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"Grim Drumbeat" Behind Historic Climate Agreement


"Grim Drumbeat" Behind Historic Climate Agreement

Andy Rowell

History will be made today at a ceremony in New York when countries start to formally sign the Paris climate agreement, which was initially approved in December last year.

The Paris accord agrees to keep global temperatures “well below” 2C and “to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels”.

Timed to coincide with Earth Day, today’s ceremony will be the biggest signing of an agreement in history.


Politicians are optimistic. “There’s incredible momentum,” argues former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark, who heads the U.N. Development Program. “We’re moving as quickly as possible to action.”

No, no, no. Reagan taking the solar panels off of the White House--now that was moving as quickly as possible.


I don't think anybody believes the Paris agreement is enough to keep global warming from increasing beyond 2C. Clearly, the pledges need to be strengthened in a few years and the pledges have to met or preferably exceeded. But at the very least even with the agreement as it now stands it should take us off the disastrous business-as-usual emissions path which would be no small accomplishment considering all the failures of efforts in the past to reduce emissions.


On numerous prior occasions I published part of a speech given by Yogananda to a United Nations audience back in l949.

With the World Wars at last over and nations devastated, a certain humility set in and leaders were willing to listen to spiritual truths.

Essentially, Yogananda explained that organized forms of human violence create disturbances in the etheric balance (call it the invisible web that operates like a matrix) of the earth. He explained that continued acts of war would catalyze major storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.

So while temperature is frequently discussed and its variations of course impact the ocean's homeostatic balance, crop cycles, rain patterns, etc. BUT there is relatively little discussion about the uptick in volcanic and earthquake activity. Over the course of the past week, 5 or more major quakes have occurred along the "ring of fire."

Earth Mother is going through HUGE changes and these Earth Changes were predicted 60 years ago by Edgar Cayce, and more recently by Ruth Montgomery, Moira Timms, Gordon Michael Scallion, Mary Summer Rain, and others.

Indeed, they have begun to speed up!

Here is a short, apt video:


Sorry CD, but there is no evidence that politicans are keeping up with Anthropogenic Global Heating.


The "ring of fire' is a major zone of tectonic boundaries and consequent high heat-flow so earthquakes and volcanoes are the norm. When they stop, that is the time to worry.


Green house effects occur when incoming radiant energy is absorbed, heats a substance which in turn warms and radiates energy from itself in the infrared frequency range. When that substance is surrounded by material that absorbs infrared radiation, it in turn heats up. That material can be an enclosure of a hothouse for plants or gases in our atmosphere, the 'greenhouse gases'. Incoming sunlight has as part of its frequency composition infrared radiation which also gets absorbed as it enters the atmosphere. It's a natural reality that incoming energy that's not in the infrared and can pass through the atmosphere gets absorbed at the surface of our planet and reradiated in the infrared which in turn gets absorbed by greenhouse gases, thus being stored as a heat source and heating up the planet.

The various frequencies of radiation are directly related to the surface temperatures of the source(s) that the radiation originated from. Infrared, by the way, is how we 'feel' heat. There are sources that are hotter than those which radiate in the infrared but interestingly we can't 'feel' them. We feel the effect of their burning but not the radiation itself. It's only in the infrared that our nervous system can sense (feel) the actual radiation, as our visual system evolved to detect radiation in the range we call 'visible light'.

There is a rise in global temperatures, proven by data measurements directly and indirectly by changes in biological systems and massive reductions in ice formations. There is a rise in greenhouse gases demonstrated with equal quantitative validity. The causal relationship between the two includes the physical mechanisms whereby increasing greenhouse gases increases global warming. It has been felt for some time that climate warming due to the melting of massive ice formations could result in those ice masses redistributed into the seas, causing changing pressures on the planets upper crust which can initiate vulnerable locations to trigger earthquakes and volcanic activity.

Information about earthquakes and volcanos show a marked cooling effect from the ash cloud that spreads across the planet and from sulfur dioxide blown into the stratosphere where it chemically reacts to form sulfate aerosols that reflect sunlight as well as aid cloud formations which have a similar effect. The Mt Pinatubo eruptions in 1991 reduced global temperatures by at least .5 degree Celsius for a 2-3 year period. In the first two decades of the 19th centruy volcanism reach such a level that 1816 became the well know 'year without a summer'. The greenhouse gas CO2 represents about 1% of ejected material in a volcano eruption. The Mt Pinatubo event was the largest in a century yet it emitted just one half of 1% that human activity does in the same time frame. Meaning humans average two Pinatubo(s) per day! Per day!!


A quick erratum.

The phrase: “...climate warming due to the melting of massive ice formations...” was meant to read: “...climate warming which affects the melting of massive ice formations...”

The obvious point of the reply is that geological activity is not being quantitatively demonstrated to effect climate via the release of greenhouse gases.


Actually he was faster in demolishing the federal work project of President Jimmy Carter. I speak of the CCC Civilian Conservation Corps modeled, YACC, the Young Adult Conservation Corps. An Ecotopia good read is on William James and "The Moral Equivalent of War". The Corps was set up across the USA and with sizes of 100 to about 125 per camp


The whole presidential campaign is utterly discouraging to someone like me who thinks that environmental issues including global warming ought to be the number one issue, but even among the non-right wing candidates it barely rates more that a one liner sound byte in an oft repeated stump speech. Both Trump -- who actually stands a chance of being elected president -- and Ted Cruz sneer it away and call it a hoax.

It isn't and I think that will be glaringly apparent by Inauguration Day next January. Where I am now the average temperature of 2016 so far is 10 degrees hotter than 2015. Heat waves and droughts look ready to become The New Normal everywhere and who ever it is who gets sworn in next January will have to lead the nation and the rest of the world into crisis management mode starting on Day One of the new term. That means that all the rest of the "issues"'that the campaign is and has been about so far will have to be back burnered (which will really be burning) while the forces under the command of the president will in all likelihood have to mobilize against epidemic heatstroke.


I was hoping that the Nipponzan Myohoji (Buddhists) were providing the drum beat.


Reagan removed a solar water heater, there was never any electricity producing panels up there. Nevertheless, the signal he sent was pretty clear and things have just gotten worse since then. Now when were starting to actually experience massive and rapid climate change the same forces that have resisted any attempt to stop this are even stronger. In short, were doomed.