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Grieve Now If You Must – But Prepare for the Great Challenges Ahead


Grieve Now If You Must – But Prepare for the Great Challenges Ahead

Owen Jones

Britain has voted to leave the European Union: here is a statement that continues to shock leavers and remainers alike. Earlier this month I wrote that “unless a working-class Britain that feels betrayed by the political elite can be persuaded, then Britain will vote to leave the European Union in less than two weeks”. And this – perhaps the most dramatic event in Britain since the war – was, above all else, a working-class revolt.


The MSM mission is to keep the corporate political parties addicted to corporate cash, and keep voters addicted to corporate political parties.

Many of us recognize that many or most addicts usually need to hit rock bottom before any meaningful recovery can start.


In the US, we've steadily moving toward this point (complete collapse?) since the 1980s, and have heard the warnings every step of the way. During this time, we worked hard to successfully divide and conquer ourselves. We stand in solidarity with American workers -- but only until they get pushed out of the job market. The number that have already been pushed out has continued to grow, while the middle class continue to shout, "Not a crumb for the jobless poor!" When it's their turn to go down, those middle class workers inevitably look like deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming truck.

There is no way to prepare. In the US, there will be no uprising. Who would fight whom? The rich are now doing to the middle class what the middle class already did to the poor. The middle class have the assault rifles, the rich have the full force of the US military. In the US, the working class aren't going to revolt. We have created an abundant surplus of job-ready replacement workers who are desperate for any job at any wage, ready to replace you for less than you are paid.


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That's because most people on this forum are clueless yankee idiots who've never set foot outside the USA. I live in the UK, and was formerly happy to be an EU Citizen, and can tell you the articles like this on CD are spot on. People like you haven't the remotest clue what you're talking about so just put a sock in it. Progressives here are depressed enough about all this, some suicidal, some homicidal, without having to listen the gloating of far away, misinformed morons like yourself. Got it?


In short, the article describes the decline of what the UK stood for before Maggot Thatcher and her little mates and acolytes such as Tony Bliar and Cameron shafted the place. And now the UK has neo-Nazis. Nothing the loony-tune right likes more than chaos.