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Greta Thunberg Tells Trump to 'Chill, Donald, Chill' After Unhinged, Lie-Filled Ballot Tirade

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/06/greta-thunberg-tells-trump-chill-donald-chill-after-unhinged-lie-filled-ballot


Lighten up Donny. We will find you a nice comfy cell to lie from all you want.




Brilliant Greta, brings a smile to my face!


It sure is fun how few fellow Republicans are onboard with Orangeman’s scheme to ride fits of pique to the Supreme Court. All the shyster escape-routes have already closed off, and Orangeman already snoozed through his moment to marshal the brownshirts. Lindsay Graham expressed some support, but seeming to slyly stab Orangeman in the back at the same time, by pledging to his “defense fund!”

My impression of Orangeman’s imminent, even current fall keeps getting reinforced. Maybe if someone throws a glass of water at him he’ll just melt away.


That’s not Biden’s real twitter, that’s an account with 300 followers


That’s right. That fake account has posts in Hindi language.


Welcome and nice first post. @JoeBiden is the right one with 13.8 million followers.

Hey @CommonDreams - care to fix this one?


So edifying, to see Thunberg making common cause with Frackin’ Joe, killer of both Green and New Deals.

Why, it’s almost as if Greta was never serious about AGW, at all.

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Everybody’s ALREADY texting, emailing “back to NORMAL” memes. And soon Black BLM marchers, rank & file 1099 “essential workers,” immigrants, women, students… we’ll ALL be alone, totally defenseless, with OathKeeper cops and Trump’s cranked-up, crazed, ARMED and infectuous Sturmabteilung, while Nancy, Cheri, Harris, EVERYBODY blames us for Joe’s Republican Judiciary, Senate and…

most ESPECIALLY, those of us who promoted a Green New Deal! Soon, EVERY DCCC candidate will be USMC, FBI, NSA or Hillary’s Energy In Depth… or CAP’s "it’s now too late, let’s try my Geoengineering, Monoculture GE, Clean Coal, Carbon Swap & Nuclear Bail-out scams… Anybody NOT see this all coming: dear little Greta, with “All-of-of-the-Above” Obama?

Well, Forbes loves Biden’s plan to get off fracked gas, right about ten years after hundreds-of-thousands of wells kick, leak, blow-out and are abandoned? Side-drilled slick-fracked Marcellus wells are basically impossible to plug, through all the different strata. So, the lizards are basically turning our atmosphere, into THEIR atmosphere (Greta on The View, yet?)



FWIW, Thunberg did not endorse the Democratic Party, and stated that her endorsement in this US election was not about supporting Biden, but about facing the outrage of Trump. She’s not going to stop advocating for organized grassroots power to move politics.


Mine too!

So ridiculous. Greta must work on her Anger Management problem,

What an expletive imbecile! More proof ( like we need any) that Trump belongs in an insane asylum. A crazy, old man who is so sensitive that he can not stand the constructive criticism of a young girl that has an I.Q. that is at least 10 times his!

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Trolling Caligula


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Believe me (great satirical cartoon on Trump)
(someone will have to explain the ending to me)

Let us use our brains, that like Sanders & Alex Ocasio-C who are endorsing Biden for thsi reason amongst a few others, we have to work in reality, or not at all; Biden is malleable to reality and the science-warnings; unlike the Empty Narcissist, he does have a mind that is aware of reality to some extent and a heart that cares about more than just his own life!
I am sure that Greta is aware of these things