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Greenpeace Releases Far-Reaching 'Just Recovery Agenda' to Tackle Interlocking Crises of Inequality, Racial Injustice, Covid-19, and Climate Chaos

The map in this article linked below (map showing North Americans flew 50 times further than Africans in 2018) gives a stark picture of inequality, injustice, climate chaos and specifically where the blame lies.

The people in Central America are suffering now from the behaviors of the rich and middle class. We could cite countless examples of this.

I do not fly now. Stopped many years ago. Have flown 7 times in my life (of many decades). Prefer trains, even collapsing, decrepit Amtrak. Always hated flying and even more so when I learned how destructive it is to the atmosphere in addition to the obvious noise pollution and what airports do to the surrounding land paving the way for suburban sprawl, highways, more cars, more pollution . . .

My friends and family thought I chose not to fly simply out of fear of flying and as such told me repeatedly I needed therapy to “be part of what everyone does . . . fly”!

I have dem and self proclaimed “progressive” prius driving friends who think nothing of flying somewhere several times a year if not every month. “It’s cheaper than driving”! “You need to travel Caroline and learn to love flying”! they would say repeatedly. “You need to fly to expand your horizons Caroline”!

My idea of exanding my horizons was learning all I could about the fen/prairie/sedge meadow and oak savanna near my house. It would take several lifetimes (or more) to learn about all that lived there; flora, fauna, how the water enriched the fen, which insects pollinated which plant and so much more!

This article is in keeping with the cultural shift needed (decades ago or more) and the Gus Speth quote(in my post above)----- one example of what we are up against.


1% of people cause half of global aviation emissions – study

Exclusive: Researchers say Covid-19 hiatus is moment to tackle elite ‘super emitters’**

There is an old saying, Trooth, that if horses were wishes, every tramp would ride.

What Greenpeace wants from Biden and what Greenpeace will get from Biden are two very different things.

There is nothing to suggest that Biden has shifted his position from being the Wall St corporate Democrat.

We got the lesser evil into the White House, but let us not forget, a lesser evil is still nevertheless, an evil.

Greenpeace offers a big menu of demands but little recipe on how to make Biden deliver other than wishful thinking.

Sure Biden will re-join the Paris Climate Accord, and he’ll say all the right things, after all, that has already been seen as a failure since nothing in the treaty is mandatory. A few cosmetic changes to conservation laws can also be expected, but only on Federal land but little else.

Okay, i am being very cynical but with good reason, Trooth.

As the Industrial Workers of the World has always said, capitalism cannot be reformed in any meaningful permanent way. The organization i joined, the World Socialist Party concurs



But have they reached a consensus on the cause of the environmental emergency and all the other related issues, CV1?

I think not. They have all agreed on what the symptoms are but still disagree on what caused them and differ on the cure.

The disease is capitalism. And other than some regulatory legislation most groups are leaving the fundamental problem untouched.

  • Gus Speth, BBC, 2013 as per Caroline’s link.

I agree Caroline. I’m reading some pretty disturbing stuff in the new Nov/Dec magazine Foreign Affairs.

If I catch the drift, several authors in this issue argue persuasively that Trumpism, i.e., populism MAGA - is not an aberration. Rather it is to be expected, and overdue. These authors seem to think the US will increasingly defend its turf, but decrease international co-operation as happened after WW 2.

Just the opposite of what JFK was talking in the early sixties in other words.

These articles were written I presume before the election results were in - but looking at Biden and his appointments it is apparent to me at least that the chances of a JFK-like agenda are between zero and zero.

Those 73 million who voted Trump tell me definitively that America is not into leading a liberal world order - that was a necessity when the Soviet Union existed.

How to put this. AOC - Progressives - are looking like that besieged rebel band in Star Wars, destined to forever ‘resist’ - and never to win.

But then Foreign Affairs is hardly a Progressive magazine.

But - the Empire is not a fiction - and is here for the foreseeable future.

So we need something extraordinary to happen to change things.

something like a pandemic?

That\s confusing, and not what I was trying to say. The US did increase international cooperation after WW 2, but it was for self-interest - the Cold War was on - and this was the way chosen to constrain the USSR’s expansionist tendencies.

Now, that threat has changed, yet Russia and China remain as the new adversaries. But the reaction according to the Foreign Affairs contributors is unlikely to be the same as after WW 2, and is likely to be more MAGA, and to hell with everybody else except a few ‘valuable’ trading partners, like Canada, the UK and Japan.

In other words - survival of the fittest in the most narrow sense - ugly, and the US is ‘fittest’.

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Thanks for that link Caroline - I just watched it in its entirety here in Calgary at 03:45 am. Obviously Jason Box is not the only one losing sleep and seeing progress in science but devolution in politics.

I can’t get over how accurately that captures the essence of what I am feeling.

Good to see Jason is a strong advocate scientifically of Direct Air Capture, something I’ve been sure of since 2008.

So yeah - I’m switching my emphasis from science to human psychology and politics.

I’ve always liked Greenpeace - how long can they hold out against corporatism is the question. They are kind of like the last Jedi, aren’t they ?

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Thanks manysummits (Michael?).
I’ve been losing sleep too. Who can peacefully sleep through all of this???
Had to resort to a (relatively safe?) sleep aid because if I can’t get at least 6 hours of sleep I will spiral downward.

Music is a safe and uplifting haven. This morning I spend 2 hours on an Esther Satterfield journey/search, trying to find her amazing music (VERY hard to do!)-----she disappeared from the music scene after getting fed up with the industry decades ago.

Jason Box . . . what can one say about him? He speaks the truth, is brilliant, kind and watching him breaks my heart but his words are, imo, necessary to hear. Not only to hear but to contemplate and to fully process his feelings, his message.

He got the hell out of the u.s. Was severely chastised for speaking the truth about how dire the climate emergency is:

"Box has been outspoken for years. He’s done science projects with Greenpeace, and he participated in the 2011 mass protest at the White House organized by 350 dot org. In 2013, he made headlines when a magazine reported his conclusion that a seventy-foot rise in sea levels over the next few centuries was probably already “baked into the system.” Now, with one word, Box had ventured into two particularly dangerous areas. First, the dirty secret of climate science and government climate policies is that they’re all based on probabilities, which means that the effects of standard CO2 targets like an 80 percent reduction by 2050 are based on the middle of the probability curve. Box had ventured to the darker possibilities on the curve’s tail, where few scientists and zero politicians are willing to go.

Worse, he showed emotion, a subject ringed with taboos in all science but especially in climate science."

From article (very long) in the Tuluwat Examiner on 7-9- 2105: h-ttps://tuluwatexaminer.wordpress.com/2015/07/09/things-are-worse-than-we-think-but-they-cant-really-talk-about-it/

Thanks for the info on Jason Box - I didn’t know. I liked him immediately - not surprised he did work with Greenpeace. I’ll never forget when Greenpeace showed up off shore Fukushima after the meltdowns - I said to myself - ‘finally - some honesty will emerge’.

Sleeping aids = zero future Caroline.

Try astronomy. I found Mercury this am in an unusually fortuitous sky, left and below Venus,

Here’s a link to help:



Back to work:

Direct Air Capture is the only way out of climate catastrophe imo. Some combination of natural and artificial means - we need to leave it to the National Academies of Science worldwide to work the details, led by top scientists like James Hansen and friends - I’ll add Jason Box to that list from now on.

But you are right - the even more immediate crisis is governance and capture of governance by corporatism.

Reading the policy wonks in Foreign Affairs is dispiriting - so detached from morality of a personal kind are they.

Prefer Jim Mattis - but military is not enough.

We need a JFK type leader or leaders. Perhaps leaders - many, as they will be targeted.

They have other descriptive names for people like Mr. Richmond.