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Greta Thunberg Offers Advice to Young People in Climate-Focused BBC Radio Program

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/30/greta-thunberg-offers-advice-young-people-climate-focused-bbc-radio-program


Child exploitation.


“I think it was a medicine in a way to become active,” she told the BBC. “I felt like I’m doing everything I can…so there’s no reason to be sad and feeling depressed.”

Greta, that is also exactly the way I feel too! For me, being active and doing what I can is therapy that keeps me mentally healthy.


Care to explain that… this is a labor site and we know what child exploitation is and her comments aint that…


Yes I think we all should thank Greta and the youth who are actively working to convince the adults in their community to take a stand, be informed and consistently work to act toward solving the pollution problems in their local and to work to replace deadbeat politicians.

On another note I enjoyed this read and the one below.


“Keep your hand upon the shovel and your eye upon the scale” - Coal miners’ union song, watch out for the boss’s cheating!

That’s my advice. Expect things to not be honest when a government or when a fossil fuel company tinkers with them.

  • Corn ethanol subsidies don’t do much good.
  • Fracked “natural” gas isn’t a bridge fuel to anywhere.
  • Nuclear power uses up vast amounts of fossil fuel over its life cycle.

If you have questions about government-led R&D you can always ask a small committee of independent engineers whether a certain engineering R&D project is nothing but a corrupt joke. This year, I’m likely to ask how they got so many clowns into that little tiny car.


No, the exploitation here is the established system of colonizing power which exploits everything including children, in order to loot, and which has led us ALL including all children, to the bring of mass extinction and civilizational collapse.

You are such a tool.


Do not shirk from your duty to let your Trump and neoliberal friends get away with their misconceptions, lies, and prejudices. Doesn’t usually work but will let you know which friend possess a semblance of morality. Silence assumes acceptance. So many people I know refuse to broach the subject - fear - “want to go along”. … time will be gone before we know it - at some point it will be too late and despair will inherit the earth.

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Using children for propaganda is child exploitation. Anyone can see that humans destroy the environment, that’s not a question. This little girl is being used for political reasons, clearly.


Oh, we’re name-calling? Then you’re a moron;)

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according to interviews with her parents they were totally against her doing this, but relented when they saw how happy it made her . She was extremely depressed prior to taking on this adventure and when her father saw how happy she had become he allowed it. He still worries about her because of threats and bullies.
So no, i think your waay off base here.


It is the children that will ultimately sufferer with an unlivable world. Most adults are selfish and are only concerned about their pension and what paradise location they can destroy before they disappear into oblivion.


She’s being exploited so that people can make money off of ACC. Idiotic parenting has put this child in danger, both emotionally and physically.

Children have been slaughtered en masse this century because of the same western nations who exploit her as a symbol. I’ve seen this awful movie before.

Hmm so not a question of parental exploitation… but I suppose the argument is exploitation by the environmental movement for cash… much like those ads seeking donations showcasing starving children on TV.

IMO there’s an argument to be made here with regards to Greta where reason should function in accord with emotions and arguments made not on emotion alone. But of course the Climate Disaster movement is founded on empirical science i.e. in conjunction with Reason. Let the children speak…

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That’s a common concern-troll position–that she doesn’t really fear ecological collapse, but is being duped into a world-wide climate leadership position that she’s unqualified for, so that George Soros and his ilk can make more money.

I’m sure there are some MAGATs who sincerely believe that, but I don’t think you’ll find many takers here.


Got existential angst? Twump Derangement Syndrome? The Capitalists Done Took My Mama Blues? Don’t despair, there’s hope in these dark times. The cure for your troubles is activism.

Do research! Find people who feel as you do, and join them! Petition and assemble to redress your grievances! Climate strike!! You’ll feel much better when you do!!!

(caution: may be habit-forming)


oh oh damn!!! the tread is down the toilet!!!

As Chris Rock says, 'just like Christmas only your daddy ain’t drunk and your mama ain’t crying".


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Not name-calling, just pointing out your function in posting that. You are serving to support particular interests, whether or not you understand that function you serve. Often hard to tell the willing tools from the unwitting ones.