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Greenwald Explains What Out-of-Touch Media Doesn't Get About Trump, Russia, and US Electorate


Greenwald Explains What Out-of-Touch Media Doesn't Get About Trump, Russia, and US Electorate

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Donald Trump poses "extreme dangers" to the United States and the world, journalist and co-founding editor of The Intercept Glenn Greenwald says in a new interview published at Slate.


USA Empire, Inc. will continue to poke the Bear no matter who is elected. This (and most) elections are mainly about which side gets to spin the message. Now that Turkey seems to be lessening its distance from Russia, the Bear will be poked all the more stringently. As Ergodan consolidates power through his response to the coup (whether real or not) attempt, things are getting very interesting, but I recommend Pepto over popcorn.


That's just as bad as the reason some people give me for voting for Hillary: "She's a winner!"

I agree.


I agree with Cenk Uygr who says over and over again, the establishment doesn't get it.

They nominated a VP, Tim Kaine, who until a week ago was in favor of TPP and works with the bankers.

The DNC shut down the TPP protests of Bernie supporters at the convention and hired scabs to come in and take their seats in some cases

The US Chamber of commerce points out that Mike Pence, Trump's VP choice and Tim Kaine Also Has a Great Track Record on Trade

And a shadow banker hosts a expensive event Hillary Clinton Talks Tough on Shadow Banking, But Blackstone Is Celebrating at the DNC

And it goes on and on

The DNC/Hillary/establishment does not get it

Glenn tweets times in the past that the Soviet linkage was played in US elections, and he links an article about a consultant to Buchanan 20 years ago that predicted Trump. Trump is a product of the system, the system that the oligarchs have created and don't see

How an obscure adviser to Pat Buchanan predicted the wild Trump campaign in 1996


It's hard to disagree with Glenn Greenwald's analysis here. Much of the resentment is fuelled by the failure of the corporate media system in the US to provide relevant context and a real narrative that explains the plight that many find themselves embroiled in.

The reversion to Cold War jingoism and outright Red-baiting, as with the immediate media consensus with regard to Putin's alleged involvement with the DNC hack and subsequent leaks, shows how outdated and out of touch the media elite have become. The next time I hear a commentator write or utter the words 'elect the Leader of the Free World' (when analyzing the current presidential campaign) I think I will puke. 'Leader of the Free World'? Really? Which world is that? Mars?


Thanks for the link to the article about Samuel Francis and his analysis. I'd never heard of him before but the article is incredibly relevant to the current discussion.

Highly Recommended.


What I find amazing about your post, is that you don't offer one single qualification regarding the unassailable power structure that has been constructed in this country by a relatively tiny number of powerful individuals to create the stupidity you cite, and to crush intelligent opposition to their agenda, not to mention turn the nobs on the mass media mind control machine that was consolidated by the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

You need to get some perspective, as apparently you are a victim of such mind control that reinforces that idea that US citizens all deserve this Corporate Governance.

So I take it you are saying that you deserve it the most, right?


As has been said many times, it's about the austerity, inequality and the poverty stupid.


I don't trust you, but I'm a Chicken.



LOL!!! My son told me people actually write in candidates like Lola the dog. (Not that votes matter much anyway given rigged elections that go uncontested.)


What has been ingrained in me precisely?

Please inform me Chump, what I'm missing? I mean, you apparently are above the messaging?

Please enlighten Chump, or is that Chimp?


I'm certainly not for Donald Trump, but what has the status quo done for the 99%? I do refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils here despite their teams of experts in propaganda and how good their crap may sound.


You stopped him before he finished his question.

He's asking if the people who are voting for those reasons, give a shit about Russia, Putin, Ukraine.

And it's a rhetorical question, and his answer is no, they don't give a shit about these concerns of the liberal elites.


i have voted for my dead cat numerous times. Never for president though! Only for uncontested local races...

But if i had only Clinton, Trump, or Kitty Pie to choose... i'd take my dead cat over those two.


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There is one class of people who are too stupid to understand the arguments: the 1 percent.


I love Greenwald, but "a lesson from the recent Brexit debacle" ? Don't agree here. imo, the brexit was good for the people of the UK.


Will Jill Stein be part of the Aquarian dawn and attract 40% of the electorate who are independents? Will she attract another 10% from democrats and 5% from republicans, add 5% for greens and the victor is 60% new party. Green? autonomous democracy? Which is more descriptive? Let's hold that and a few other minor quirks for after the election victory of the first female US president, Jill Stein.

I made this today.


"You have this huge portion of the populace in both the U.K. and the U.S. that is so angry and so helpless that they view exploding things without any idea of what the resulting debris is going to be to be preferable to having things continue, and the people they view as having done this to them to continue in power"
Anybody recognize themselves, common dreamers?
Gee, I wonder what Greenwald, Chomsky, Sanders know that you don't. Maybe they put down their keyboard, take off their bathrobe and go outside in the real world.


Here's DogX weighing in on the difference between dogs and politicians, nearly 20 years ago:

"When a dog wags his tail and licks your hand to indicate friendship he is totally honest. He will not turn from being a faithful friend. He will not forget that you are his master, that his purpose is to serve you. He will not bite the hand that feeds him.

"A politician on the other hand expects you to lick his tail and put money in his hand. He will be your friend only as long as you have money and influence. He finds it extremely difficult to be honest about anything at all. He forgets that you (the citizen) are his master, that his purpose is to serve you. He will take the tax money from your hand then growl, snap, and bite your hand when you demand honest, efficient and open government."