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Greta Thunberg Says Covid-19 Should Be Global Wake-Up Call to 'Act With Necessary Force' to Tackle Climate Emergency

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/22/greta-thunberg-says-covid-19-should-be-global-wake-call-act-necessary-force-tackle


throughout the program, she repeatedly makes that case that ‘the climate and ecological crisis cannot be solved within today’s political and economic systems.’

You’re right, of course, but Greta: you’re drifting dangerously close to accusations of being a closet C-Word; i fear for your safety, youngsters. Not just Greta - all youngsters out there advocating environmentalism are going to be labeled C-Words by the fascists and slaughtered right along with us actual C-Words. It’s important for these youngsters’ own safety that they distinguish between their environmentalism and The Dreaded C-Wordism.

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“We dont accept these odds. That was Greta Thunbergs principal message while speaking before the General Assembly of the United Nations last year. It referred to the remaining CO2-budget of humanity.” – from the link to her podcast.

That’s what she wants. My goal is to be on Greta Thunberg’s team.


“On several occasions, I need to call for police protection when the level of threats and the sheer harassment become too serious.”

Greta please stay safe! Anyone that would threaten you Greta, is someone that is a COMPLETE COWARD! And that cannot be shouted loud enough!


Jane Goodall is also doing a lot of work in this regard using the VIRUS as an
example of the destruction of animal-habitat which brings disease.

This is the first shut down because of a virus and won’t necessarily be the last.

Capitalism in its exploitation of all Nature is suicidal.

The license for this exploitation comes from “Manifest Destiny” and “Man’s Dominion
Over Nature.”

They not only cover exploitation of all nature and animal-life and natural resources —
Capitalism is also about extreme exploitation of other human beings according to various
myths of “inferiority” — and based on those concepts we have seen 400 years of
SLAVERY and an invasion of white “Christians” who brought GENOCIDE to the Native
people here 13,500 years and stole their land.


This is an interview with a Guardian journalist who warns of the israeli company selling spyware to governments allegedly to track terrorists, criminals, peodophiles, but is used against journalists, activists etc. You are right Greta should be warned:




If we are to avoid a climate catastrophe, we have to make it possible to tear up contracts and abandon existing deals and agreements on a scale we can’t even begin to imagine today—and that alone requires a whole new way of thinking, since those type of actions are not politically, economically, or legally possible today.

It’s obvious we desperately need 17yr old people running our government

The pathetic death nail of ethically bankrupt lawyers arguing ‘ad nauseam’ the merits of politically corrupt contracts

Just so they themselves have MONEY


Thanks for the links.


This, is one of the sad truths of our world at this moment in time.

Not only are many government officials Complete Cowards, but a significant portion of the population too are Complete Cowards.


True and talk about hypocrites and treasonous cowards, how about the Republican Parties Christian Fascists. Trump has broken just about every commandment from treason; to pathological, lying; to adultery and hanging out with porn stars…YET NEVER AN PEEP FROM TRUMPS evangelical base.


Actually, just saw a major Evangelical speaking on how, as the election approaches, that supposed base of Evangelicals, is indeed crumbling.

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Was that Franklin Graham, Mike Huck, or Jimmy Swaggert?

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Not sure Shanti, my wife remembers that it was on Shelter in Place with Shane Smith.

It might have been an older episode.


By the C-word, do you mean “Community” or Communicative or Communal or Cooperative or Coalition or “Communism.” Oh the horror. Didn’t we already fight and lose a war against communism in Vietnam? Didn’t we already fight and reportedly win a war against racism in WWII? When will we declare war on fascism, ie, business control over government agencies committing grand larceny of the public treasury? Perhaps we should draw a battle line between the people and their clearly fascist State Departments of Highway Robbery?

Never, unless “Black” Americans adopt it as their preferred ideology…kinda similar to the best hope for tighter gun control laws being for every “Black” male in the country to purchase and register to carry a concealed firearm.

My post finished with the People vs State Departments of Transportation (Highway Robbery), the DOTs of State and Municipal agencies. The most corrupt corporate interests are related to automobiles and transport - trucking, shipping and air travel, finance and insurance, fuels, car-dependent housing and highway construction, etc. These are the prime culprits responsible for the planet’s degrading environment and inhuman habitation. We should try to learn from Covid-19 how economies can be constructed with much less insane driving and wasteful luxury travel so prized by the business class.

we have to UNTIE as well as unite our country and planet…

Well said, PaulK!!