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Greta Thunberg Rebukes Amy Coney Barrett Over Her Anti-Science 'Views on Climate Change'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/15/greta-thunberg-rebukes-amy-coney-barrett-over-her-anti-science-views-climate-change


Replying to questions posed by Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) on Wednesday, Barrett refused to agree that anthropogenic global warming exists, adding that she hasn’t “studied scientific data” enough to have an “informed opinion.”

Translation: I was advised by Trump to not have an opinion on global warming because in his opinion it is a CHINESE HOAX .


“I’m not a scientist.”, while true. you’re not much of a lawyer or judge either Amy.


Good for Greta in calling attention to this. Of course Amy is being put on the Court in order to further the interests of the fossil fuel barons who have no intention of dealing with climate change other then to reinforce their gated communities. My own Senator Whitehouse explained clearly how their dark money is being used to take over the courts with their lackeys. Those appalled by this need to remember the sellout of the environment by not supporting Clinton in November2016


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Well what did you expect , I mean these folks believe in mans dominion over the Earth from which they interpreted from the "good book " domination over all of nature .
The good book is the problem which must be transcended .

It’s all fallacy and make believe . You make real what you believe.

Beliefs create behaviours.


Apparently science isn’t taught in schools as is was in the 60’s and early 70’s when I was going. We we well aware global poisoning/warming was an imminent threat in 1970 when I was in 10th grade for the First Earth Day in April that year. The population has more than doubled since then. But I guess highly educated judges get a pass on science and math these days much to Earth’s and ours demise. I’m guessing Gretta must have gotten some science somewhere because she knows more than any judge, or politician, for that matter. Gaaaaahhh!!!


An idiot for a judge, brilliant!, just like in olden times when the village blithering idiot served a much needed purpose to keep folks amused during the black plague days of yore.


Barrett might as well just say she doesn’t really know anything at all based on her “answers”. I came to play dumb cause the vote is already canned.

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Wow! That woman is a stunning Jurist. She’ll be another star on the Court just like the Judge she’s replacing. What a performance! She’s what we call an “impact player” in sport - they raise the performance of everyone in the stadium - from opposing players to the popcorn girl. Barrett made some of the Senators seem awful!

If the GOP can make and break rules regarding putting that Stepford Wife of a Barrett on SCOTUS, how about we change a couple of rules and send Greta Thunberg to the White House!

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The hearing was a waste ------she is young-------and she is against the death penalty------Congress has the power to fix the court.

Gee, her dad was an engineer at Royal Dutch Shell, a London England company. That’s her tie in??
Maybe not. He was an attorney there?

John Roberts dad was an engineer at Bethlehem Steel in Burns Harbor, Indiana. Sold at Youngstown Ohio bankruptcy auction to Arcelor (India) who is now selling it to Cleveland Cliffs. Who had no money a year ago.

So John must be pro pollution. Against union workers. Against worker safety. Against seniority…
{sarcasm} I am certain that John knows more about that particular steel mill than 80% of those who work there now. Amy has her hands full with seven children, massive amount of work, and just ticked off many CDer’s by being nominated as a Catholic, woman, educated, teacher and judge.

She set the new standard in the Purdue case where a young man accused of rape by a former girl friend establishes that the accused has more than ten minutes to read through the charges against him before the college tribunal begins against him. This is adopted in 22 other colleges already.

Fits the constitution of facing ones accuser.

If money is truly buying our votes, our courts, our police, and our politicians, there are sooo many ultra rich people now that they have cornered the market on anything holy to the American people.

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Be prepared. If Biden wins, all of a sudden republicans are going to demand law and order. The hypocrisy will never end.

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Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, California just got through the first white-knuckler day of an extended “red-flag fire warning” without any explosive events, while Colorado suffered amazing gusts driving its biggest firestorm in history, instead. Here in Richmond CA, I get a feeling from the crackly dryness and Mount Tamalpais fading from view that this hot wind bodes no good.

Nullschool (no relation to Aleph) is the internet forecasting gizmo I can use to keep an eye on the problem:


The problem for us Californians is that immense (clockwise) anti-cyclone squatting over the Pacific, west of Cape Mendocino, as if it never intends to leave. That atmospheric pattern dehumidifies the landscape nicely, then delivers up hot diablo winds. It’s the novel durability of this pattern (not ill-advised “forest management”) which leads to vaporization of the Cascade-Sierra forest ecosystem (with similar collapses today of all other major forest ecosystems). To me, this is a clue that we’re far past the point of no return already. There’s still a point to stopping emissions, but only to keep it from getting even worse.

I just found a groovy tool from NOAA called the “blobtracker” – which pretty much accounts for that monster anti-cyclone which won’t leave California alone: a very large and sluggish ocean surface heat wave in the Pacific. 90% of global warming heats the ocean. Now that the Pacific is darn near simmering, we don’t know of any way to cool it down.



Another interesting view to illustrate what a stubborn mule that anti-cyclone is, this one looks at Mean Sea Level Pressure (MSLP) – a relatively profound metric because you’re basically weighing the whole atmosphere, at the surface, in MSLP. White is the highest pressure in the color scheme – the greatest weight of the atmosphere, as in the center of our persistent anti-cyclone (1030hPa & greater).


To really get a sense of how sticky that blob-enforced high pressure zone is, toggle forward & back a few days – you’ll see MSLP naturally flowing around in the rest of the world, while the blob’s zone just keeps sticking to the north Pacific like a painted garage door.

The quote where she denied there was such a link appears to be missing.

"Thunberg tweeted: “To be fair, I don’t have any ‘views on climate change’ either.”

I didn’t see where she claimed to have no views on the matter either.

The Fossil Fool Mantra - I’m “not a scientist.” Basically my ignorance is as good as your knowledge and I will stonewall you. In these times this alone reveals an abjuration of responsibility and unfitness to be a Supreme Court judge.

The fossil fuel industry – (includes the biggest corporations on the planet) hopes to escape all culpability for both the CO2 pollution and for denying that they knew about the damage they were doing all along. Con ey Barrett is their ticket – for a free pass.

The whole abortion issue is ultimately a useful side show for the capitalists.

And they will cry to their gods for salvation and feel betrayed that their particular sky fairy has let them down. Things are not going well.