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Greenwald: Obama, Media 'Irresponsible' for Scaring Public Over Patriot Act


Greenwald: Obama, Media 'Irresponsible' for Scaring Public Over Patriot Act

- Common Dreams staff

The Patriot Act will expire at midnight tonight unless Congress takes action today.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) pledged Saturday to “force the expiration” of the goverment spying laws - ensuring that they would lapse, despite a rare 4 PM Sunday Senate session to try and make one last attempt at renewing them. Under Senate rules, it only takes one Senator to object to moving a bill forward. If Paul does object, that could force consideration back to at least Tuesday.


How convenient it is for these scaremongers that this group called ISIS helps that fearmongering along by publishing a magazine in English where they detail all of the plots they are planning to Kill Americans.

Including using nuclear weapons.


Even if it does lapse the alphabet agencies will simply issue a secret interpretation saying ‘No!’ means ‘Yes!’

But chances of it lapsing are still those of the proverbial snowball in hell.

Note: I’d love to be wrong on this.


The key litmus test for Ms. Loretta Lynch was saluting the (continuation of the) odious Patriot Act and NDAA.

No one–particularly not a woman or person of color–is going to get anywhere near today’s inverted totalitarian halls of power without showing their homage to Authoritarianism and the “laws” that it’s put into place to block genuine citizen opposition to campaigns of ecological and human carnage, among other Disaster Capitalism-driven exploits… like the TPP and TIPP.

BTW, Glenn: It’s a lot more than “stenography journalism.” It’s the RAPE of Democracy.


I wonder if the Business Reply Cards stuck in these “terrorist” magazines are addressed as PO Box, Langley, VA?


Right you are.
Not holding breath for Lynch to make a big splash by going after Wall St. (as she did re FIFA; big whoop).


Please, people, don’t go for the distractions. Our president is so wrong about this, and has been from the beginning (let’s call the beginning his Nobel Prize warmongering acceptance speech). If ever anybody ever delivered a sickening speech, that was it.

He, and all Americans, must develop some American cool. (I never thought I would say that of a black man.) The fact is, Barack Obama, despite whatever else he has going for him, a lot actually, is one of the least cool Negroes I have ever known in his propensity for Military PR and for scaremongering.

We need to look at the English and the Irish and their more than 400 years of internecine terrorism. It certainly had its downs but its ups too and a pretty recent one.

Or at the French and the Algerians. When an Algerian killed a French person it was sad but the whole nation didn’t commit hara-kiri.

Reader, do you know what I mean? We need more sophistication and a better way of absorbing the terrorist attacks we do encounter without then turning around and destroying the whole world.


Hear, hear! Well said! You would think that each and every one of us would be much better served by showing a little backbone! Instead, we cowered and ended up letting the government disgrace us around the world with numerous attacks on other sovereign countries, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in the name of 9/11! What a bunch of sad sacks we turned out to be…hopefully we have learned from our past mistakes and will grow a spine!


Well don’t be surprised if, by some miracle, the plans sunset - that soon after we will be flooded with “terrorist” attacks - all aided and abetted by you know who, as were so many of the ones we “foiled” …

If there is no real need for this crap - one will be created - this country, if nothing else, is great at creating “needs” where none exist …


“Irresponsible”? “Irresponsible”? - Glenn, is that the best you can do?


Take your generic WE shit and shove it where the sun don’t shine. You’re in cahoots with “johnescher” and his “cool Negro” racism. In your own case, you’re positing a FALSE narrative. Good people are not equipped to handle fascist killers who mislead them, conjure false propagandistic messages, lock up truth tellers, and control perception. WE are not the ones who must “learn from our mistakes.” Sociopaths do things that idiots like you generalize (the guilt/culpability) to all. THAT is a lie.


Cowards are afraid. Conservatives are afraid. Therefore conservatives are cowards.


My using the word We, as in we citizens, sure got you fired up, if you have to do some name calling pick on someone your own size! The last time I checked, we are still able to express our opinions freely, and if that provokes you to call me racist, then you should look in the mirror and see what shows back!


They are indeed human and cooler than white people, just generally speaking. And delightfully different. With a much better sense of humor. And they dance better too.

I’ve always found Sioux Rose a hoot with all her jeremiads against the generic “we.” Well, this website is called “Common Dreams,” is it not?

To me, this psychological inability to be “we” also bespeaks of a preciousness and refusal to be fully engaged in American matters such as what the CIA does in our name.

What a distraction, with distraction being precisely the target of my own jeremiad. And putting something where the sun don’t shine is an allusion to blackness, right? Now which is more racist, the word “Negro” or the coy expression “where the sun don’t shine?”

In either case, it was James Baldwin who said that someday white people were going to wake up and realize that there weren’t enough black people to go around.

Baldwin was better than Siouxrose on the subject of “We.” But never mind him for the moment, It is I speaking here. And I tell you, we are Americans. And we need to take responsibility for the terrible mistakes made in our name, otherwise we have no chance whatsoever in correcting them. We can at least feel sad or sorry about them, can’t we? That would be a start. Or should we admire the great intellectual detachment of Siouxrose and other people living behind walls whether built of stucco or psychological projection? I don’t think so. What’s the use of somebody asking how many angels can dance on the head of a pin? So remote, Siouxrose, come back to earth, the earth needs you, it’s in trouble, can’t you hear it call?


Obama loves being a tyrant without any media outlet ANYWHERE calling him out on it.

And to think, there are still Democrats who actually believe we have a democracy, actually still believe Obama has anything but contempt for democracy, that the elected “Democrats” actually are actually protecting “our democracy” while instead they are frantically working to solidify the tyranny.

What a disgusting party. More disgusting than the GOP, because the GOP is so stupid it doesn’t have to hide its sleaze.


We’re just called that. We should be called “The Land of The Interventionists”. We’ve been intervening in other nations’ affairs since 1776. The Monroe Doctrine gave the USA the right to intervene in the affairs of the Americas. Obama, like Bush wants government interference in our lives to combat ISIS & Al-Qaeda. That will strengthen and not weaken them.


When I said we’re just called that, it was a reply to the land of the free and home of the brave.


I hold you responsible for torture. Off to the Hague post haste.


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Yeah, we sure wouldn’t want to grow a spine.