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Greta Thunberg Declines Nordic Environmental Award, Decrying Chasm Between Climate Science and Climate Action

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/30/greta-thunberg-declines-nordic-environmental-award-decrying-chasm-between-climate

Leadership…her prizes are following in her foot steps and everyday she wins more hearts.

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Hi Ditton, and she is a wonderful example that more politicians should follow:
Commitment to the planet and all the people and life on Earth.
I almost wish cloning people was here—although that would probably go rogue pretty quickly.
But her commitment to the Planet and The People is something that every politician should emulate. : )


Where do we start BID? Half of this country is wrapped up with gaining wealth, playing with their toys including smart phones, and many others brainwashed by the likes of Fox Noise.

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We lead by example. We show you do not have to be wrapped up in the pursuit of the toys. We counter the narrative, and we refuse to play the corporate game. We do this as much as each one of us can. We do not give up on each other, or the world. We have nothing to lose by trying, and everything to lose by not trying. IMHO

Hi Gandolf :
I truly believe that that the state of California is showing the world what droughts and high winds can do to people, a state and a nation-----extend that out and around the world, and people will be , WOKE, as the saying goes.
With insurance companies going broke trying to pay the insurance claims, and the power companies acting innocent—if people don’t act in their own interests in this----then there is no possibility of Earth and we the people lifeforms being able to survive . We could be turning into Mars faster than people can imagine! : )

Insurance companies don’t go broke, they raise prices or deny coverage.
There is always a bailout from somewhere if needed.

Hi Gandolf:
Yes that is worrisome, as I wonder how high the insurance claims will rise—and will insurance companies go bankrupt as fires are going north to south in California. This would be the time to ratchet up with wind as a power source if this is California’s
future. I don’t think anyone has trusted PG&E since they blew up houses and people a few tears back in the city of San Bruno.
MAYBE Congress, it’s time to do a study of how high the pay for the CEOs and upper reaches of of insurance companies go. Although it sounds as if PG&E has been acting like Bernie Madoff with the money and not putting sufficient money into upkeep! : (