positive hopeful article! Oh please please please come true!!!

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Peace and happyness is all any of us want. Let us all move forward with our visionary and progressive ideas, so we can heal the planet and look towards a better future. Peace


Any country that spends 740 billion $$$ on it’s military for bogus enemies, when thousands of American, citizens are dying from covid-19 and millions more are financially suffering is what MLK said: “is spiritually and morally dead.”


If it is to be; it is up to me.


Let’s make it so, regardless of outward appearances.

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“We the people have chosen Joe Biden, who will arrive in the White House with a forceful mandate to lead our recovery from Covid-19, address the climate crisis, advance racial justice, and build an economy that puts people first,” Mumm said in a statement.

There will be hostility to this agenda from the Biden administration. Take for example Biden’s selection of Cedric Richmond to be his liaison to outside groups (including left groups). This position has historically been to serve as a cop to police the left and block their initiatives. Valerie Jarrett e.g.

Anyway, this is what Adolph Reed had to say about Richmond:

Black Clintonites, like Congressmen John Lewis (D-GA), James Clyburn (D-SC) and Cedric Richmond (D-LA), all clearly displayed this commitment during the 2016 Democratic primaries when they attacked Sanders as “irresponsible” in calling for non-commodified public goods in education, health care, and other areas. Richmond’s rebuke was especially telling in that he couched it in terms of his role as chair of the Congressional Black Caucus and the group’s “responsibility to make sure to know that young people know that” a social-democratic agenda is “too good to be true.” Richmond’s invocation of civic instruction for the young may be revealing in another way. Lurking beneath that piety is the deeply sedimented common sense of underclass ideology, which posits a population mired in pathologies and hemmed in by an overwhelming racism, and the corollary of interventions aiming to enhance capabilities for individual mobility. (It is, indeed, this same tacit rhetoric of permanent crisis that fuels the notion that black young people must be raised on a diet of inspirational movies.)


Caitlin Johnstone’s latest:

“Biden Will Likely Be Worse Than Obama. The Left Must Lead The Backlash, Or The Right Will.”


“There is absolutely nothing American leftists can do to prevent this backlash from coming. They will have absolutely no say in this administration’s policies or behavior; BidenCorp has no reason to listen to them, has made no pretense of having any interest in listening to them, and is even freezing Sanders and Warren out of cabinet roles already.”

“All US leftists will have any control over is whether this backlash will break to the left, or if it will break to the far right.”

“What the left can do is get ahead of the game. Take control of the anti-Biden, anti-establishment pushback by leading the charge–sooner, more aggressively, and more compellingly than the far right does. Use the awfulness of the Biden administration to ignite a true leftward zeitgeist in mainstream America that is so strong it eclipses the inevitable rightist backlash in energy and appeal.”

“But the ball needs to start rolling on this now . Not after the Georgia runoffs, not after Biden takes office, not after the midterms: now . The longer US leftists wait to start pushing this thing forward, the less of a head start you’ll have on the rightists while they’re fixated on Trump’s recounts and legal challenges. You’ll only be able to lead the backlash if you get in early and hit the ground running as fast as you can.”

full article:


just because something is too huge and horrifying to comprehend, it doesn’t mean it’s not true. avoiding climate catastrophe is a moonshot at this point. dems have to win both runoffs, abolish the filibuster, and pray that biden meets the moment

The DNC will label Greenpeace a “terrorist” organization within the next several years, guaranteed. This agenda is anathema to the duopoly; i’ve long said that the climate crisis (combined with Disaster Capitalism) would make environmentalism the 21st century’s version of commu- er, the C Word That Must Not Be Used.


the tragic fact is it will take a mass-fatality heat event somewhere in the first world to jolt people into action

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freud was on to something. there seems to be a collective death urge at work. to know where we are headed and not take action is literally insane


Greenpeace should stick their neck out for all the smaller organizations having their Internet access choked off by major platforms, before there is no one left to speak for them.


You’re right, but i think it will take a mass casualty event that primarily impacts white people somewhere in the 1st world to jolt science-deniers into acknowledging that there is, indeed, a problem.
And even then, they maintain that there’s nothing that can be done.


agree. mumbai or singapore won’t be enough. it will have to be france or texas

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Rhetorical question just for fun, alan?

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Oh Ooooooh!

THAT will create some VERY sore knees over time.