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Greta Thunberg Just Delivered Her Testimony to US Lawmakers: It Was a Landmark UN Climate Report

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/18/greta-thunberg-just-delivered-her-testimony-us-lawmakers-it-was-landmark-un-climate

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Memo to POTUS:

Scientific facts don’t care what you believe—they don’t even care whether you understand them.

Lead, follow, or get out of the way.


Masterful move on her part. With the administration shutting down science across the board this is a big dump into someone’s lap and takes the burden off her shoulders. “Wild child, full of Grace, savoir of the human race…” The Doors.


Great quote Ditton.
This is what I’ve been saying all along about leadership. Every good cause dies on the vine without leadership. And boy, we have a good one here.
Even us older folks can tough out one day of protest, for now anyway.


“Everyone is welcome, everyone is needed…” is not a bad place to start Democracy around the World.
And I would presume this includes the Billionaires. So step up you tigers and be something more than your appetites…


Our politicians are like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, hurry this up, have a lunch with some coal lobbyists and free market think tank hacks.” Some, which I am told are the responsible adults in the room, will think, “What talking points do I prepare to pretend to care about this? What 2% solutions can I try to sell as “sensible”, and by sensible I mean not what the science says we need in the time we have but what the corrupt system of ours will currently allow?”

Hate to be cynical, but these two parties and most of those in them deserve it. We cannot deal with this crisis while having most of these people in office. Either they deny the science or cite it very broadly but don’t offer up policies that come anywhere close to matching what we need. The people leading within the system, like Bernie and AOC, are shunned, and the third parties and movements outside the system are ignored and vilified. We’re collectively very stupid, and probably have the worst system, parties and media to deal with this crisis of any developed country. Given our size and importance, that is not a good thing.


Ya know, it just came singing in my head as I read the article. It just fits oh so well and yes, we can shut this joint down, all we have to do is turn everything off and go outside and play :-)))

I choose option #3!

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Right on point, Joan!

We cannot deal with this crisis while having most of these people in office.

No, we cant! And we can’t fix the problem on the Reich side until we fix the problems on the Left side. They control the machine. Until we break that machine (not likely to take it over) The only choices they will allow will be Wall Street Red or Wall Street Blue.

It’s the Politics of Organized Irresponsibility

If there is to be a future, We have to Make Earth Great Again


Geez sounds like you’re describing the Republican AND Democrat leadership!

Neither Party ‘leadership’ care what you believe—they don’t even care whether you understand them.
They just expect your obedience and subservience

The Politics of Organized Irresponsibility

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I’m stealing this and posting it everywhere!

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The Politics of Organized Unaccountability?

That too
they’re not mutually exclusive

Second that (@ditton)

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I wonder how many small communities around the country will rise to the occasion and take to the little Main Streets of their towns…


God bless Greta ! Such wisdom for a young person. I hope she shamed some of them to act.

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Hi Giovanna-Lepore:
Thank you, that was a great video------necessity for non believers in Climate Crisis to see. Trump has straws, but science has answers! : )

I caught a clip of a sympathetic Democratic Congressman from New Mexico asking Greta what can be best do to get more young people active in solving the climate crisis - her simple answer: tell them the truth
also masterful