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Greta Thunberg Thanks OPEC Chief for Suggesting Climate Campaigners Pose 'Greatest Threat' to Oil Sector

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/04/greta-thunberg-thanks-opec-chief-suggesting-climate-campaigners-pose-greatest-threat


Awesome, another bright spot this morning!


Oil industry has been fighting acknowledging Global Warming since
minimum 1948 and lying about it –

The only way they’ll give up is getting paid for their oil – subsidized.

But how it became “their oil” is another question.

We need to nationalize all of our natural resources and jump off of this
merry go round which is making us and all of nature ill.


One more mark on the wall of keeping count.

They are now awake, now make them pay up. Their bill is long over due and is now being sent to collections. Vito is waiting in the wings for directions.

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Koch addicted silver-tongued Soros thunk tweak, I mean think tank, hasn’t been assigned to 100 repetitions at the chalk board yet. So Sister Thunberg et al… a terrific opportunity for creative monkey wrench on real facts and functions. Time to boogie woogie.
# New Soros/Koch-Funded Think Tank Claims To Oppose US Forever War. Would that be M-W-F or T-T-S? alternating? You in?

For your listening enjoyment - from the youngsters!!


Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide…

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Very cool, young Lady! Keep up the good fight! Fair exchange on their investment. Typical, imperialist capitalist statement. Always money first. Do these individuals have children or grandchildren. I guess they are going to hide in an underground bunker in Europe when the planet can’t sustain life anymore.


I sure enjoyed those performances. Actually got up from my over-used computer chair and danced across the floor with my sweetheart. Thanks!


What a woman (girl) Keep up the good fight!

You have accomplished what others have failed to do.You have forced the fossil fuel industry on the defensive.


During the 60’s-70’s revolution on the “Establishment” radicals were promoting the sabotage of power plants and relay stations. Perhaps it will come to doing the same with drilling operations and refineries.


I’m 68 and remember very well those good old days of the 60’s.
It always brings me a little smile every time those “Crazy Hippies” turn out to be right.


In an unexpected and dramatic turnaround, OPEC today announced that it would cease all oil production on December 31 2020. Citing the reluctance, if not refusal, of motor vehicle users to reduce their use of gasoline and diesel powered vehicles, OPEC’s chairman said “we have made this decision to force consumers to switch to clean and green modes of transportation. Transportation is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases. This is the only way to prevent a climate catastrophe. Although this will be difficult, the imminent threat climate change poses to human existence requires drastic measures. This is what we can and must do because, despite good intentions, the people and their governments have been unwilling to change their life styles and give up their comforts to save themselves.” A response opposing OPEC’s unilateral action from governments and individuals around the world is expected.

It’s not enough to talk-the-talk. The kids must walk-the-walk.


The proverbial battle between angels and devils.

Thanks for that OG

Those durn climate changers.

Nice post there !

The intransigence of Secretary-General Mohammed Barkindo is breathtaking.

As is the intransigence of, say, half the population of the United States and Canada.

Looking over the Environment Canada jet stream maps all day, well - its warmer on the Arctic Ocean bordering Alaska and the Yukon than it is in Calgary, Alberta, where I live.

The only cool place up North is the Greenland Ice Sheet.



The only way that OPEC is part of the solution is if they use their deserts as sites for massive solar panel installations and if they use their coast lines and mountains for wind farms. Other than that, they need to shut down all their drilling.

If they got on the ball, some of them could indeed profit from solar energy. Algeria and Libya could sell excess production to Europe. The African countries and the ME countries could sell to Africa and Asia. If they put in some serious cross country transmission lines, the ME countries could sell to Europe during the European predawn hours when electric generation would be at its peak in the ME.

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I understand that the US military is the largest/ greatest emitter of green house gases in the world. No kidding,who would have thunk!!

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Then you MUST see this my friend - The Dirty F***ing Hippies Were Right https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKEZoY-TMG4

Thank you for the link to the You Tube video.
It’s exactly what I’ve been telling people for years.