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Grinding Down the Working Class


Grinding Down the Working Class

John R. MacArthur

The gratuitous gunning down by a white police officer of a fleeing black man, captured on a phone camera by a passerby, has reignited the urgently needed debate about police arrogance and racism. So despite the horror of it all, I suppose we should be grateful for this moment of incontrovertible truth brought to us in living color.


Obviously, it’s not just black people who are suffering from America’s bias against the economically less favored. The white and Latino working class has been wounded by Democratic and Republican politicians alike, who never cease to praise the virtues of hard work.

Let’s not forget the most oppressed group of all: women.

If reparations had to be made for work that has been uncompensated simply because of the workers’ sex then the debt would be in the quadrillions of dollars.



Capitalism…what a concept.


Yes, the class war is very true and often overlooked.

I once had the great good fortune to have an extra bed for Thomas Banyakya a spokesperson for the Hopi Nation. I did nothing but visit with him while I could. Mornings were awesome, he sat before east-facing windows and chanted/sang to the rising sun. When I asked him what his morning ritual was about, he said he was thinking about what happened yesterday and what might fit in the beautiful wonder of a new Earth day.

The local Santa Barbara County government was dragging me through court at the time, wanting my low cost fire, storm and earthquake safe sculptured home torn down to clean dirt, the way nature made it.

When the morning came for my new friend Thomas to leave, he stopped in the doorway and thanked me for the hospitality and the lesson. “Lesson?” I asked. “What lesson?”

“The government is trying to tear down your house and you are a white man with blue eyes. All my life I have believed the government did that to brown skinned people because of racism, now I know it is a class war and the government merely did it to the indians first. Now I know they will do the same to anybody.”

Thomas reached in his pocket, pulled out an old turquoise ring and gave it to me. “Oh, Thomas,” I said. “Thank you, but this is too nice.” He wouldn’t take it back. “But it is too big for me,” I persisted.

“You will grow into it,” he said with a smile and then departed.

I sometimes chant my own inner morning song to the four Earth directions but have not yet grown into the ring.


This is why I left. The quality of life is terrible for citizens in the United Police States. The tyranny of building codes and ordinances, no matter how well-intentioned, can drive a reasonable person crazy. I grew up rural, and had gone to the county offices to seek a permit on something, when I encountered this poor veteran pleading for them not to evict him from his own property. The guy was seeking a permit while he was living in a tent with a camper of some sort and the county guys shook their heads no at everything this poor guy said. After he started shouting at them about how unpatriotic they were, he left in great distress, and the two county guys said they were calling the cops on him. Why? Because they had been to his place and he wasn’t living in an approved county structure.

They then asked what I wanted. I said “Nothing” and I turned around and never went back there again.

The Anti-Federalists tried to warn us about the dangers of so many levels of government, but we wouldn’t listen. Life is far better in the third world. Reasonable locals who are of the same peasant class run the government, and are a joy to deal with after sparring with the goose-steppers in California.


What countries do you recommend?


There was a good article (I can’t remember by whom) explaining that the U.S. MIC-govt. was made to heel in all of its would-be imperial conquests due to the counterbalance in place whilst Russia still had its own empire. The virtual crash of the former Soviet Union freed the way for U.S. forces, answerable to the Deep State to begin their imperial campaigns pivoted foremost on the Middle East. (However, as Nick Turse explains, similar programs are taking place in Africa, nor is the Asian pivot a mere fantasy.)

In parallel, a strong government–were it NOT subsumed by Big Money special interests–is necessary to counter-balance the weight, power, and influence of Big Capital.

Those of you (as appears to be today’s theme in this thread) who push this “anti-govt.” rhetoric either knowingly or unwittingly pave the way for all-out corporate control.

Do you like the way B.P is poisoning the U.S Gulf of Mexico?
Do you trust Shell NOT to poison the Arctic in off-shore drilling?
Do you want “The frackers” to sustain free reign in poisoning the water table along with individual wells in 27 states and counting?
Do you like the way Monsanto and friends get to poison your food and reserve their “right” not to tell you, the consumer, about it?

If you like all that, you’ll love the TPP and TIPP.

The ideal of governing OF, FOR and BY the People has been undermined. In the place of civil rights and civil interests, the corporations have crept in to turn lawmakers into THEIR servants.

Ronald Reagan demonized government to pave the way for what Clinton, the centrist sell-out advanced through deregulation of EVERTHING that matters… from media, to trade pacts, to Welfare, to banking set apart from Wall St speculation.

As Jeanine Wedel explained with lots of documentation, the trend put in place to demonize government allowed for many previously government run agencies to go into private hands. It was this privatization that aborted accountability and it’s allowed things like war/soldiers, prisons, mass media, and schools to go into private profit hands.

The result of this decimation of previously government-regulated entities is then held up as “proof” that government stinks and is to blame. The end product of this type of Libertarian “philosophy” is that EVERYTHING ends up privatized.

In other words, it allots to corporations, rule of our world.

If you think THAT is any advance on human liberty, you’re deluded.


We have a monster government right now which arguably has secret wars going on in dozens of countries. Tyranny and potential and real poverty have never been greater realities for the common citizen.

All the evils you listed are being approved by this huge government. It’s already owned by Wall Street. I’ve never been able to ever speak one time to my reps about ANYTHING.

What good is the EPA if they let these phuckers frack all our drinking water supplies?

What good is the FDA if it’s just an arm of monINSANEto?

What good is the NRC if they keep rubber-stamping 40 year old death-traps for continued operation?

What good is the SEC if they won’t put one single banker in jail for looting the US Treasury?

This government is actually worse than not having anything at all. All this huge government does is create an illusion that these industries are being regulated. They aren’t being regulated at all, since the very same CEO’s cashing in, write the key laws and have the Senate and House sign them. I maintain, it would be far better, to transfer control away from corrupt Washington Lobbyists, to the local block level and let those people decide how to run their own communities.

I’m quite sure, that Louisiana fishermen will block any permits for drilling rigs in the Gulf, if they are the ones issuing the permits instead of Bastards working directly for the Oil Giants. I’m also quite sure, that if the decision to drill on the North Slope of Alaska is left to the Eskimos, they will refuse it.

I’m also quite sure, that if the decision to build a tarsands pipeline is put in LOCAL hands and not FEDERAL hands, it will never get built, because people who love their land don’t want reckless oil spills for breakfast.

The TPP and TIPP are being written, not by my representatives, but by Wall Street CEO’s. This Fake Democracy is going to sing and dance and pretend to debate a chamber with nobody sitting in it. Bernie Sanders will object to another empty hall, and the thing will be signed by the Obamanation.

So I say, let’s tear it down and start over at the local level. We can resurrect the Articles of Confederation and dissolve the entire Executive Branch and Pentagon. This country did not have a King/President when it started in 1776. We just don’t need all this monsterous Empire.

Of course, we will have to break Corporations into a million pieces at the same time. Let’s say, no company can own more than ten million dollars of Capital. Let’s say no individual can posses more than a million dollars in wealth.


Tropical or Equatorial countries, despite the hardships. Rain falls every day or so, so you don’t need irrigation most of the year. You can grow your own food successfully on a couple of acres. 90 percent of the world’s species live in the tropics. Indigenous fruits and veggies grow naturally. In countries with a weak central government, peasants live a great existence and are more healthy and happy than Americans trapped in the rat race eating GMO’s, imho. Local, unarmed town policing is the only way to go. Catholic Countries use the church to keep everyone in line, instead of large centralized, militarized police forces like we suffer under in the USSA.

I’ve lived in the Philippines for many years and love it. But there are no jobs for “foreigners”, so it only works if you are retired and have an income. Marrying into the culture is a must, just about everywhere if you are going to live on the cheap. Skin tax will get you, otherwise. I never set foot in the local market for example, because of the instant price extortion. I have family members do that for me, and they pay half what I do for everything. I never go into government offices, I have gofers do that. In the poor third world, a thousandaire is really somebody, if you stay out of the standard ex-pat communities. I mean, why would you travel overseas just to live with a bunch of corporate republicans? Steer clear of that unhappy crowd, and you will be King.

But you do indeed substitute American problems for a whole different set of existential problems. It’s like Gilligan’s island. Electrical power is the highest price in Asia and swings wildly all day from 100 volts to 280, frying everything not plugged into expensive Automatic Voltage Regulators. I had to ship toilet paper in for many years, since nobody used it here. No parts for cars and appliances means they won’t run reliably. Indoor plumbing skills are something you bring with you or suffer, since flushing toilets and hot water for showers are extremely rare. Bring a safe and lock valuables in it at all times. Say goodbye to all tools and silverware since everybody will “borrow” them and you’ll never see them again.

On the hardship islands, you learn to do without. But the beautiful sunsets are stunning every night, and you can park your car on the beach and sit around naked and nobody cares. A robocop is not going to show up with a taser to torture you. Live for today, for the Day After Tomorrow a typhoon may show up and it’s all over. I have a generator in a cement generator building so we can draw drinking water when that happens every year.

Stay out of the big cities and head straight for the beach. Visit a few paradises, and see if it’s for you. I haven’t seen a tie or overcoat for decades, so it is definitely for me. In the Orient I’d recommend the dirt poor places like Philippines, Thailand or Cambodia if you’re really adventurous. You’ll never wash clothes, clean, cook or drive again if you don’t want to. People are happy to do that for you for about two or three dollars a day. It only costs a dollar to get across town. Haircuts are a dollar. Food is a couple of dollars, except the fancy places. The last two countries have had political problems lately and the first has a war going on in the southern most islands, so stay on the Northern ones. But most of the 7,000 Philippine islands are quite safe, and a lot of Americans are showing up since many people speak English and the population likes Americans. Stay off the boats however, since there’s no real coast guard and pirates off-shore. I’m speaking generally, that’s not always the case, but tourists often even get hurt on reefs from mechanical problems.

Hope that helps some.



The rage is strong with this one. I felt a great disturbance in the Force.
Very well said! ;->



“There was a good article (I can’t remember by whom) explaining that the U.S. MIC-govt. was made to heel in all of its would-be imperial conquests due to the counterbalance in place whilst Russia still had its own empire. The virtual crash of the former Soviet Union freed the way for U.S. forces, answerable to the Deep State to begin their imperial campaigns pivoted foremost on the Middle East.”

The article you’re referring to (and I agree that it’s a good one) is by Stephen F. Cohen, entitled “Why We Must Return to the US-Russian Parity Principle.” I’m told that I can’t post a link to the article, but it was published by Common Dreams on 4/15/15.


TJ, you just don’t see the bigger picture. They toss the guy out for not living in an approved structure and when he’s living on the street they arrest him for vagrancy, being a public nuisance, loitering or whatever the hell they choose to call it. Then they take him to prison where he’s housed, clothed and fed.

See, everything works perfectly!

Prison: America’s Social Safety Net!


I am so glad that someone is bringing this up. The way people have to live in this country is a real shame. In my city 40% of the public school children are on the free lunch program. This class theme needs to hammered and hammered in the media. It is never talked about. All the presidential candidates are talking about The Middle Class. What about the rest?
People do not have enough resources to be good parents and this is heartbreaking and what kind of a future are we building here?