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Greta Thunberg Comes to America: Celebrations as Teen Climate Activist Arrives at Coney Island

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/28/greta-thunberg-comes-america-celebrations-teen-climate-activist-arrives-coney-island


Greta: me and millions more like me: LOVE YOU!


Yes we do , but i am genuinely concerned for her well being.
She has landed on the shores of a country that has many who think the planet is theirs to do with as they please .
You are very courages but hire some protection.


The Force be with you Greta.


As am I.


Today, BBC News covered Greta Thunberg’s arrival off of Coney Island. The ABC/NBC/CBS networks offered up stony silence and filled their dead air time with some crime footage.


Someone wants to make billions of dollars off of fossil fuels, so he (I can think of a few "he"s) hires a minion to lump together and hate the class of all women with a slur, to lump together and hate the class of all neurodivergent people with a slur and to gratuitously slur a 16 year old girl with the term “dumb”. If your own son or daughter is 16, do you try to hurt his/their/her feelings by labeling them “dumb”? If you’re 16 years old, do you take that slur lightly?

No way!!! I don’t watch tv, so I couldn’t see their absence of brains and heart. Amazing!


No TV here either.


i’d like to say that that’s made my life easier, but i don’t see anything easy about fighting fascists or nazis. ugh.

Me neither for over 30 years.

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we should all admire Greta and her arrival here should help call attention to the climate problem. But wonder hw many “climate activists” are willing to follow her example, driver less, walk more, take the train instead of flying, not to speak of eating local and mostly vegetarian, not having more than 2 kids… for some it seems easier to just blame everything on the corporations and the politicians they buy and wait for , or the revolution, to somehow save us

She should be careful who she gets her picture taken next to, sleazy Macron for example. She could easily be used for greenwashing, especially as she is not old enough to understand the deep machinations of politicians. She should bone up on Machiavelli as a defensive measure.
I do see the beginning of a cult of personality which is not necessarily good and can be taken advantage of.
As for the Nobel Prize, no way, she is not a war criminal like Kissinger, Obama, Arafat etc. so definitely not qualified.

Her vehemence could easily backfire; as her pure or perfectionistic recommendations turn people against the movement as being too obsessive. She ruined her mother’s international opera career by shaming her into not flying. Shame or guilt is not a good motivator it can fade away and bite back as resentment.
I also can’t see how sailing across the ocean on a $4 million dollar racing yacht (I am a sailor by the way) can relate to the average person who is struggling to get by in our neo-liberal disaster capitalist system.
That said the international movement she has inspired is amazing. Hopefully she will vet who she associates with and become more nuanced.

Make America Greta Again!

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