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Greenpeace Warns 'Potential Damage to Human DNA' at Risk With Japan's Plan to Dump Fukushima Water Into Ocean

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/23/greenpeace-warns-potential-damage-human-dna-risk-japans-plan-dump-fukushima-water


C’mon Troglodyte and ol Swanee. I dare you.

Take a byte and show us pictures of sea anemone and reassure us like drump would

It’s fine. It’ll go away. See the pretty sea thing whatever it is.

Yet another LIVING EXAMPLE of why nuclear is not commensurate with life in the 21st century

Cmon you must have seen that billboard on your way to LANL

What you never visited your family homestead


Contaminated Fukushima melt-down water dumped into the Pacific (1.23m tonnes of water stored in tanks), tens of thousands of deadly chemicals, destructive to human and animal health and lives in foods and “products” with little or no oversight, testing, or regulations, all for private profits by corporations with zero understanding or caring about the consequences of their depraved indifference in search of profits. Such is the reality of vulture capitalism and its dangers to all life on Earth!
Bayer AG, and their scion Monsatan, many others developing chemical poisons and “additives” coupled with trump regime “rolling-back” all regulatory and testing requirements are a recipe for more diseases and conditions directly caused by the chemicals or by diminished immune system function, with children the most vulnerable.
The latest revelation is the micro-plastic sluff-off from infant formula bottles!
" concerns that the chemical in polycarbonate plastic could lead to certain cancers, changes in the brain and reproductive system, and early puberty."
Criminal entities with zero responsibility to others, make, advertise, and sell toxic killers for profit and idiots buy their deadly shite! REALLY? Plastic infant bottles instead of safe glass??
Really?? Tepco dumping contaminated water into the Earths ocean systems that will affect human and marine life??

Is their really no sanity or concern except for investors and the corporate entities that poison and kill us and our world - no government regulation to protect the public and planet?? The malignant trump/GOP regime (and many unDems) say all that is just sanctioned capitalist “free enterprise” and our precious “economy” with the SCOTUS now been subverted to make it all “legal” I say they all must hang for crimes against humanity and Nature!



Potential damage to human DNA. We, at least in part, deserve it. The rest of Life on Earth, not so much…


Shame on you for saying that, no deserves to be irradiated.

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Notice how convenient the GE bankruptcy


We are a disgusting species


I’m at a loss for what to do, other than add it to the very long list of outrages we can’t do anything about, without some sort of global overthrow of capitalism.

Maybe make some noise about boycotting seafood caught in the Pacific Ocean? I can’t believe people have already gone back to eating chemical soaked seafood from the Gulf of Mexico.

Never underestimate the will of many people to not see what they see, and not know what they know.


Just one of many facets of anthropogenic mass extinction, as our oceans are merely plunder and dumping grounds.
If you love marine ecology, see it soon, because our planet’s oceans will be acidified, overheated, toxic dead zones by mid-century.
As for Japan, watch the movie The Cove, and the Whale Wars series, and you’ll see how little they care about life or ethics.
Captain Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd show us how to fight back.


So, imagine this along with bail-out of 96 beat 45-60 yr old reactors around our cities being currently understaffed, over a half year behind in outage, inspection & maintenance (with similar GE reactors upwind of NYC the Army War College was figuring as PRIME terrorist threats, several years back). Now add the radium in fracked gas coming to a gas range, furnace, boiler or power plant near you. Sure wish we’d have had some say or meaningful vote. Kinda sounds like hearing the word, “pandemic” back around Thanksgiving and thinking, "wish we had a national health system, sick days, OSHA, or just an actual government?


The highest treason, the meanest treason, is to deny the holiness of this little blue planet on which we journey through the cold void of space. South — Edward Abbey


A purge of the worst of us is too barbaric and would look like a WW2 elimination of a people.
Can’t we build containment units on the moon and store it their for a millenia?
Have to do it soon though, so we can still fly through the string of satellites around our world.

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Nuclear power is and always has been a fool’s mission.


Yes, sometimes we laugh so hard we cry.

Should I shed a tear for you or me?

You’re right. No one deserves to be irradiated.

Rumpface, Bush, Obama, Cheney, Clinton, Pence, Biden, etc do deserve to dine on pink slime burgers and frack water, though.


Don’t lefties cry for the whole world. Usually?

Some do, some don’t.

I hate to tell you this but I think there are a lot of people already eating pink slime in their burgers and frack water from their drinking source. It is possible there is some worse life conditions and these people are doing time for past crimes. In any event, this may get a lot worse before it gets better.


At least there are no vegetarian pink slime burgers!