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Greta Thunberg and Fellow Activists Decry 'Political Inaction' on Climate Crisis After Two Years of School Strikes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/19/greta-thunberg-and-fellow-activists-decry-political-inaction-climate-crisis-after


And still the corrupt DP refuses to take this and other critical issues seriously, excluding them from their “platform” - their inclusions and deceit are many to serve the status quo and business as usual!

Serious action of the Climate crises - OUT, ending obscene subsidies for the fossil-fuel conglomerate are out as expected along with other needs and demands of the 99% are also out - ending racist police violence and murders or criminal justice reforms - OUT The Green New deal - OUT, Universal NFP Singler-Payer - OUT, real military/police-state cuts and reforms - OUT, serious environmental protections and outlawing deadly life-threatening pesticides - nowhere in sight,

reform of DP/DNC party mechanisms to maintain domination/control. and end to sabotage of progressive issues and candidates also nowhere in sight!
The only thing the DP/DNC mob did was poke a sharp stick in the eyes of progressives and our issues!


But at least “we’ll always have Paris.”
I mean the Paris Accords, which accomplished jack shit, precisely as intended.

Now who watered down Paris again, but took a bow for the useless POS anyway?
Oh yeah, now I remember. Barack Obama and his faithful sidekick, Joe Biden.

They were better than Trump though, right?
So much better that Greta still has to remind the world that we’re destroying the planet.


Governments love the idea of “out of sight, out of mind”. Research and development is out of sight.

Our old antibiotics aren’t going to work anymore soon enough. Soon thousands of people shall die of potentially curable infections. Nobody is making new antibiotics. That’s because there’s no money in making new antibiotics. No government anywhere wants to throw their own money at the problem and solve it, only to see some other country or some other region make all the profits. Yes the problem is solvable.

Apply the same reasoning to climate R&D. That’s why the kids and twenty-somethings are looking at a threat of chronic worldwide agricultural failures and hunger. It’s all politics. Your house probably isn’t retrofitted to be 80% or 100% heated by stored solar heat and maybe it never will be. Your electricity isn’t 100% renewable because no federal government and no coalition of states ever fronted one penny (as in “nonsense”) for a rock and clean fill improved version of hydropumping, for a higher-altitude version of wind turbine power, for artificial geothermal storage so that we can generate solar electricity at night or for solar chimneys that snake up mountainsides. Easy technology, clear route right to the goal, and then Ebenezer Scrooge elected officials are taking their campaign contributions. There’s ginormous money going to the government’s friends for lots of other things. There’s money going to prestigious colleges to write more and more survey papers.

Greta Thunberg is an optimist!

P.S., The City of Helsinki, Finland is actually threatening to pay actual money in exchange for work getting done. They want to heat the whole city of about 1 million people with solar or even geothermal heat instead of coal. I’ll see if I can organize a crew to help them out. I know, if enough other politicians deem them crazy for the economic idea of offering money to get the work done, it’s always possible that any bureaucracy can find a way to lose its wallet.


You answered the question while I was wondering if you were going to mention that our failings are not those of other countries. Mostly socialist countries I might add.
That goes for improvements in transportation and electrical grid.
Food production and environmental quality. Will we ever really embrace the climate crisis in time to save much of our way of living? I doubt it, unless at the precipice we blink and somehow save ourselves.

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The planetary crisis was well underway back in 1970 when I was privileged to the 1st Earth Day. I was in 10th grade. The talks given that day at school–imagine any of this happening today–included population reduction, yes reduction, global warming, pollution, toxins, CO2 emissions, and what the energy companies were doing to us by encouraging big cars, big houses, big everything because it was profitable. On and on. They conspired shortly after these few years to not let this information be disseminated. And now we’re facing extinction. Or civilizational collapse, at least, of first order magnitude. So in the last 50 years they’ve done NOTHING to address the systemic issues that are now inevitable. Beyond human control. It’s hospice time folks, shut down the nuclear reactors so when we’re all gone they don’t all blow up and kill Earth herself. Sorry, I really am. All this was well know in 1970.


Merkel is both a scientist & leader of the wealthiest country that’s on a relatively progressive side, & who is not a dictator. It’s really up to her to be the leader of the free world & the one to lead us through this existential crisis.

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Or it could be that organisms are evolving and becoming resistant to antibiotics because of their “over use”.
Just as this new corona virus is baffling in its diversity and the myriad symptoms it produces etc.

Would be easy if she didn’t have all the other imbeciles in governments around the world to deal with. Regardless of Germany’s past, they have progressed in a positive way.

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Hi Emphyrio:
There is a famous poem with the line, "The old men send the young men to war.
I suppose it needs to be updated now:
The legislators send soldiers to war, but the future shows that the YOUNG are being sent to HELL!
Neither Biden nor Trump seem to realize that the planet is changing—and not for the good. For America to continue life killing wars is insane ------humans sadly have become lemmings! : (

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Yes to both your statements.

I would say that the international situation is very similar to how it was during the '30s, especially if you switch Germany with the US. You could also switch China with Japan.

And just like before we will continue to ignore her no matter who wins in November.

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Shame we in the U.S. are repeating it.

But yeah it is frustrating about other imbeciles. The country that currently “owns” the Amazon is led by a man who would rather see it burned down, and if that happens to the point where it can no longer sequester CO2 then there truly is not even the slimmest of hopes our species can avoid extinction.

If I might defend her from this point you can only start creating a better world when you imagine one can be made. There very well might be a time where she might have to deal with the cruel wall of reality and become just as jaded as many of us are but until then I am still happy of seeing her and others try to fight for a livable world.

This reply is for PaulK and others who want a solution. And all of us who need it.
It is a climate problem but a stumbling block is the MONEY. Where will it come from?
Almost all of the money in every country’s money system is created in the Banking system.
It comes into existence in the process of the bank making a loan.
A Bank will only make a loan if there is an expectation of the Bank making a profit.
The result is that there is no money created to pay us all for saving our own lives and saving the worlds environment and the survival of our children. The stumbling block is the financial system.
That is to say, it is the way money is created by “fractional reserve banking”.

The money should be created by governments. That is called FIAT MONEY.
When there is too much money it can be reduced by taxation.

Every one should stop subsidizing the fossil fuel industry. Subsidise the CONSERVATION of our WORLD.

I will stop here and I will look back tomorrow to see if anybody is interested in knowing more about the survival of the earth and how the BANKING SYSTEM IS THE OBSTACLE.

Did they really think that the inaction and lack of care that has spanned decades would be magically changed in only 2 years of school strikes? People have been aware of climate change for a very long time. Just as they have been aware of all the many and varied ways we are destroying this living planet and all of the life it supports. I’m sad that young people constantly get their hopes dashed, like I’ve had my hopes dashed over and over throughout my lifetime of trying to change things, wake people up, all that good stuff. I felt so hopeful and like I too could change things when I was young. I’m 68 now, and things are so much worse now on every single level. I could not have imagined things ever getting this bad but here we are. I don’t know what the answers are to inaction, greed, fear - all of it. I just don’t know anymore.

Reasonable point!

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